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Imagine how great you would feel, if you could improve the quality of your life, achieve your dreams, and live the life you want!Imagine how happy and successful you would be, if you had motivation, focus, inner strength and inner peace!This is the place where you will find quality information, guidance, tips and books to motivate, empower and enrich your personal and professional life. Learn how to use affirmations to improve your life, attract success, and create new habits.
The Power of Positive AttitudeA positive attitude helps you cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. Willpower and Self-Discipline - Guidance and ExercisesDo you sometimes, feel that you lack the inner strength to take action, act assertively or be persistent?
Creative Visualization - From Imagination to RealityCreative visualization is a mental technique that uses the imagination to make dreams and goals come true.
Concentration Exercises for Training the MindSharpening the needle of concentration requires practice. Lack of Motivation and EnthusiasmMotivation and enthusiasm manifest as desire and interest, and as a driving force that pushes you to take action and pursue goals. Self Improvement ArticlesSelf improvement is an inner process, aiming for a better, happier life. A regular practice of meditation has a profound effect on the mind and on one’s awareness and consciousness. Thoughts are like clouds that hide the sun, or like waves that make it impossible to see the bottom of the lake. At first, you will experience it very briefly and sporadically, not necessarily during meditation, but in the midst of your daily activities, in your everyday life. As you continue with daily meditations, the duration of this altered state of consciousness will gradually get longer. Always try to be focused on what you are doing, not allowing thoughts, feelings and people to distract you and control your attention. At different times of the day, for a few minutes, try to become aware of your consciousness, of your awareness, and of the feeling that you exist.
This state, this spiritual consciousness, is a state of light, happiness and joy, but also of inner power, focus, practicality and common sense. All techniques of meditation, eventually, lead to this state of awareness, to the awakening of the spiritual consciousness.
Learn how to quiet the endless chatter of your mind, attain inner peace, and get rid of worries and anxieties.

Inner peace is a state of mental and emotional calmness, with no restless thinking, no worries and no fears.
Visit our meditation room, where you will find various meditation techniques to relax the restlessness of your mind. Books with guidance and advice on inner peace, concentration, detachment, willpower and self discipline. There would be happiness, peace and understanding, and you will feel that the entire Cosmos has become your home. My phone then rang and it was the mother of a school friend of hers giving me an RSVP to Olivia's 6th birthday party next weekend. Meditation makes it easier for us to master our mind, be more aware in the moment, and consciously make decisions.
If you liked this post and want to know more about meditation, you can sign up to our newsletter below. Join our community, receive our newsletter, and learn how to improve your life with meditation. About UsDaily Meditate helps people turn their life around with meditation by providing all the easy to use information and guidance needed. This started out as one man’s attempt to share with the world his passion for the endless possibilities that lie within our minds. These are positive statements that describe a desired situation, which are often repeated, until they get impressed on the subconscious mind.
It is a process of inner change, adopting a positive mindset, and building new, positive habits. Regular practice of meditation calms down the restlessness of the mind, and therefore, makes it possible to experience, and become aware something, which is beyond the scope of the mind. When the mind becomes calm and there are no thoughts, you can see things that your thoughts and your constant mental activity hide. In a state of inner peace, when the restlessness of your mind stops, you become aware of a different, vast sort of consciousness. In order to experience this state of awareness more often and for longer periods, and also, to turn it into a constant state of consciousness you need to be able to quiet your mind more deeply, and for longer periods. The main requirement for this spiritual consciousness to manifest is a silent mind, when the restlessness of the mind disappears.

Don’t discuss or analyze your awareness, just be conscious of it, without thoughts and without words.
It is called by many names, Nirvana, Samadhi, Self Realization, Cosmic consciousness, Higher Self or Spiritual Consciousness. When you are able to empty your mind of this stuff, comprised of thoughts, it becomes filled with inner peace, happiness and light. They are like curtains that hide what is beyond them, just like clouds that hide the sky and the sun. We had stopped at page 12 in your ebook after I said I would have to print it out so we could write the list on the special page you provided. Her literal words were , "Is there anything Olivia specially wishes for?" to which I replied, "Amazingly, we have just finished writing a list", which I proceeded to read to her! Meditation is such a unique tool that we all can carry it with us where ever we go, and yet so few of us use it wisely.
A certain kind of calm, joyous, and powerful consciousness arises in you, which is different from the ordinary, everyday consciousness.
I write books and articles about self improvement, positive thinking, creative visualization, motivation, spiritual growth, meditation and inner peace. Have you ever asked yourself, ”If all these reported meditation benefits are for real, then why aren’t everyone meditating daily?” That’s what we did, and since we have no reason to doubt the ton of published research, we set ourselves this simple goal: To help people turn their life around with meditation, by providing all the easy to use information and guidance they need to do so.
Within it lies a two-egged sword; the power to fill our lives either with misery, or with bliss. Your consciousness would expand beyond the ego, and beyond the small world created by your thoughts and beliefs.
I have been studying the above mentioned subjects for many years, and therefore, I write from personal experience.I have written several books, "Peace of mind in Daily Life", "Willpower and Self Discipline", "Visualize and Achieve", "Affirmations - Words with Power", "How to Focus Your Mind", "Emotional Detachment For a Better Life", and "101 Motivational Tips for Success".

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