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When you want to gain both weight and muscle mass, you will need to make dietary and exercise changes to help you reach your long-term goals. Talk to her about why you want to gain weight and muscle mass, and tell her about the kinds of things you’re going to change in your lifestyle.
Tracking your progress will help you evaluate how your diet and exercise program are working. Ask your primary care physician for a recommendation or do a quick online search for a local dietitian. Gaining weight faster than this or using unhealthy foods to help you gain weight is generally considered unhealthy. However, some studies show this may not be enough — especially if your goal is to build lean muscle mass. Healthy post-workout carbs include: fruit, mashed potatoes, whole grain breads or a whole grain bagel, dried fruit or yogurts. It's recommended to consume five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day.[6][7] Including a fruit or vegetable at each meal or snack can help you reach this goal.
When you’re first starting out, it can be difficult to keep track according to your goals—especially if it’s a big change.
Revisit your food journal if you're not gaining weight, losing weight, or gaining too fast. These fitness professionals have the job qualifications that can allow them to help you with your workout goals. You may be able to work with a trainer that is at a local gym or find a consultant trainer that works independent of gyms and fitness facilities. It's important to strengthen all muscles including your core, lower body, upper body, arms and chest.
You can also do strength training on most days if you choose to work separate muscle groups each day of the week. If you don't include regular rest days, then do not work the same muscle group two days in a row. In addition to tracking what you've done each day or week, look at how far along you've come and how far you still need to go to hit your long-term goals. Even if it's recommended to do very heavy weights at first, you'll fare better if you choose lower weights as you build up your strength and fitness level. Weight loss transformations and people losing body fat are often shown as the most typical form of motivation for someone getting into fitness.
Some show women struggling with anorexia or other eating disorders and battling past these issues and becoming stronger in body and mind, gaining weight and muscle and becoming healthier in the process. All of these weight gaining transformations are motivational and inspirational and can inspire anyone who has a fitness goal, to see that anything is possible and that even with problems related to eating and health, anyone can overcome them and get a fit and amazing body. Feel free to share and save any of these transformations that you find particularly inspiring and let’s share the motivation to others and leave your comments in the section below! Recommended For You Ainsley Rodriguez – Fitness Instagram Videos From This SHREDZ Sponsored Athlete! To approach a healthier body weight, you’ll need to maximize food calories while building lean tissue. Maximizing calories doesn’t equate to just eating more volume – it means choosing energy dense foods so you get more in every bite. Want to learn how to gain weight and muscle the healthy way? With so much conflicting advice around this topic, it’s easy to become confused and not know who or what to believe.
Choosing healthier foods and performing the right types of exercises can help you gain weight safely and build more lean muscle mass.

Before you begin a new workout regimen or try a drastically different diet, you need to meet with a doctor to discuss your health. For example, if you're not gaining enough weight, you might need to readdress your caloric intake or how many calories you're burning through exercise. These nutrition experts will be able to coach you on the appropriate diet and foods to eat to help you build muscle and gain weight. If you're trying to gain weight and build muscle, you'll need to consume adequate protein to support your goals. Including a serving of lean protein at each meal and snack will help you meet your minimum goal and most likely provide you with an amount that's slightly higher than your minimum goal. Try including items like: poultry, eggs, low-fat or full-fat dairy, moderately lean beef, pork, seafood, or legumes. Items like fried foods, processed breakfast meats, or fast foods are not healthy options and should not be used to help you gain weight.
Whole grains, fruits, legumes and starchy vegetables all are great sources of essential nutrients in your diet.
Although you may be focusing on protein and higher calorie foods to help reach your goal, it's still important to get in adequate servings of fruits and vegetables each day. You can mix it with higher fat milk, add in fruit, peanut butter, or even avocado to help boost calories. Use your workout journal, or buy a separate one, to make yourself aware of how much and how often you’re eating. Although working out regularly is essential to increasing muscle mass, having one to two rest days each week is equally important. Since they are used regularly, you'll need to increase the weight or resistance with your exercises to help increase muscle mass.
