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My father leaned back in his overstuffed recliner, eating the double-chocolate raspberry gelato I had just bought for him as he stared entranced at the television. My father is slowly deteriorating from Parkinson’s disease, and at the age of eighteen, it’s a difficult experience for me to go through. When I was younger, he wasn’t always the nicest man, especially when it came to disciplining. His eyes were full of hate and anger, and for the next ten years I would hold a deep resentment for him centered around memories such as those. This past May, I graduated from high school and was faced with the path of choosing a school. I decided to take a gap year to spend time with my father and take some much needed time for myself. Giving up all those schools and scholarships was difficult, but what I realized would be more difficult was giving up the healing process I could go through right now regarding my past relationship with my dad. When a life or death situation happens, you soon realize that some things really don’t matter. I could wait, because forgiveness doesn’t require his participation, but why prolong my unhappiness?
My father has no clue that I am going through this process or even that I have held some major resentment. I appreciate the sacrifices he has made for me and realize he was the exact father I needed for my self-growth process.
Remember that life has an expiration date, which should push you to live the fullest every day.
But…I have a feeling with the poison out of my life, therapy and self work is going to stick this time.
I definitely agree there is a place where setting boundaries is not only useful, but actually more beneficial for the relationship. I can’t tell you how much therapy, meditation, yoga, journaling, and self-work has changed my life. This article gave me so many reasons to forgive and realize that life is too short to feel that all anger.
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Kori Ellis is an editor and writer based in San Antonio, TX, where she lives with her husband and four children.
Empathy allows us to let go of our self-absorbed reverie of self-as-victim and recognize that imperfection drives human behavior and all human behavior is destined to be imperfect. If you miss someone it means that you're lucky, it means you had someone in your life worth missing.
It's better to have your heart broken once by walking away then to stay and have it broken over and over again. If you're giving your all to someone and it's not enough you're probably giving it to the wrong person. If someone hurts you, betrays you, or breaks your heart forgive them, for they have helped you learn about trust and the importance of being cautious when you open your heart.
Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Remember, it takes two to tango, so it’s never all one person’s fault when a relationship doesn’t work.
Ending a long-term relationship is emotionally exhausting, and can easily leave anyone in a puddle on the floor.
Even if ending the relationship was your request, you will likely go through a time when you mourn the loss of the dream you once had with your partner.
Marianne OehserCertified Relationship Coach and EducatorMarianne Oehser is a Certified Relationship Coach focused on helping people who are going through mid-life transitions – retirement, empty-nest, single again. I am sure we all know what it is like to feel judged by someone else. No matter what others are judging me for I find it weird because normally these people have worse things going on in their life. Judging people for their choice of clothing, the food they eat, how they parent, who their friends are – the list goes on and on and these judgements do not make us a better person. I have always been a sensitive person and because of that, it is so hard when people judge me.
I am certainly not saying I am perfect and have never been guilty of judging others.  I am not saying that I don’t judge people but my hubby who constantly reminds me not to, is a great help.
I feel judging others is projecting our own insecurities, negativity, and fears onto others life, so it is better to deal with our own problems and keep our judgements to ourselves. I get negative comments in my blog from time to time but I just ignore then as I know they are not angry with me but with their own life and situation and they just want to vent it somewhere. Therefore, my aim in life is to make my life better, be happy and live every minute instead of wasting my time and energy in something unnecessary.
I know everyone is living but I really think just living and LIVING a life are two different things. We know that our time on this earth is very short so why are we wasting our time in something not important. You don’t need to be older to be wiser so from today start living life that won’t make you feel regretful.
No matter how crazy your dream is, if you work towards it you will be happy with yourself and you will see the world differently. Instead of having regrets about the past and wishing you had done something in a different way, act today and live the life you want to. When you try to live life the way you want to, you might make mistakes, you might hit rock bottom but don’t take that as a setback. I know it is not easy to LIVE life and there are times I want to give up and choose the easy way out but the satisfaction you get when you really live the life is priceless. There are so many times in life that we forget how good we have got that all we do is complain and be sad instead of appreciating what we have. I am a normal human being as well, so many times I complain that I didn’t get better things and I am not happy with what I have. I have been forcing myself to appreciate what I have by thinking about all the good things in my life. Recently I lost a friend to cancer and I know that she would have given anything to be alive and be next to her husband but she didn’t get that choice.
