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On March 3, 1993, Jimmy Valvano, a well-respected basketball coach, gave a moving speech shortly before losing his life to cancer.
Eastern Meditation centers around eloquently moving thoughts out of your mind and only concentrating on a small act (like breathing).
Defined, Focused Thought is the act of contemplating a specific problem, and in turn, falling into a state of flow. The roots of Focused Thought arose from a group of hermits in the Egyptian desert around 400 AD. By engaging in the habitual act of contemplating ideas, they exercised their minds–specifically their prefrontal cortex.
Researches have found that such acts increase activity in the left prefrontal cortex–the part of your brain that drives concentration, meta-cognition and decision-making.
By practicing focused thought before starting the day, you will feel less rushed, less stressed and less anxious. The final practical way to practice Focused Thought is to create an environment that enables one to think clearly. Eastern Meditation revolves around focusing on nothing; whereas Western Meditation centers on focusing on something.
Focused Thought likens itself to the Western Meditation practice of contemplating something. Get lost before work: Fall into the state of flow first thing in the morning through, reading, exercising, writing or some other exercise. IMPORTANT: If you enjoyed this article, I'd like for you to experience much more by purchasing the book.
I’ve been thinking something like given the convenient Internet access nowadays, why do we still need to do our jobs at particular workplaces. It still amazes me how people allow themselves to be distracted by pop-up notifications, push notifications on their mobiles and so on.
Anyone using mac OSX mail will be pleased to know that you can also turn off the red sticker that says how many emails are unread in the osx toolbar. It’s time for my monthly kick up the bum post – I have come to the conclusion that after something wonderful happens I get a bit of an anti-climax moment where I feel a bit lost.
It’s easy for me to see fabulous people and think I will never achieve their level of success, forgetting that I don’t necessarily want that level of success. My husband, Mike, is uber efficient and able to work methodically through his thoughts, so he often tells me I’m procrastinating when I write a list. My mates are such a lovely source of inspiration and support but it’s so easy when you get busy to not make the time!
In the complete opposite to the point above, now I am confident in who I am and what I bring to the blogging world, I am trying to absorb as much as I can and meet as many bloggers as I can both in person and online. I hope you can take some inspiration from some of these points, I know we’re not all the same so what works for me may well not work for you!
These are amazing tips, I agree with all of them (naturally) and I gotta tell you, I am obsessed with your spreadsheet! Brilliant empowering post, my Mum got me a gorgeous planner and diary for my birthday so I’m getting even more organised!
Perfect timing, I really needed a post like this to read this week because I’m all over the place and really struggling to focus myself. I’m such a scatter brain that it can make me feel extremely out of control, like life is happening to me rather than me taking control.
Brilliant I love this, you have given me so many things to think about, and I loved Katie’s pr tips too.
Do you want us to send you important reminders, information about our programs, or notifications about uSask events? This event is held annually in the spring to help students get focused on their university experience. From registering for classes to paying tuition, from finding friends to finding jobs, and from exploring study abroad opportunities to choosing where to live while studying at the U of S, you can learn about it here.So what does Get FocUSed look like?
At the Next Steps session, you'll hear from Admissions, Awards and Financial Aid, Student Central, Registrarial Services and the Student Centres. This is your chance to learn more about what day-to-day student life is going to be like in the fall. Attend a mock lecture, where you'll get to sit in on a university class and see what it's like.
Go to a residence information session if you want to learn more about living in residence, how to apply, or what comes next. If you will be bringing a vehicle to campus and will be parking for the day, we recommend that you park in Stadium Parkade, located across Campus Drive from the PAC.
It’s 11 weeks out from Ironman Texas and training (and rest, and recovery) has once again taken a priority in our (mine and my husband’s) life, and thus my hiatus in blog posting.
3) On a daily basis I dedicate myself and my body to something that pushes my mental, physical, and emotional limits. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need. We’ll cover different types of thought (meditation, contemplation or simply quieting your environment to think). Whereas Western Meditation revolves around contemplation, and getting lost in thinking about something.

