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Let these 12 ways to find happiness right now help you feel happier now, not only so you can better enjoy all the good things that are yet to come your way, but to help you make those things happen. The standard way of thinking about this is that more choice will help some people and hurt no one.
And if your employer matches your contribution, not picking can mean giving up as much as $5000. How does the number of 401K choices people have influence the likelihood that they’ll participate?
More options in the dating market should mean you’re more likely to meet the perfect person, right? It would seem like you’d make more matches when you saw 12 people than when you saw 6 but what they found is the reverse. New York has more single people than any city but research shows this makes it harder to find a spouse there.
Even if you manage to overcome paralysis and choose well, you end up less satisfied because it’s so easy to imagine that one of the options you rejected would have been better than the option that you chose. The proliferation of choices is even giving you an identity crisis. In the modern era we have more freedom to be who we want to be. But when you have 100 options and you don’t choose well the burden shifts because you could have picked better.
It’s very hard to blame the world when you make decisions in an environment in which there are essentially unlimited options. Who suffers the most in a world of so much choice? Ironically, it’s the people who strive to get the best. Students who were maximizers in trying to get the best job after graduation ended up better off — they got salaries that were 20% higher. We found that people who are satisficers are generally more optimistic, happier, and less regretful than people who are maximizers. A better thing to do is just sit down and ask yourself what do I care about in a car and then, having articulated that, you go and buy the first car you see that satisfies your standards with respect to the things you care about. The single most important piece of advice I can give is: Remember that good enough is almost always good enough. Work with an online Life Coach to stay accountable to help with building your new happiness habits.

I work with people from all different walks of life to set goals, clarify decision making, improve relationships and overcome specific conflicts. But it turns out that when people have too many options, instead of being liberated by all these choices, they’re paralyzed. What Sheena Iyengar found is that the more options people had, the less likely they were to choose any. It’s easier to blame the world when you make bad choices in a world where there are limited options.
We did a study of college seniors looking for jobs and found that maximizers got better jobs but felt worse about the jobs they got than satisficers did. But in a world of limitless choice, that presents a nearly insurmountable hurdle to being happy. You can get into the habit of identifying what’s good in the mundane everyday experiences that you have. But most decisions are in trivial areas, and the downside of choosing wrong isn’t worth feeling overwhelmed and making yourself unhappy.
So what’s one sentence you can keep in mind to simplify your life and remind you of how to find happiness in a world of overwhelming choice? If people go through life looking for good enough results, the choice problem will take care of itself.
As long as you are breathing, there is hope no matter how dire your situation currently is.
Stop hitching your happiness to someone else’s words or action and claim your right to pursue happiness all by yourself. Focus completely on what you do want and keep an eye out for even the smallest opportunity to take a step closer to your desires. Feelings that keep you from happiness such as guilt, shame, fear and worry are all either past memories or trying to tell the future.
Happiness doesn’t mean you ignore your problems, it means you organize them and find the solutions. No matter how much your life sucks, someone else’s sucks worse, so stop complaining and start finding what’s good, even if it’s only the fact that you are breathing.
This one is easier said than done, but if dealing with difficult people is the reason you are so unhappy, you will gift both you and them by either setting boundaries to stay happy with them, or walk away if they won’t respect them.

No matter who did what or how wrong they were, resenting them has no effect on them, it only eats you up like a cancer.
Expect more from life - Claim your FREE life coach session now and make today the day you define a more direct path to the brighter and happier future you deserve. Employers were thinking they were doing their employees a favor by throwing options at them. Every minute you spend with friends or playing with your kids is a minute you could be working.
The result of this, I believe, is that it makes even relatively trivial consumer decisions more high stakes because when you buy jeans, you’re not just covering your body, you are also making a statement to the world about who you are. Go through your day getting a good enough cup of coffee and a good enough toasted bagel and so on and so on and life will look much sunnier. If you don’t have children or a pet, visit your local shelter and spend time playing with some of the animals there, or offer to babysit someone else’s child. It doesn’t happen with all people but it happens at least some of the time with most people. What that means is not necessarily you want to work all the time but you have to make a decision not to work.
You practice by forcing yourself to focus on the positive aspects of your experiences and over time, this becomes more and more automatic, the muscle gets stronger and the negativity bias is overcome. Often, by not choosing one, people were passing up significant matching money from the employer.
The environment we operate in just makes it impossible for people not to blame themselves for anything that doesn’t work out as well as they hoped it would. I don’t think you can delegate all of the decisions in life in this way but you can certainly delegate a hell of a lot of them.

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