Every time I visit Nepal, I appreciate that I live in a country where there is no problem of electricity, water or gas. Someone wise once said “you don’t know what you have until it’s taken away from you” and I see that time and time again; People longing for what they used to have. So next time you find your mind wandering away from the present moment, towards a place that you wish you were, bring it back. Learning to appreciate what we have right now is an art that’s worth investing a little time in perfecting. Over my short life, I have learned that if you always speak the truth, you can save yourselves from lots of trouble. First, you don’t have to remember what you told anyone because it is the truth and you will be saying the same thing to everyone but if you lie you might need to lie a hundred times more to cover up that lie. Even though telling the truth may be difficult for many people, it’s the approach that allows us to earn the respect of others. One thing I am sure is that if you lie too many times, people will lose trust in you and trying to gain that trust will be a very hard job. I know there are times in life when it seems better to lie for some reasons, which may be more or less legitimate. I know it is easier said than done but forgiving, forgetting and moving on definitely makes you a happier person.
Normally when an incident occurs and you are thinking over and over about it for days, who is suffering the most? Whichever option you choose, it is in your best interest to make that decision sooner than later so your blood pressure is not high for long.
As soon as you forgive you will realise that you have lower blood pressure, less stress and improved life. I know it is hard and sometime I find it takes longer than I like to forgive but if there is someone in your life, you have trouble forgiving, work on it and soon you will find it easier to forgive them. If you find it difficult to forgive, put yourself in the person’s shoes and remember that there are two sides to every story.
Once you cross the bridge of forgiveness, you will realise that it is easy to forget and move on with your life.
Having a husband like AS, who can be your therapist and psychiatrist is a great plus point in life. I used to be a people person, trying hard to be friends, hard to be responsible in every relation I have like a daughter, sister, friend, cousin, SIL, DIL etc. The way I used to deal with it in the past was to just get sad and upset but never in front of the people who said or did something to get me upset.

For me it was the best as I spent less time thinking about it as it is already resolved from my side and now I can use the same energy in something better and I am a happier person. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I can remember him screaming at me to get on the ground and do push-ups for back-talking my mother.
I’m a very serious musician, so I auditioned at eight schools all over the country, and got accepted to six. But, as my anger continued to brew for my father and his health deteriorated, I realized that he wouldn’t be here much longer.
I’m sure I will learn much more in the year to come, but I believe I have learned some valuable lessons thus far.
An added bonus has been my ability to enjoy getting to know him a bit from a loving perspective. Saying, “I’m sorry,” and expecting everything to fade away and be sunshine and roses is ridiculous. If it weren’t for him, I probably would not have developed such a positive, meaningful relationship with my mother. I’m happy that my sweet father is transitioning to a better place and am thankful for all of the life lessons he has taught me. The silver lining to this final straw is that I am able to walk away, and be happy with my family of choice. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my life is forgiving, regardless of where the other person was at.
I think everyone has to go through this phase and it is very important to have peace than anger. Forgiveness is definitely a process and a difficult one to overcome, but I believe fully worth it in the end:) Have a blessed week! Self-forgiveness is a difficult process, but one that I have found and am sure will continue to find is very rewarding.
I am in a similar situation with a dear friend right now and am learning the balance between forgiving someone, but still holding some boundaries. I was searching an article for how am I forgive the one who hurt me but this one is my favorite article. The content on Tiny Buddha is designed to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. If you have decided to stick with your partner after an affair, you need to truly forgive him. Our capacity for empathy reflects our ability to gently lift ourselves out of our own self-absorption long enough to really understand the feelings of another human being. If others have forgiven us because we were worthy enough in spite of our misdeeds or imperfections, should we not be able to extend the same to others?
Missing someone, especially someone that we love dearly but can't be with like we would like to, is a difficult part of life that we all have to deal with.
Whether it was an exclusive dating relationship or a marriage, they can be ugly and painful--even for the one who initiated the breakup. By acknowledging your part, you can choose to change your attitudes, beliefs, or behavior that contributed to the problems.
Rushing into a new relationship too quickly can be a recipe for disaster because you probably have not gotten your emotional bearings yet. Forgiving is not for the other person -- it is for you.There is a story about two monks who had been imprisoned and brutally tortured. If you hash and rehash all of the things he or she did wrong, you will stay stuck in the mud, so to speak. You might be mad at the other person for all he or she did, or at yourself for letting it happen.However, anger does have benefits. Emotionally letting go through the grieving process, and with help and support from a relationship expert is a very important step in moving toward the bright new possibilities that lay ahead for you. No one has the right to judge others because you do not know the circumstances of each individual person. I feel bad and it is hard to feel criticized or misunderstood and it takes me days to get over it.
When I say something about someone, he always tells me to think from his or her point of view. When I think about the time we unnecessary spend on judging others it seems to me that it is better to utilize that time and effort to make our self better.