These hermits were actually Christian monks who practiced repetitive and focused contemplation of the scriptures.
Essentially, these desert monks were increasing their brain-power every single day through Focused Thought.
Some practice Focused Thought while exercising; others find themselves in Focused Thought while praying or reading. You know that  daily thought where a voice tells you, “I need to do something important. We cover the concept of clearing distractions over and over again in this book, but it’s necessary and critical to both becoming a focused person and practicing Focused Thought. Sometimes i read a good book (i must admit i fall for thrillers) or i just lay down and reflect about a lot of things. I encourage though, but not falling asleep while driving (a trait that my Grandpa was excellent at). If you visualize what you have to accomplish and do it with passion then you are unstoppable. Now I found another reason in this post: different environments may help us concentrate on different things, and help separate different aspects of our lives.
I want to take these fabulous experiences, feel energised by them and build on them for new successes. Sure, I’d like my own range of products some day (ala Myleene, Jools and Oh Joy!) but not necessarily all the crazy trappings that come with fame. And, this is something I’m not good at – I won an award but did I send the story to a single newspaper? I am collaborating, hosting linkies, commenting, organising meet ups, and generally trying to reach out! For example, I know I am competitive, impatient and a bit of a scatter brain (I’m not selling myself well here!), so these 10 tips are aimed to help me tame these weaknesses (which are actually also strengths if used right!) – maybe look at each point and re-jig it with your own strengths in mind? You lucky thing Writing the first few pages of a new book is a bit daunting (!) but once you get going, it’s just amazing.
Great minds and all that xxx More than anything it’s great for making sure I have balance!
I know I have stuff to do, but I never seem to get it done, maybe a more rigid schedule would really help me achieve my daily tasks. I really struggle with time management and I often feel like I’ve got nothing done all day. Regarding meeting up with others, this time last year I tried to set up a get together with local bloggers – there were maybe 15 on the list and although everyone liked the idea in theory, only 3 of us actually got together for dinner. Actually a week after writing my initial comment I was at my first PR event meeting lots of the local bloggers! I have so many lists in my head and if they do make it onto paper I either instantly forget or lose them. Students and staff from the university, and from your college, can help you learn more about what you need to do between now and your arrival in September.
Each student will be issued a lunch voucher that can be used at one of the many Culinary Services locations on campus. Learn about the classes you could (or should) take, meet professors and current students, and ask the questions you've been dying to ask about your program. Anyone can use the uofs-public network or, if you already have your NSID and password, sign on to uofs-secure.
Be willing to hustle hard, be willing to humble yourself to hard work, and be willing to what is needed the small and the large actions. Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images, clip art, clipart graphics, and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. He outlined three things, which he believed defines a full day: laughter, being moved to tears, and thought. By practicing Focused Thought and contemplation everyday, one can improve their concentration, productivity and happiness. Yet, when you think of meditation, an image may arise in your mind of some eccentric relative that’s constantly preaching about seeking enlightenment through meditation. Focused Thought is a quantitative, and calculated way to exercise your prefrtontal cortex; thus, improving your creativity, decision-making and general sense of happiness. Right now, my favorite way to practice Focused Thought is through writing before I start the day. For instance, “Our goal is to create a product that allows people to learn and have fun.
So, I need to focus on what it is that I want in my life and be inspired by these fabulous people I have met to achieve it! My brain has a scatter gun approach to life and at the end of a day without a list I can easily feel like I’ve not achieved anything! Sounds incredibly regimented but if I don’t there is a chance I won’t actually spend time with Mike as my evenings tend to get eaten up with work!
How good does it feel to send a card and nice present on a birthday or drop a text to see how your mate is doing with their new baby?
It’s a lonely old business is blogging and although I like to be project driven and work independently, I also love working with others as a team! I’ve a MUCH better day today and I think a lot of it is down to this post Feel productive again!
