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We have all been in many situations where someone else’s negative words or actions completely shut us down and made us feel like complete crap. Hope some of this can be helpful the next time you find yourself lettin’ dem haters get to yah! Follow my blog for the latest news and info about what's going on with me, as well as fun and useful info about Music, Fashion and Fitness! If you do not meditate yet, you are missing out on a very important activity that can change your life. We spend so much time confined in buildings of steel and concrete and bricks that we quickly forget where we come from. What I mean by this is that most of the time, we are so consumed within our own problems that we can no longer see the forest from the trees. You will never find peace by being self-consumed and only worrying about your own needs and wants. I am not one to pick or favor one belief system over another, so whatever it is that you believe in, embrace it with your entire being. One thing that provides us with much stress in life is the fact that we always worry about not having all the answers.
Most of the time, what we worry about is relating to something either in the past, or something that hasn’t happened.
As I am experiencing stress, tension, and lack of inner peace of mind – I am in-need peace-loving centers to prevent this illness from me. It pretty much sums up how finding your inner peace can make a great difference in your perspective in life. I’ve also wanted to share my view on how finding your inner peace can make a difference.
I feel like I am sacrificing my true self just to compete with there expectations I am just unable to understand my self….
I love reading blogs like this one because as you read them you notice things other than your worry and as soon as you notice the other things your mind expands and allows you to finally rid yourself of all the negativity and fill yourself with much more meaningful and positive stuff like this reading. I am recovering from domestic abuse (8 years long) and I am trying to share my recovery on my site to help others. My life-long quest is to stay in my peace zone while dealing with indignation and staying in control.
I’ve been trying to find peace for a while now and I would like to say thanks a lot for this article.
I was unable to find peace within myself, After reading this blog, i got some confidence, I always feel alone and lonely. I love everything that you said that there was some parts I actually was nodding my head in agreement. I want to respond to this post with a few words to those who can’t seem to find direction in their lives.
A morbid as this my seem this is the truth of depression and being caught in it’s grip is like being caught in a tide dragging you out to sea. Try focusing on the present moment and tell yourself that you will deal with whatever happens, if it ever happens. In the book Overachievement, author John Eliot is offers a convincing argument that relaxing under pressure is the wrong way to go. The right balance between demanding stresses and detachment from the material plane seems to be essential for a healthy human life that is both productive and fulfilling.
I think it’s certainly a balance, but I agree that stress is needed in order to get better.
I explore the idea further in a post called Why Stress Isn’t a Bad Thing if you want read more on that concept.
But I think the human body mechanism needs some downtime just for the nervous system to function properly. If you’re bored you might want to examine the purpose of your life and see if you are living that way. To help you make peace with being alone, we've assembled a list of our 10 favorite quotes on the benefits of spending time with yourself. Inner Peace Pinterest Pictures, Inner Peace Facebook Images, Inner Peace Photos for Tumblr.
It is so easy for us to talk about Inner Peace and what living in the ‘Now’ does for your life, how it brings an end to our suffering and allows us to live in contentment and look at our lives and the world around us with a different set of eyes!
His Holiness went on to say “everyone has the same capabilities for inner peace and compassion. Smiling often and genuinely is another key to finding compassion and inner peace, the more positive you are, the better you feel. So as a layman such as I, Inner peace is to be calm, to be in the ‘Now’, to be at peace with yourself, to smile, and to connect to others even our enemies with compassion. In order for me to practice loving-kindness, non-judgment, and compassion of others and myself I go about my day keeping an open heart and extending as much pure love and gratitude to everyone I meet as possible.
If we as humans would only start to better understand and use our natural intuitions, empathy, compassion and abilities to love one another then we may just start to change our world for the better. As always my dear friends, I hold out my hands to each and every one of you, I give you my love, and I send you my positive energy in the hope that we, together can help change our world and make it a better place for our children and their children to love and to cherish for many generations to come. Remember my friends, we are just visitors to this world, we are here only for a brief moment in time, and, it is all our responsibilities to help bring about peace and love and protect our world for all!
