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How many times I wished I had a real goal in life when I was younger.  This is one of the main reasons I became motivated to teach others to do just that, so they don’t have to wake up one day, later in life, still not knowing what is it that they are supposed to do with their life. The main reason why many people lack direction it’s because they were never taught, that’s as simple as that.  Either they were never given the tools or they didn’t know how to use them.
Let me give you an illustration to help you understand my point here.  What is the difference between someone growing up speaking a language and someone learning such language in school in a foreign country? You need to spend some time with people who are fluent in personal development and higher purpose to become fluent yourself.
In other words, for us to be able to know that early on in life, it has to be shown to us.  Some people call this programming. If you don’t have a direction or a purpose, but somehow don’t even feel that something is missing, you will never go look for it. You will spend a life time in that paralyzing hot water without ever attempting to jump out.  I know many people who have lived their whole life just like that.
So, use that feeling of emptiness, that hunger for something better to find what your purpose is.  If you want to activate your search you can use mediation and self improvement tools. As a coach, she helps people improve their personal and professional life through personal development methods. Oh and I have always looked for ways to work on my personal development even when I did not know that is what it was. I am with Adrienne and Carol you have accomplished so much in your life I would have thought you had not wasted a moment. Well, believe me I still did waist lots of time, but I am not focusing on this because there nothing one can do with the past but learn from it and do better.
I agree, Sue, being still and listening is the best way to move forward in life, forcing thing never works for the best. This is one of the most remarkable posts I’ve ever read, this has the potential to be life-changing given that we are all constantly looking for the right direction for us. Ah stacy, I certainly know about your upcoming book and even though I do not know you very well yet, I was talking about you to a friend of mince who has recently published a book as well.
But as I start to think about myself and what I’ve done myself, I start to see that on some aspects I was just following others.
Another one good reason I start thinking like that is, I’m surrounded with experts and people who are working on their success with much enthusiasm.
You are right, most of us were never taught the difference between surviving and really living. Finding the right direction in one’s life means for me to find the inner peace, the peace of mind.
I spent most of my life trying to do it my way, ignoring all those who pointed out the works of the great positive and motivational practitioners, destined from an early age to never dream but just to follow the opportunities that came my way and never to consider or create a vision for my life. Now at 41 and recently divorced from a lady I should never have married but did so because it was the easy option. I agree with what you said in your post, all of us are programmed that the route we have to take in life is to go to school, get a job, get married, have a family, etc. Well, for me finding the right direction and purpose in life can be anything that you want, as long as it makes you genuinely happy. Rightly said-Finding our purpose and direction in life entails a great deal of dedication and perseverance. To create the direction you want your path to take, you should also decide what values you wish to live by. Use your own creativity and talents to come up with your own set of values that you wish to live by. Try to find as many things that you are passionate about and then talk to family and friends and ask them if they see that passion in you. Once you have found what you are passionate about in your life it is time to set some goals. By adding your Passion into your life it will help you to make decisions on your Direction in life. When finding passion, purpose and direction you will need to work as hard on yourself as you do on achieving your goals. But it also happens to be the most powerful opportunity many of us are given when it comes to doing work we love – if used properly.
Coincidentally, the morning I published the post about how to know when it’s time to quit, I happened to have breakfast with a close friend and loyal reader. We spent the next hour talking next steps – the advice I gave him is not typical and very contrary to human nature. After endless experiences of my own and those close to me, I’ve realized there is only one thing worth doing the moment you quit, get fired or make any big transition. The worst thing you can do, and what almost everyone does, is scramble to immediately find something else. Now that you’ve stopped freaking out, realize that you have the rare opportunity to be unhurried and intentional about what you do next.
Check out spots around your area or maybe find one out in a place like India or Bhutan and tie it into your travels.
Start in the morning when your mind is clear and take notes throughout the day as things come to mind.