Become the person you would like to spend the rest of your life with and you will see that everyone around will be there for you.
If you taste that once, then you will understand the big difference between just living and LIVING the life :).
As everyone else I am so focused on things that I don’t have, I forgot to enjoy and appreciate the things that I do have.
I have to say she fought her battle so strongly that every time I remember her, I see a smiling face. Think about the present and look around and learn to smile as you are lucky to have what you have. Whatever religion you follow, the holy book has always mentioned that a liar goes to hell and burns. I am not telling you that I have never lied in my life but as I grow older, I can see so many benefits of speaking the truth. On top of that, you should be willing to lie to everyone because that lie will be easily caught if you tell different stories to different people. When I started this blog for the first time, I posted a few posts online and was not sure if I wanted to share that with my husband because I wanted to blog anonymously, I thought it is OK but I couldn’t sleep properly for the next few days until I told him. When you live your life being honest with yourself, no matter how difficult it is, eventually you will find that you have a better life that is filled with integrity. They say, “Everything happens in life for a reason.” See if there’s a lesson that can be learned.
I couldn’t believe I was going to write about life lessons but I guess I could now as I have some life experience.
However, most of the time, no one really saw my sacrifice to please them; actually in most case it went unnoticed. On the other hand, the person who hurt me had no clue that I was upset let along care that they caused me pain.
I know it may not work every time but I am sticking to it as it has definitely lessen my pain and anguish. I don’t want to be thirty-five or sixty-two regretting that I never made peace with him while he was still alive.
I would rather forgive his behavior and look at how it has benefited me than hold resentment. Angela dreams of writing a self-help book to help teenagers find happiness and spirituality. I can move on with my life without having to forgive the person who did me wrong, but their actions will be a constant reminder, so it will stay in the back of my mind.
After all, life isn’t always positive and uplifting, sometimes it can be abrupt and sad. I let go of the anger 6 months ago by seeing their perspective but a part of me felt that there wasn’t any justice. Forgive is one of the hardest decision that we make but when we are finally to end up those hatred feelings we need to forgive, not only for those who hurt us but of course its for own good. My fiance and I are in a really bad place right now because he’s crossed boundaries with female coworkers. The unfaithful partner must be grieving and penitent regarding shortcomings and imperfections.
Therapists would say that this capacity to understand is intended to grasp the experience of someone else from their personal frame of reference: in other words, we try to put ourselves in their shoes.
We need only to look inside our own pain to recognize that we each have been forgiven many times by others –- often not knowing until years later. Whether in the event of a loved ones death, or a bad break up, it is hard being without someone who was once there for us, and who we never thought in a million years wouldn't be there. When people get their hearts broken, they tend to think about the negative, instead of thinking about the positive in these circumstances, because of the enormous amount of overwhelming pain that they feel.
Don't let things like failed relationships bring you down or stop you from ever wanting to trust another human being again. When we are dealing with heartbreak, whether it be the heartbreak of leaving a relationship, or the heartbreak of having to move away from our friends and family all that we can think of right then in those moments is how much it hurts, and how much you wish that the change that is taking place, did not and will not take place at all. Or, perhaps it was mutual, and both of you felt it was for the best.However it happened, it can be emotionally taxing to end a relationship with someone after being together for a long time together. After all, you are the common denominator in all of your relationships, and you are the only person you can change.

But, the truth is that you have complete power over the most important part of the whole situation – you and the way you choose to think. Not only will you keep yourself in a place filled with negative thoughts and feelings but your potential new partner certainly does not want to hear a constant parade of “horribles.” Letting go frees you from focusing on the negatives.
It takes time to process the grief and take stock of what you really need to have in a happy, healthy relationship. It releases negative emotions so they don’t just get stuffed down your hollow leg only to be explored at another time.
In most cases, if you know the real story behind what you are judging the person on, you will change your mind.
I don’t normally confront the person so they have no idea that it has affected me so much but for the next 48 hours or so, that is all I can think of. There is no excuse for not taking care of yourself because no matter what you do if you are not healthy you can’t be there for your partner, children or parents. What will be the use of your money if you have millions in an account but you have no one to share that with? However, at the same time even though they live with minimal things in life, they are the happiest people I have seen. After the initial reaction, I changed my mindset completely; I had a choice to call NRMA (insurance company) and wait for the car to be fixed and be late for work or take a train to work.
When we were young, our parents and teachers always taught us that speaking truth is the only right way in life but as we grow older, we tend to lie more and more. Many are afraid they will hurt someone, they will be hurt, it’s not politically correct, or it’s easier to avoid conflict.
