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The bottom of the pan is never too bad, since it's the eggplant slices that sit directly on it.
Since the New Year is coming closer with every day, people try to finish some planed works before January 1st. With those first three bags we will also do our surveys to find out what people would be willing to buy.
The most important thing is that now our team needs to be extra supportive and trustful, in order to succeed. Some of our challenges from the last week seems to be solved thanks to our external partners and associates. Finally, independent judgment from externals are extremely important for start- up, so we are glad that we have such a good associates who could suggest how to do things faster and effective. So by this entry STORK would like to encourage all young and unexperienced people who have ideas of start-up to believe in their ideas and just try them because it is the only way have to make your dreams come true. Now we know that it is not easy to climb to the top of the mountain of successful business but it’s worth to try. Not that long time ago several girls decided to make a company that would produce super attractive bags with unique designs. So one week each of us had a homework to do for the next group meeting- bring some designs of cute drawings that could be printed or painted on our bags. At the next meeting we were all surprised by how many versions of these designs we came up with.
This week we have set ourselves a goal to find a time when all of us can just sit together and draw a little bit. STORK team last week experience allow us realize how much we actually need to learn, for instance, about the ways of successful business building .
Nevertheless, we are happy that now we know that soon our bags will be ready cause the process of finding sewer is moving and soon we could announce the name of helper. This week we would like to wish something to ourself – continuing develop our business idea and experience luck in all our challenges. It is necessary to mention that since we have established our company, our team skills have essentially improved, which is really worthy nowadays, when there are a lot of different kind of individuals everywhere ! Last week STORK had a lot of work to do since we were working on different design details and also looking at our product from other aspects than before. Last week we also went to the fabric warehouse for the last time before sewing our first five bags. Our main goals for this week is to make all the official final sketches for sewing details, to cut the approximate size of fabric to be used and to make sure our sewing machines are ready to do some work. We will also do some market research about different printing companies and we will sure find the best one for us. Now that our two team members are back from having an amazing journey, they have found many new inspirations to make our product’s design even better.
What we already have are different colours of fabrics for bags outside and buttons samples.
As we promised to inform everyone about our results, we would like to say that last week was very successful for us. If talk about last week, when we finally present STORK to wider audience, we would like to say that presentation went good, audience was eager to know more about us.
STORK team is still full of enthusiasm and passion about producing linen bags for our fashionable clients.
We assume that the most important task for this week was a business plan creation and presentation.
As this is already Friday, STORK team would like to wish positive and fun weekend and remind that next week we will have new challenges and new results, so we will keep informing you about our plans. Today we have a great opportunity to meet a serial start-up entrepreneur Ragnar Sass from Estonia. After this post is complete, I will not start any new posts until I’ve either posted or vetoed all of my waiting posts. Download this page in PDF format Tweet Share Stumble Pin Share +1Check out these Prof KRG posts from the archive! Prof KRG aims to create an ongoing educational dialogue among media professionals, students and educators. There were a few little dried bits left (you can see one if you look closely at the first picture).
To start next year successfully and with big hopes, don’t leave important works for next month but start them now! So to start the New Year right, during next weeks we will actually sew our first three bags. It really made us realize how hard is to be entrepreneurs, we should manage to find all resources necessary for the production and allocate it in the most appropriate way.
Previously we face the situation when we felt that there are no continuing for our business as we realized that we have difficulties to find someone who could help to sew bags.
It always good to find out have we could develop ourselves in order to improve our product, so clients will receive the best product possible.
Despite everything, the unchanged thing for STORK team is idea which we believe are the key for our success.

We could only win from it; moreover, we already have climbed more of the half of the business mountain, so now we need to do just the last meters and we will pass the finish line, meaning that our products will be in the shops. We put all our needs in both functionality and fashion and created a bag that would symbolize not only us but also many other people personality. And of course, it would be more fun if we already had the colors for these paintings in our head that would most likely contrast the linen fabric that the bags are made of.
During the week we set the date for sewing our linen bags and our production grand opening. With strong attitude and confident of each of team member we will succeed in this business. Now we are more or less prepared for the future, where we will have to face different groups of people, maintain each other and support each other’s ideas! Two of our girls went on a little trip to different European countries so it was just four of us putting our heads together to come to the best solutions. We bought very nice lining fabrics that match the colors of our linen fabric for the outside of the bag. This week we plan to contact all those companies and to close a good deal with our fabric printing company. The colors of our prints will be very bright to contrast the natural colors of both the inside and the outside fabrics. The most important ones are to come to a conclusion about certain design details and to make our first bags.
This week fabric for bags inside and treads will be bought; and then we would be ready for production process. It inspires us to further actions and moves, so that this week we are full of energy to accomplish new tasks. The only way how to create it is by action, so we will continue to work hard, develop our ideas and get positive results. This week was full of different challenges for STORK, but as we all know with creativity and support it is possible to overcome all barriers. We believe those actions will help to create sustainable business with high potential in the market. Stay tuned and probably you will be the first one who will have the pleasure to walk with exclusive bag designed by STORK. Currently he is a co-founder of sales pipeline management tool company Pipedrive established in 2007.
Forty-five times we could have learned something, if only I had enough drive to follow through. Those 45, and the five I’ve hand written that are sitting on my desk, and the who-knows-how-many others tucked away in journals. I promise that I only recommend products or services I use personally and think will provide you value. I teach classes including those on writing, reporting, media law, media ethics, social media marketing, and public relations. It is an intention that has become an on-and-off focus for me within the last few weeks, from finishing all of the books I have started to finishing all of my workouts with 100% effort to the end. So after some team meeting we all came to a conclusion that one of our six girls could do this. The more important is that now our business seems to come in the final stage and we could see the light in the dark tunnel. Unfortunately, it is hard to do without external help, as we are just in the start-up stage.
Life is so full of various events, now we acquire a lot of skills, knowledge, relations and we are moving to another level of our production. And in this way we will also see what are the common things we would like to see in those some final designs that would be on our bags.
We was enthusiastic about the day when finally everyone would have the opportunity to buy stylish bags with modern design and variety of functions.
In the scheduled time we happily meet each other and was ready to start work, however, then we start to discuss more about the details of the design, so that we understand that we have lack of some some design knowledges, so we need deeper inside of sewing and bags forming. All challenges which we faced helped us realize, learn and discover new things how to deal with new and unsolved situations, it help us better understand each of our team member and trust in variety of situations. Moreover now we are surrounded by incredibly breathtaking landscapes of autumn-winter Riga…. Now we are 100% sure that our bag will be super comfortable because of the length or the strap. We know that our costumers appreciate all those qualities, so we offer bags which have high quality for reasonable price. We enjoyed it, he spoke about his huge experience in business, how he build more then 50 enterprises in almost all continents.
Hard work, trust to each other and active participation allow us believe that our company will become successful among customers.
This work helped us to make strong platform for our next actions in the future and show others our beloved idea. We were very eager to hear his life story as he has a huge experience in business world, he has built a lot of both successful  and not so successful companies.

