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I know this, and I kept it in mind when I created the Fun & Pretty Life-Purpose Exercise. Like many of the world’s successful, not only do you feel the awesome power of doing what you love, but you easily figure out ways to get paid for it. The Ryze method is inspired by a combination of valuable exercises by these guys: Jonathan Mead, Brian Kim, Tad Hargrave and Steve Pavlina.
If I asked you right now, "what are you good at, what do you bring to the table?" would you be able to answer smoothly and confidently?
If you do, does it feel like you’ll succeed in way bigger ways, with a purpose your proud of and a message to stand for? This exercise’ll help you get clear on your unique value, allow you to sound more charming and smooth when people ask about your skills, and is a key first step to finding your purpose.
Grab a piece of paper, divide it into 3 columns, and write down any strengths you have in these three areas: physical strengths, mental strengths, and spiritual strengths.
For most people, their interests seem chaotic mish-mash of all kinds of stuff, instead of a refined blend, but they’re wrong. The beauty of life is that it gives us each a very unique blend, and when people understand theirs properly, nailing it just right, the whole world listens. Eccentric, Catholic-raised, burlesque-dancer Lady Gaga has a very unique blend of traits, that many people would’ve dismissed at first. You and I have our own unique blends as well, waiting to propel us to our own personal success, the trick is to find the common thread in them all. These things all seem normal to us now, but when these people were finding their purpose, it was scary, and anything but normal. The guy who had all these qualities would probably feel very confident publishing an online magazine. The polished version = confidence for you, the unpolished version = awkward conversation, unclear communication and people skipping what you offer. You can even ask a friend how they might polish it and make it sexier, for an outside perspective. Use your focus, feelings, and questions to get right to the heart of what matters in your life.
That’s a pretty time consuming process Jason but well worth it if people are still struggling to find their purpose in life.

Thanks for sharing this post and if I run across anyone having problems with this I’ll now know where to send them. It’s great you know what you like to do, do you feel it will remain like that forever, or will what you like to do change?
Off course I saw your comment in the blog and i thank you so much for visiting it and reading some of my articles. I believe strongly and purely in the Ryze message, and people like you who share, link, and spread are super-valuable and appreciated. As I am trying to write the mission statement for my new interiors blog and webshop this morning this exercise is proving to be more difficult than I thought at first :).
Most things in life are a process, they grow, so that may not even be your final, but it’s certainly better than most! I have wanted to start a blog of my own for a while but always struggled to find my own voice which is why i was so excited when I came across your post. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. Do you wander aimlessly through life, taking each day as it comes, or do you have a clear goal in mind? You find your purpose at the intersection of your talents, passion, gifts and opportunities. OPPORTUNITY:  Your opportunity is any chance you are presented with where you can use your talents, your gifts, and your passions at the same time.
Kimberly BradleyThe wife of a Mission Pastor and mother of three, Kimberly is passionate about living a positive life and encouraging other women to do the same. Current Bible StudyThere's a very big difference between being created by God and being invaded by God. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They had to find a common thread that allowed them to explore their passions, no matter what they were. You want to narrow it down as much as you can to about 3 patterns, but leaving out a couple tricky one’s is fine. For everyone who posts a pitch below, I`ll personally give feedback and aim to make it sexier and more successful.

Or if you just want a little jumpstart, step 3 is all about saying as much about YOU, your quirks + passions + mission, in as simple, sexy, and fun a way as possible. New research published in Psychological Science shows that at any age, having a sense of purpose could add years to your life.According to the researchers, their results suggest that creating a purpose for yourself could promote healthy ageing throughout adulthood.
Through her world traveling and love of international missions she writes inspiring and uplifting posts on faith, family, fun and photography.
Through my love of photography I’ve learned that different lenses yield different perspectives. Considering how you turned out I’d say she did a FANTASTIC job, and that pic of you and her is really moving.
Unfortunately, not because they are happy with what they have but because they feel safe with what they have and they have never asked their selves what is their life purpose! So many of us wander through life vaguely wondering what we’re here for and this post could help them find out. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Kimberly Bradley and The Narrow Lens with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. All of us can look at the same situation but each of us will see something completely different.
Having a sense of purpose was consistently linked to longer life across all age categories, leading Dr Hill to believe that “the earlier someone comes to a direction for life, the earlier these protective effects may be able to occur."Working alongside Nicholas Turiano of the University of Rochester Medical Center, Hill examined data from a large-scale longitudinal study of health and wellbeing conducted in the US amongst adults between the ages of 20 and 75. My desire is to start a dialogue with other women so we can encourage each other on this journey called life. Those that were still alive had scored significantly higher on self-reported purpose in life, a finding that was surprisingly consistent across all age groups. With older adults facing greater mortality risks than younger individuals, and possibly being in more need of a sense of direction after leaving the work force, the researchers had predicted a stronger effect for the older age category. According to Hill, the fact that the data for the younger group revealed the same pattern, shows the potency of finding a purpose at any stage in adult life.The study is also the first to show the link between purposefulness and lifespan regardless of retirement status, social connectedness and wellbeing, all known to be linked to physical health.
It is possible that those with a clear purpose could be getting more physical exercise, or enjoying the benefits of achieving their goals regularly.

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