In it, I dissect our proprietary 3-step Passionate Work Framework and how you can start to apply it to your world. You might also want to check out our Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery course. Most of the above steps, the TEDx framework and a ton more are covered in some deep detail.
And beware, many of you will read this and perhaps feel inspired for the moment, but when the sh*t hits the fan you’re gong to be tempted to scramble in a fury. When I left my soul-crushing job seven years ago, I went straight to the ATM to get some money out for dinner that night. I give you this advice because there’s nothing I care more about than helping people take the steps to live a life and create a career of meaning.
A key to happiness is to experience the excitement of what you’re doing in this moment.

Once you see the fruit of your labor it’s almost impossible to feel depressed or sad. Just read for 30 minutes to an hour every day and you’ll be amazed of how much information you can obtain through this. You can subscribe yourself to an email list that’ll send you useful information every other day. When I’m training it’s me versus me, giving everything I have, day in day out just to get that little etch on the me from yesterday!
It’s the manner it’s taught.  When you grow up learning a language in its native country, you learn everything about it. Even if you have a purpose it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget what it is or forget to keep aiming for it. She had a tough life, no doubt, but she never look away and beyond to see if there was anything more, better… She just accepted things as they were presented to her.
I just wish that some of the things I know that I did when I was 20, but I just didn’t. You even moved to the US which is a huge step in itself so it would seem that you definitely know what you wanted out of life. I think it will always be a part of my purpose in life but it might expand over the years, or at least I hope so.
I too was always the one thinking different in my family and I knew there had to be something better for me out there than living the same boring life generation after generation. I completely agree that long before we became adults, we were molded by our parents and our loved ones to become who we are today. I had buried my personal development career for 10 years until it came all back to me back 2006.
That’s really hard to believe considering all you have accomplished in your young life.
I based the whole post on it because when I read it a flow of thoughts came to my mind, and I had to write a post about this topic.
Even though the quote is not mine, but I am glad I was the vehicle to bring it up to your vicinity. I couldn’t catch up last few weeks here though I stop by on your personal blog, but will go through. Yes, I will be posting videos starting in the near future, because I know that people love, and sometimes videos are well a propos depending on what you want to bring about.
The huge reason for this is that many, many people just survive from generation after generation and they believe that it’s living. I know many people who are lacking this huge factor, they have not found their peace of mind yet. I am now slowly creating a plan for my life, I look forward to your forthcoming personal development material. Goal-setting is an aspect of living that we must all learn to practice, when we aspire for specific things we become even more motivated to work our way to the top and make a difference along the way. You may find yourself thinking “That would make a great photo”, you love taking photos, sorting photos, scrapbooking your photos, you have pictures all around your home, you love to look at other people’s photos and showing off your own photos. You could maybe fulfil that passion by becoming a photographer, scrapbook consultant, work in a photo lab or even writing a blog or have a website with something to do with photos or photo frames. The reason many people are lost is because they trying to decide what to do but they should also be mindful of the values they wish to live by. If you are doing something that is not in line with these values you may feel out of balance or out of integrity.
They may say “Yes!” or “I see you are more passionate about….” Once you have had feedback re-evaluate your passions and choose the one that you feel most passionate about to begin with.
It may mean that you would like to change vocation or you would just like to add what you are passionate about into your daily life. He had just gotten laid off from a finance job he was very proud of and that he worked his ass off to get.
It’s something I tell every one of the now thousands of folks who have faced this challenge and come to me for help.
The important point here is to get ahead of the panic and do whatever you can to create the space to make the right long-term decisions going forward. To slow down, think, reflect and take stock of what you’ve learned and do something meaningful with it. So far, the talk has been viewed over 1.7 million times, ranks in the top 20 of over 40,000 talks and seems to have helped a lot of people. It’s not a bad place to start, especially to serve as a road map during a time where specific guidance and step-by-step directions can help a ton. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not exist at the present and may not ever exist.
Try to dismiss all the negativity, especially from people who never accomplished something  them-self.
In a couple of years you can be an expert in your niche just be spending half an hour every day.