I was touched by Summer’s act of kindness and I happily accept this award with an open heart filled with peace. Because of this unfocused state, what you are doing at the present moment is not done well or correctly.
Now, if you are attending to what you are doing right now, in this minute, you have no agitation or upset.

This is why and how meditation works.As your mind becomes quiet, your body becomes peaceful.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Bengali- bhetorer shanti – inner peace if i ever get a tatoo is creative inspiration for us.
We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Bengali- bhetorer shanti – inner peace if i ever get a tatoo for right click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. We can’t control what other people do or say but we can certainly change the way we react to them!
I want to thank all the other people like you in this world , who thinks that helping others is a good thing . By realizing this 5 steps, one can appreciate more in life and learn to value what’s more important. Please check my website and join me on my crusade in making a difference in this world by starting it whithin ourselves. I have been away for months to studyso i was missing my family so much and i got frustated and i couldn’t concentrate on my studies.
I dont have self confidence and I think I am not attractive, a coward man who always tried to be nice and always afraid of what other people think of him.
Family and people think I am a good man but deep inside I know I am a weak an, a looser, This is so good that I can confess here.
Once u start believing in god ur all problems and negative thoughts start vanishing day by day.
You swim as hard as you can against the current until you become exhausted and wonder if your efforts are fruitless. Telling yourself you are a master piano player when you are tone deaf will only ever set you up for failure. Remember that problems and anxiety are always stemming from either our past or some potential future we think about. Oh sure, you might go around smelling the flowers and noticing the unique chirp of this or that bright yellow bird in the backyard, but will you get anything done? He counsels would be superstars to forgo the deep breathing and give in to the glorious pressure, trusting it to propel you toward greater achievements than you can accomplish with diligent goal setting and plodding work. Is I-work–better-under-pressure a valid strategy, an ill-advised delusion, or just a hopeless cliche?
After all, when I was in school, the years I had less overall activity, the worse my grades were. And as anyone who's ever been through a split can tell you, all too often, that feeling gives way to loneliness. It's doing exactly what you want to do again and listening to the inner thoughts you may have silenced toward the end of your marriage. Click through the slideshow below to read them all, then head to the comments to share your favorite sayings on solitude. When doing so try to use your empathetic skills and natural intuitions to listen to the other person, I mean ‘really listen, with the intent to understand’ and pay attention to the loving connection between your heart and the other person’s heart. There is just one rule, when you past the award on, please share some kind words with that person. When you learn how to live that way all of the time, you begin to live in peace and grace, and understandings dawn upon you. Get more photo about tattoos related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. Growing up I gave other people’s actions and opinions towards me a lot more power than my own. The ksy message for me from this is PEACE has to be cultivated from within, nurtured from within and reflected outwards to the world.
Even smiling at a stranger can make a difference, and uplift our own hearts and lives, as well. The nurshing home calling my sister and telling her that I brought mom a cold drink and gave it to her without putting a thickner in it when in realaty the cold drink they saw almost empty on her bedroom table was one my sister left 2 days ago and they failed to throw it away. Having that little bit of nature that I can sit and relax at can clear my mind within seconds. That is the truth because what we are looking for, more than anything is something to believe in. And yet when we are pitted against the things we would die for some of us would respond with nothing. You will learn not to feel despair during the hard times because life will have given you enough precious moments to keep going. However, if I’m involved with something I loathe but have a deadline I must reach then I probably feel miserable and have a brain-busting headache. Some people just don’t handle stress very well, while others thrive on bucketloads of it.
Similarly, monasteries and rehab facilities are full of people who spend lots of quality time with their own souls, but don’t engage very productively with the material world. Loneliness occurs when you grow tired of yourself and start to anxiously look for someone -- almost anyone -- to help fill the void in your life since you and your spouse split.
And for some they gain ‘Inner Peace’ then slip right back into their old ways of living like they are on that never ending diet, loosing weight, gaining fitness only to return to old habits, gain weight and on goes that perpetual circle of life!