I love the way in which you have kinda bared your soul yet shared what works for you and how you operate. I know it must have to be when you blog every day though, can see why you have to be strict with yourself!
Wrote about it on my blog, and it was great to meet so many in person including Belle du Brighton (our kids are the same age).

Carry Barbor writes, “The romantic notion of quitting everything and joining Tibetan monks on a mountaintop is not the only way to meditate. The simple act of focused thought not only increases the mind’s ability to concentrate, it reduces the likelihood of depression.
For some reason, you feel confidant in yourself and your abilities throughout the day after practicing Focused Thought.
Then Mothercare made me their VIP blogger and I got to meet Myleene Klass and Jools Oliver, and generally made to feel special (thank you Noella!). Katie from Pouting in Heels is fabulous at all sorts of things, including PR, and I love her Top Ten PR Tips. So I actually map out my day like a school timetable (this is embarrassing but I’m sharing below!
Having my time mapped out like this gives me a focus – I must finish this now… Rather than what tends to happen which is I think I’ll do it tonight.
I couldn’t because if I did, I would have been so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blogs out there that I would never have got started. Hehee thanks Katie xxx I’ll be honest and actually writing this post has helped me realise I need to take a minute or two to take a breath before I move on. I definitely think that building a successful brand like you have requires dedication and just a little regimentation so well done you! And making sure I have set time for Mike means that I am ALLOWED that time off and don’t have to be working all the time.
So, the aim for next year is to organise a monthly get together – no pressure to come but the more the merrier!
I agree with shutting yourself off – when I write a post I close twitter, FB and everything and type away until I’m done otherwise I am too distracted! Even if you are not an ironman athlete, I know that you can relate if you had a goal in mind so much so that your everyday life revolved around it, and doing it with excellence. If I honor it, life and God will be able to work with me to bring forth the best for others and myself, but if I am not true to myself and betray my gifts (and dreams) then I will be miserable. Then it was homeward bound to look after 2 kids on my own and I can’t help but feel a little bit frazzled and a bit…what next?! It’s this kind of post that makes the huge task of “doing your own PR” feel much more manageable!
The silly thing is that when I do exercise, I find it much easier to focus on what I need to do.
So for 2 years I focused on what I was interested in, blogged from the heart, and grew my facebook community.
And, even now I’m not totally sure where I want to end up but if I don’t go with it, I might never find out – it’s the journey after all not the destination. I have THE BEST blogging intentions but something always scuppers them: this week- an ear infection (good excuse), last week- loads of telly (bad excuse).
It’s difficult when you have kids though – who can be arsed to then go out for dinner?! Recognize that you were created with gifts and a purpose, but it is your choice to honor them and bring them out in the light. This increases awareness of your environment, as well as the ability to be objective in emotionally-charged situations. And this sense of awareness results in more confidence when stress, noise and distraction attack your mind throughout the day. This is not a recipe for quick success but it allowed me to develop my writing style and be happy within my own blogging skin. Actually if you make the effort though, it’s totally worth it I would just tweet a few people in your area. The same goes for me now when I know I need to get work done (like writing this post for example!) or need to think for a bit (even up to a few days!), I turn everything off and I get to it.
Honor the dream that God put in your heart, honor the beauty, passion, and gifts that were uniquely created in you. This environment allowed me to practice focused thought batched into a two-hour period, which could have easily been stretched into 8 hours if I worked at home. I have chatted to many bloggers online but not met any in real life yet, would love to though. When I visited Brighton I met with Belle du Brighton and Hannah from Make Do and Push for a play date, which was lush! Get out of that mental trap by affirming and verbalizing “I am uniquely created, divine, and created for a powerful purpose. Essentially, you’ll find it easier to fall into the state of flow when you practice Focused Thought on a habitual basis. It saved me from a past of self destructive patterns and now on the flip side is helping me translate all that energy, desire, and focus into inspiring others. If it does not come back, it was never meant to be.Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.
I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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