To gain muscle mass in your upper body, you'll need to include a wide variety of exercises to work the muscles in your chest and arms. Whenever you're starting with new exercises or a new strength training plan, it's important to take it slowly at first. These transformations require an insane amount of dedication and perseverance to achieve and are rightly put forward to show people what can be done, however, going the other way, and gaining weight, building muscle and putting on size to a smaller frame can also be equally as impressive, if not even more so.
Others show some naturally skinny women, who wanted to add some muscle onto their bodies and who consistently went to the gym, trained hard and ate what they needed to gain size and strength.
All of these transformations can hopefully motivate you to achieve exactly what you want to achieve. This will also help add a little fat, which I’m assuming you need (good for cushioning, vitamin storage and normal menstruation). Alternatively, traditional aerobic activities are going to burn more calories and negate your hard work eating. Any views or opinions presented in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or recommendations of Fitness International, LLC.
You do not want to gain an unhealthy amount of weight or use unhealthy foods to help support your weight gain. Reassessing or re-measure every two weeks to get an accurate picture of how your program is working. The trainer may recommend a variety of exercises to help support your weight goal and fitness goals. You can add more or longer rest periods, but you'll need to start working with the heavy weights to gain that lean mass you're after. Her favorite article on wikiHow is How to Make an Origami Balloon, and she’s most proud of her work helping to save new articles from potential removal by expanding them to help them thrive.

Other transformation pictures show women who have a normal body, at a normal weight, but who instead of slimming down, want to change their body composition.
She had a tough starting point and has great advice and insights that everyone can benefit from.
Weight-bearing exercise works to stimulate your muscles to get stronger (thus grow) as muscles adapt to handle a heavier load. Having the right combination of calories and exercise will help you gain weight safely and build muscle mass. If you're finding it difficult to meet your calorie goals each day, try adding in healthy, yet higher-calorie foods. She says she’s stuck with wikiHow “Because the community is nice!” To new editors, she advises, click that button in the green menu that says “Help Us” and you can get started lending a hand! To stay around the same weight or gain or lose a few pounds, but want to add more muscle and lose body fat to change how they look in the mirror and how they feel physically. The key is to perform fewer repetitions at a higher weight, giving your muscles a little more stress. For guidance on a program or routine, check out our articles on using free weights and resistance machines or see a Pro Results trainer. To get measurable results in the shortest time possible, it really comes down to following three critical weight gaining tips that you’ll need to make part of your lifestyle.These lifestyle changes won’t necessarily be easy to follow at times, but the key here is to make them become part of your daily routine so that you get consistency. Now this doesn’t mean you have to rush out and get a gym membership right away if you don’t have one already. There are plenty of effective bodyweight conditioning exercises that you can do at home or your local park to start with.
If you have a few dumbbells or weight plates, you can include them into your workouts as your fitness level increases and you become stronger.It’s important to note that when learning how to gain weight and muscle, not all muscle building exercises produce equal results.
By being smart and investing in this specialized muscle building knowledge and training, you’ll have cut out months (or even years) of guesswork and frustration. Instead of wasting time and money blindly following bad advice, you’ll be making consistent and measurable progress.The No Nonsense Muscle Building program provides you with the critical inside information you need if you want to pack on lean muscle and build the body you desire. It comes with customized beginner to advanced training programs, and a range of 84 day meal plans with weekly grocery lists to make your meal preparation and food selection super simple.
You can follow your exercise routine perfectly, but without proper nutrition you can’t expect to gain weight and build muscle quickly.Diet accounts for a huge percentage of your results, so having access to specialized nutritional information is crucial if you want to make impressive gains and maximize your workout results. You must fuel your body with high quality calories through a well-balanced weight gaining diet at specific intervals and in the right proportions.Now unless you’re a nutrition expert, it’s unlikely you’ll know much about food selection, nutrient timing, or how to calculate your meal sizes and daily calorie requirements.
Your goal should be to complete your workout in under an hour, and give yourself time to recover.
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