It allows me to see the inter-connectedness of all life forms and that we are all part of a whole life energy force, the divine matrix filled with light and love. Think about it, if you are not into what you are doing, who you are with and aware of, where are you at any given moment, you must ask yourself what is going on in your mind?

In this way you become consciously aware of the joy of time well spent in purposeful activity.
I still sometimes struggle with letting others affect my self esteem and quite honestly, who doesn’t at some moments? The feeling of standing against the shore with the wind blowing on my face wanting and hoping for some sort of feeling to return.
If it feels unrealistic perhaps that is simply proof that your previous methods were not right to begin with. I’ve noticed that when I become compulsive about work (workaholicky, for lack of better words), that means I could use rest. Like many things in the Western World, overachieving is overrated by overachievers, who gain access to the media because of the notoriety of their overachievements and then give us all advice from behind the mask of their public persona. And that by widening our circle of compassion to others during our everyday encounters, and by practicing non-violence; always begins with us.
In doing so you will connect via the energy forces that go between you; ‘The Devine Matrix’ that has been given to you by God and you will attune to their true and natural feelings. For most people the mind is bouncing back and forth between what you wish you had done, what you feel you should have done in the past, what you are going to do later, how you are going to do it, and with whom in the future. You will be assured that you did your best and you will actually find joy in the moment (because you aren’t worried about all the other stuff) You will notice things that passed you by before because you were distracted. How many times does Mom have to call before the child realizes there is something going on outside his now? But as I am getting older I am realizing that other people’s opinions of me are none of my business.
Then when I talked to a brother that never goes to see mom, told me he wanted me and another sister to go talk to our 91 yr. You will develop strategies and you will never fear slipping back into depression because you have escaped before. Try living with and loving an overachiever and then you will see where the lack of balance actually leads.
The practice of compassion starts with us blocking out our negative thoughts and removing our notions of anger, hatred and violence, therefore reducing if not totally removing the negative and often violent actions we inflict upon ourselves and then, onto others. This will create stress, fear, apprehension and distress; all leading to some sort of dis-ease in your biology. You will enjoy even mundane tasks more because of your focus, and you will not feel spread too thin. We become that which we so desperately seek to avoid without ever knowing we are affirming the exact condition we seek to relieve ourselves from. And you have overcome one of the most widespread common conditions that we share as human beings.
You may find that The Middle Way is the most desirable path with the most enduring satisfactions.
This thought state also makes time seem to drag out to an uncomfortable duration and this keeps you unhappy in your present, fretful about the consequences of your past actions and apprehensive about future plans.
These feelings will occur spontaneously because your mind is free of tormenting “wish I had”, “I should have”, “gosh I could have”, “why didn’t I” type thoughts. They are most likely dealing with their own hang ups and their negative behavior is a result of that. Relationships become sour and the isolation that is felt when you feel that no one understands you. And we are all so desperately seeking answers that faith in external things may become the norm.
Nor are you plagued by the “what is next” thing encroaching on your mind and, you find peace.
Random thoughts do come to my mind about what I could have been but then there is no time to think harder. Retail therapy, alcohol, drugs… Anything to block the pain of not having to think about it. Just become consciously aware of what you are doing, where you are doing it and with whom, even if it is just yourself. I helped gather the community of all sizes shapes, beliefs and colours to raise funds for those who suffer. I know you guys will say I need help and you are right, I have got a serious problem but I cant afford the doctors even. To tell mom her brother died of an infection or clogged colon because of the nurshing home he was in, instead of letting her believe he died of a stroke, as the so called smart ones told her, would only make matters worse.
The only way I can stay calmed down, is staying away from my so called family members and the nurshing home, but as long as mom is alive, I have to deal with the stress and insults. It is hearing laughter of children and being thankful that there is happiness in the world.
That is why I come to face book to read peoples beautiful post, look at beautiful pictures, read funny jokes and play games.
Anything you have ever done required the same investment to make it a part of you daily life. All i know is at the end of the day I am frustrated, I am depressed, I have no thoughts on my mind.

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