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While there’s no way to make the bones in your wrists bigger, most bodybuilders think it’s actually an advantage to have skinnier wrists, because it helps to emphasize the forearm muscles, making them look bigger. Get on your hands and knees and place your hands flat on the ground with your fingers pointing back toward your body. When you get comfortable doing that exercise, try to extend your legs out behind you and bring your hips down to the ground while you stretch your wrists. Line up one or two plates from the weight machine on the ground, perpendicular with the ground. You could also use a stack of a few heavy books, something that will stretch out your grip and force you to spread your fingers relatively wide as you lift. Grip the bar with both hands, palms facing down and extend your arms straight out in front of you. Focus on keeping your wrists very straight and solid while you do push-ups, however many you're comfortable doing. If you regularly work with your hands, especially performing repetitive work, it is highly likely that you have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Gym rats may be at increased risk for CTS from overtraining with pulling and pushing movements.
Once the condition is diagnosed you must be vigilant to get the nerve damage under control. Kim Nunley has been screenwriting and working as an online health and fitness writer since 2005.
The muscles that run along your forearms control movement at the wrist and they’re recruited during most upper body strength training exercises.
To thoroughly overload the muscles in your forearms, do three to four sets of each exercise. After a couple sets, your forearms will become tired and swollen as fluid rushes to the area and you may be tempted to rest for longer periods in between sets.
Select a wrist curl, reverse wrist curl and hammer curl exercise to include in your forearm workout. Incorporate your forearm circuit into your schedule three days per week and on nonconsecutive days. Make sure to ALWAYS keep your thumb on the bar.  Taking your thumb off the bar is called a suicide grip and you should NEVER DO IT. You must keep your wrists straight.  If your wrist extends back, you will be more likely to flex or fold your arms toward your head as you lower the weight.
The way I see it, if you are going to get big, you might as well build strength to go along with it. A Scale Weight is a block-shaped weight that is used in industrial settings where scales are used. These weights are calibrated to specific measurements and have handles so that they can be placed on the scale quickly and easily in order to test that a scale is reading accurately. For me, performing them standing has gotten too easy, so I have been doing them in more of a Preacher Curl style, off my Glute Ham Machine. Also, what I look for is to try to keep my wrist in a neutral position throughout the full range of motion. I can usually get up to 3 extra reps per set if I let my wrist buckle, so once I feel that I am losing my neutral position and breaking into ulnar deviation, I generally just stop the set. Scale Weights are somewhat hard to come by, because they are a specialized tool, sort of like anvils, and they can be cheap, but I have been lucky enough to score a couple over the years. Believe me, the collection of grip tools I have amassed has taken me literally years to develop, tons of time to research, and of course, big expenses in order to build. If you can’t find Scale Weights, another alternative is to try and curl your Kettlebells.
Still, I like the Scale Weight Curl a little better than Kettlebell Curls, just because I can use a bit more weight to challenge the biceps more, while also challenging my wrists. To take it even further, you can attempt to curl your Scale Weight or Kettlebll in a supinated position.
Aside from your neck, the muscles that get exposed to the world more than any other are your forearms.
A lot of guys with average to above average genetics will never need to do any direct forearm work and their forearms will grow just fine from presses and pulls. It’s funny because the common message preached to skinny hardgainers is to forget isolation training and only focus on compound lifts. Over the course of many years I went from 147 pounds to 231 pounds yet my calves and forearms showed less progress than any other part of my body.
And that’s the first rule of building bigger forearms… That the forearms can tolerate and will need a lot of work to show dramatic improvements.
Think of an air traffic controller holding batons and waving the plane in, but without bending his elbows or allowing any movement at the shoulder.
If you do crushing grip work it’s usually a good idea from an elbow health standpoint to do something in the opposite direction.