No matter what pain the other person has caused, in most cases they might not be aware, they don’t care about you so they are hurting you or they just simply too ignorant to see you are hurt.
Also if you have long relationship with the person, think of all of the good things the person did for you which will help you in your judgment as well. Do whatever you want as it is limitless and at the end of the day you win, because you are happy again. I definitely want to write about what I have learned in my not very long life and share it here hoping it might be helpful to someone. There are lots of things he has taught me and one of the thing he has always encouraged me is to tell people what I feel and what is in my head.
I didn’t even get a simple thank you instead I was taken for granted by the vary people who I was trying to please so hard.
In others, they didn’t have a better come back so they just ignored it, but still getting my feeling out there was a big relief. She is a lover of what is and is constantly improving her internal self to better serve humankind. He’s managed to develop these so called platonic friendships with two women at work and I found out about them a couple of months ago. Furthermore, the unfaithful partner must share this grief openly and directly with the person(s) who has been impacted. The pain you feel can greatly affect your thinking, and will most certainly cloud it if you put forth no effort to think clearly. Before moving on, spend time understanding your past relationship and preparing yourself for the best that’s yet to come. It may not be as easy as flicking a switch, but you will be a whole lot happier if you make the effort to change your perspective. You may even need to work on a few things yourself.The biggest risk in moving into a new relationship too quickly is that you may find yourself in another relationship that does not work.
Most of the time we are so consumed with petty things in life that we just live and stop living the life as it is meant to be and that is not good.
What is the value of your money when you are spending 14 hours at work that you hardly see your partner and children? I decided to take a train because millions of people do that every day and I used to do that before I started driving.
I wish I had spent more time with my parents when I had the chance, I wish I had appreciated my life when it was simpler.
People have lost the connection to their true self and this causes great conflict within them. I never told my parents about my hardship as a student because they were so far away and I didn’t want them to worry.
No matter what the situation is most likely the other person who has caused you pain and grief has moved on in their life so why are you holding a grudge. Grudges filled with resentment, vengeance and hostility take root when you keep thinking about hurtful events or situations, replaying them in your mind over and over again. Also If you accept that there’s a lesson to be learned, then you’ll be less likely to resent the person for hurting you.
In any event, holding onto negative emotions regardless of the justification only ever harms yourself. Owning the habit means that we can change it, and this we do by meditating on the habit and the compulsive impulse to suffer. When we ask for forgiveness we are opening up a dialogue with those who have been hurt the most.
We have a responsibility to do so in our most cherished relationships –- which means we have the ability-to-respond. Remember there was probably a time where you at least wondered if you would ever find someone to love. Strong people reach out for the support they need whether it is to a life coach, a relationship coach, a pastor, or a therapist. If you decide to do that, you should be very clear to both yourself and the other person that you are not ready for a new relationship. When you want to have a relationship so badly, it is easy to overlook all of the red flags. Releasing anger is like throwing off the old, tattered, winter coat and embracing the spring sunshine. What is the use of the money when it is hard to find time to talk to your parents and you are not there to hold their hands when they need it? I didn’t know why I got annoyed initially as it is completely normal for car to break down from time to time.
Putting life in context of an expiration date will hopefully encourage others to keep this in mind and forgive those people who have hurt them the most. So I reached out to the ones that hurt me and asked for their forgiveness of me not letting go of the hurt. We are high school sweet hearts and have two beautiful kids together we are best friends and all of the sudden this comes out of no where. Only after grieving and learning about who you are now, will you have a successful and healthy end to your relationship, making yourself ready for a better future. Rebuild yourself into a stronger, more confident person than you were before with the help of others. The first monk said, “I see they still have you in prison.”Forgiveness is letting yourself out of the prison of what was.
Lewis, novelist and poet said, “Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars.
Only after you have become a “successful single” will you be ready to jump in with both feet.
Holding on to them and keeping the caldron churning blocks you from seeing a bright new future. By looking at the positive side, I was clam and happy to go to work and be at work on time rather than getting pissed at the situation that I have no control over.
Of course, not in detail as I had forgotten a lot too, but they do know now that I had some hard times as a student. He just seemed to be acting funny and I decide to check his phone I found text messages between him and one of the women discussing how angry they were that a rumor was Hong around the work place that they were secretly seeing each other. True forgiveness always involves a dialogue, and it is within this dialogue that healing occurs.
This is how you take care of yourself and refill your emotional bank account, so you can be ready to love again.
Regardless of your contribution to the situations that ended the relationship, forgive yourself and learn from it.
Red flags went up I decided to check his phone bill he was actually speaking to her on the phone during work hours for long periods of time.

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