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Jeff Cole is a recent graduate of the Cincinnati police academy who dreams of working undercover. IMDb Picks: March Batman v Superman Of course Batman v Superman is on our radar this month. The combing is one of the most important parts of getting deep waves that most wavers forget about. Disney finally started to support anamorphic transfers in January of 2000 with "the 13th Warrior". The most impressive aspect is the lack of the usual problems; no shimmering, no pixelation and a print that is clear and free of flaws. SOUND: Not a very intense film in terms of audio - surrounds are not used very much at all, and although the rap music sounds good, it doesn't fill the room.
The key to getting deeper waves, is to be wolfing for 6-8 weeks (or for you, however fast your hair grows).
When your wolfing, comb your hair for 5 minutes in the morning, at night, and in the shower.

The begining and the ending of the picture worked very well, but there's sort of a slow middle section where the picture stalls. Much of the movie is simply dialogue driven, and dialogue remains clear and easily understood throughout. Just comb exactly how you would brush your hair, and make sure you’re using a good shampoo too. Cool J both turn in intense, impressive performances, but the dialogue doesn't always quite work. Overall though, I was impressed by a lot of this movie and although it doesn't always work, the excellent performances by the two leads as well as the supporting cast make it watchable.
After watching some of their new anamorphic efforts, one wishes they had done work this strong throughout. Although I frequently don't agree with what Disney does with DVD, I've got to say that they did fine work here. It's both hard to watch at times and involving due to both performances and a strong visual style from cinematographer Ellery Ryan, who previously filmed indie dramas like "Cosi".

Cool J is really starting to become a fantastic actor - first he played a perfect role in "Deep Blue Sea" and here, he plays a bad guy that is terrifying.
The results are absolutely impressive throughout, and the picture delivers a consistently high-quality image that's wonderfully sharp. The best parts of the movie are between Cole and "God" as they go on a battle of wits between each other. The dialogue doesn't always work, but I felt that the characters were well-realized and have depth to them.

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