Wrist roller work is awesome for building bigger forearms, especially if your wrist roller has a thick diameter. So, not counting the fat grip work I listed five different ways that you should be training your forearms. And stretch the hell out of your forearms when they are fully pumped after your final set for the day. Joint stress is a major limiting factor in training volume from head to toe and the forearms are no different. If you have any other questions about how to build bigger forearms please let me know in the comments section below.
Jay Ferruggia is a fitness & lifestyle consultant who has helped thousands of guys get fit, get their shit together and start living awesome lives. Since 1994 my Renegade training methods have completely transformed thousands of people and have been featured on ESPN, CBS, Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness, Details, & Men's Fitness. Building strength and thickness in your wrists is a matter of finding the right exercises that will build strength and flexibility, then committing to a training regimen that works for you. Doing wrist stretches is an important part of working up to any strength training routine that you want to integrate into your overall fitness.
In yoga, this is called the "cobra pose" and it can be very effective at stretching your wrists.
Wrist extensions are an easy exercise that you can start doing at home to build stretch and flexibility in the forearm muscles that power your wrist. Radial training works much like wrist extensions, except you're emphasizing a different muscle motion by changing the direction of the exercise.
This is an excellent way of stretching your wrists out at the end of a work out, decreasing the possibility of injury or soreness.[1] Do this at the end of each exercise routine. Hold the hand in place by applying some pressure on it and move the forearm lower to increase the angle. Bicep curls obviously target the biceps, primarily, but you can also use curls as a chance to strengthen your forearms as well.
At the curl station, instead of bringing the bar all the way up as you would in a bicep curl, flex your wrists to bring the bar up. Plate pinches are one of the most common forearm strength training exercises, commonly used by bodybuilders to bulk up the forearms and the grip.
Wrist rollers require a special device called a wrist roller, but this is commonly available at most gyms, and you could also bootleg one in a pinch.
As the weight hands, twist the bar up and backward with your wrists, one at a time, as if you were activating the gas on a motorcycle. If you want to work on stability and strength in your forearms, doing push-ups is a great way of exercising. Lots of beginners who are trying to build strength in their forearms over-use wrist-straps, which is counter-productive. She likes reviewing new edits for accuracy and helpfulness and fixing grammatical errors through the Spellchecker. CTS results from compression of the median nerve as it crosses your wrist through a tunnel created by your wrist bones and the ligaments that connect them together.
Excessive wrist flexion in pulling movements or pushing too much from the base of the palm (closer to the wrist) can lead to nerve irritation.
Laying off the weights when you feel that zing or using a night splint can help limit symptoms. She’s had multiple short screenplays produced and her feature scripts have placed at the Austin Film Festival. For example, during biceps curl, they prevent your wrists from collapsing backwards and during bench press they hold your wrists steady while you grip the bar. Wrist curling involves bending your palm towards the inside of your forearm against resistance and curl exercises include seated barbell wrist curl, standing cable wrist curl and dumbbell wrist curl. This is true at the beginning, but after training for many years isolation work for small bodyparts like the neck, forearms and calves actually becomes more important to the hardgainer than it does to everyone else.
Sit down on a bench with you palm facing up, forearm resting on your quad and a sledgehammer in your hand. I recommend getting some Expand Your Hands Bands from Ironmind and doing timed sets of 30-60 seconds for as many reps as possible. So ease your way into forearm training very slowly and build up the volume gradually over many weeks and months.
This site will simplify what it takes to become the strongest version of yourself in the least amount of time. Especially if you've got small or "weak" wrists, it's a good idea to stretch things out before you get started. This type of exercise is very common in physical rehabilitation routines after wrist injuries, and you can do radial wrist exercises at home. You're not going to do a couple exercises and wake up tomorrow to some big meat-claws at the end of your arms.

Basic bicep curls require you to keep your wrists straight, which helps to build strength while you're doing the exercise, but you can also mix it up and do some wrist curls with both the fat bar and the straight bar to increase hand strength and wrist strength. The exercise itself is simple, but challenging, extremely effective at building forearm strength and bigger wrists.
Traditional, flat-handed pushups, though, can actually stress your wrists, causing soreness and stiffness in the joint. Your wrists won’t get stronger if you’re relying on wrist-straps to bear some of the burden of the weight. Use of extraordinarily tight wrist wraps or lifting straps can also lead to carpal tunnel compression and subsequent CTS.
Prior to writing full-time, she worked as a strength coach, athletic coach and college instructor.
More isolated exercises are needed if you’re interested in building size in your forearms, however. Your muscles respond to high-volume workouts that consist of multiple sets of higher repetitions by increasing in size. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Jim Smith recommends waiting just 90 seconds before jumping into the next set.
Reverse wrist curl, or wrist extension, involves bending the wrist so that the back of the hand moves towards the forearm. The circuit will leave your forearm muscles fatigued and you don’t want that to limit your performance during other upper body exercises like biceps curls or lying triceps extensions. Genetically average little dudes with tiny joints will never build up those the forearms and calves to any appreciable size with training them directly and with quite a lot of volume. It wasn’t until I started hammer my forearms hard and with high volume and frequency that they actually got anywhere above the size of a teenage girls. Do three to four sets with a minute in between, or 15-30 seconds if you’re alternating it with something like neck or calves.
Three to four sets of 30-60 seconds in each direction will give you a massive pump and spark some nice growth in the forearms.
However, I still think using the Fat Gripz is a good idea and should be part of your forearm building program.
Hit them hard for 4-8 weeks then back off and do no direct forearm work for the next 1-3 weeks. Occasionally I'll also discuss my love of superheroes, the word "bro," and old school hip hop.
A wrist roller bar is basically a short bar with a rope in the center, from which a weight hangs. Instead, use push-ups as an opportunity to build strength in your wrists by doing them on your knuckles instead of your flat palms. Forceful flexion of the wrists during lifting movements can cause shooting pains or “zings” from compression of the nerve, hinting toward improper form. Apply muscle-building principles to maximize your workouts and gain size in your forearms as quickly as possible. Select a weight for each exercise that causes your muscles to reach fatigue before they come to the 20th rep. Exercises for extension include standing reverse wrist curl with an ez-curl bar, dumbbell reverse curl and the wrist roller. Avoid working your forearms multiple days in a row, because it’s during the recovery days that the forearm muscles will heal and grow. Commit to a training routine and start doing it consistently, without taking a day off because you just don't feel like it.
Hammer curl is done by holding a pair of dumbbells down by your sides with your palms facing the sides of your thighs.
Otherwise, you won’t be breaking down the muscles adequately to stimulate muscle growth.
Start by attaching a rope to the pulley, setting it slightly higher than belly button height and standing with your side to it.
After completing a set in that direction spin the sledgehammer around so that the head of it is now behind your body instead of in front and flex in the opposite direction so that your pinky comes toward your forearm (ulnar deviation). Now bend your arm 90 degrees and grab one end of the rope attachment with your palm facing up like the midrange position of a curl. Repeat for 10-20 reps, do the other arm and the repeat by starting with your palm facing down and supinating in the opposite direction.

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