He`s not afraid of challenges in business creation as he says he could come up with 10 good ideas only in one minute.
That’s nearly 50 topics that I decided were good enough to start writing about but not important enough to finish.
I think about them every time I start to write a new post instead of finishing another one. In reading your post, I am reminded of the significance of finishing in all aspects, and it is comforting to realize that I can draw strength from knowing it is another’s New Years Resolution (or simple intention) to do the same. To be honest, last week some things didn’t happened as we expected but now due to some external help we are still back in the game, which we call business.
Of course, as we are very enthusiastic and energetic about our idea, we definitely should succeed in this business, how it will be in reality you will see.
The most exciting thing about the whole situation is that we never know what the exact result will be like. Here comes the question about the business and then comes the question about life…Hmm…Question about life?
Our sketchbooks were going from hand to hand and when we finally decided to count how many drawings we had in total it came out to be 25. This recognition was hard to admit and accept, however, as we highly evaluate quality of our products; we come to conclusion that it would be better if professional sewer would help us to make our beautiful and comfortable linen bags. It is long enough to wear it across one’s chest and also short enough to look very fashionable while hanging on just one shoulder. He prove again that entrepreneurs should be patient, enthusiastic about business idea, not afraid of failures and, of course, read news – be informed about all things happening all around. We assure that information about it will follow and soon you will see our first modern and functional bags` models.
As an Estonian Startup Leaders Club president Mr Sass helped develop business ideas to a lot of entrepreneurs.
And not only from the creativity perspective, but also from being able to draw beautifully.
We believe that, nevertheless, some misfortunes and challenges during the production period of our bags, we will solve all difficulties and costumer will have the chance to buy products with special STORK team design. The sewing machine and all materials was moved to the place where we was planing to sew bags. So one of our goals for this week is to find sewer who could help us fulfill our dream of fashionable bags company. We’ll see it at the end of this week and, of cause, you will be the first who we will inform about it. Big event for our company was presentation on Wednesday, where we presented our product to wider public. Actually we know that we have become more inspired because after all action we have done, STORK team understands that we have come closer and closer to our aim of establishing our own company. Moreover, currently he is a member of the board in Garage48 Foundation where he helps to organize two days long informational events for new entrepreneurs about business ideas development and implementation.
We know this is the recovering point for our company and we will done everything perfectly. We know that we will find person who are willing to take part in our friendly team and are enough enthusiastic to sew bags. We are trying to do our best to cope with the huge amount of work and to combine it with studies and we feel so alright with it! Bert Twaalfhoven is very busy he mentioned that always can find time to do sports, as a way of relaxing and good way how to improve physical appearance. We know that good presentation can attract new clients to our company, so it is extremely important to clearly and professionally tell about STORK. But then came the hardest part… We could not decide which designs to develop further since everyone of us had different favorite ones.
Actually we are so inspired and trained with writing blogs that we are thinking on our new project – fashion blog! Moreover, we believe that after the presentation audience spread our product idea to their friends and acquaintance, so our name will be known to larger audience.
Needless to say that it has inspired us a lot, moreover we think that it can make our production even more interesting for potential consumers.
Have you ever thought about the tote with the picture of Kierkegaard? Or a clutch with the quote of Marx? If everything keeps going like that, in future we will be very eager to expand our business, but who knows? Actually, this is all for this week, however we still have to achieve 400 words, so we can write about the weather today: It was very pleasant, however a bit cool, but we are very happy it is not raining! It seems that winter is coming, maybe she will bring something new in our lives and our business? So after discussing the weather “English style”, it is time to say bye and get involved in our activities again!

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