If you’re passionate about fitness, get into our membership section and get quality information every day! When you know why you’re doing something, you will get what you want much quicker than if you don’t. If your answer to those questions is no, I would advise you to do your very best to start finding it out. As motivational speaker and writer, Mohamed Tohami said, it’s not enough to walk in a straight line and follow the crowd. You learn the proper language, the slang, the expressions, the figurative speech, and even the “bad” words.  This is what really makes a whole language. We’ve learned only in school and from our not so well informed parents, tutors or teachers.  This is the story of most of us. She has thousands of articles under her name and that of some of her clients as well as a dozen of eBook.

Maybe you didn’t quite know what you wanted but I think all those things helped you get where you are.
I never did feel comfortable with the options and choices that my parents and grandparents put before me.
It feels amazing to be pursuing a dream and I find that it helps my entire outlook on life. Following is really easy thing as I just need to wait for someone to initiate and see what’s next. What did you want to be that others may have told you “to be reasonable and choose a real job”? Remember, happiness, success, and fulfilment won’t just come from your job, but from living by your basic values and passions. For example if your job is taking photos of people hunting and you object to hunting then you are not in line with your values. To make the world a better place by continuing to improve myself, to be a better wife, mother and friend. A few of you even decided it was time to pull the rip cord and stop doing mind numbing work. Ideally you get proactive and do most or all of these things long before you quit or get fired. Have you ever felt what it’s like to sit and do nothing for a few hours, a day, or a week or more on end? It’s time to get in touch with parts of our minds and bodies that have long gone neglected. Buy a journal or open up a blank doc on your computer and begin to write what comes to mind. Surround yourself with people you admire or go off all alone with your favorite music or motivating movies.
When was the last time you sat down and dreamed huge, without someone telling you were crazy? To understand your values, strengths, natural talents, passions and figuring out how you actually define success (instead of the BS scripted societal version most of us are running off of).
You are born to make a difference and to spark the flame that will enlight yourself, friends, family and if you’re doing it right, the rest of the world.
Don’t get me wrong on this, I’m not saying you need to go completely YOLO on your life! It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that are not in the present time and that will probably never exist. If you hear the word education and you think directly at your school years I can’t blame you.
Helps keep me from getting discouraged because sometimes things aren’t so great and sometimes I get off track.
We spend years going to school to learn skills to be a good little worker but not to find our real dreams. For a long time I was searching for something to do for myself and nothing really appealed to me until I decided to start writing fiction again. I still trace my year and a half in Sevilla, Spain as the most defining experience in how I see the world. You’d be surprised how much cheaper many places are around the world than your hometown and regular fixed cost-filled routine. What matters is you start to reflect. The key is to constantly get your ideas out of your head. Maybe a Master Cleanse, a juice fast, eating vegan and raw for a few weeks or attempting your first urbanathlon or half or full marathon.
If you don’t, well that makes you what people like to put on their resume, “intermediate”.  What makes us intermediate in a language is what we learn in school where we don’t learn slang, figurative speech, bad words or many expressions.
So I guess if you wasted time then I’m glad because it brought you here where you have great advice and ideas to share with everyone! But I know there are reasons and I pull out one of those reasons and remember to make it real. NO that was not the plan that I saw in my head and I always did things differently and my own way. Yep think following destiny and listening to the little voice is just about the greatest thing.
Now I get why we need purpose for our lives and I’ve felt kind of emptiness in me when I start to think about my achievements. To live sustainably and do my best to make decisions that benefits rather than degrading the environment.” Do you get the idea? Without experiencing an entirely new way of doing things, I would surely still be listening to what everyone else says, and Live Your Legend definitely would not exist. Listen to one of Tony Robbins’ CD programs such as Get The Edge or attend one of his seminars like Unleash the Power Within. But by self help articles, and books, therapy and so on, I had to teach myself my direction. Once you explore what you are passionate about, then you can determine how you can fulfil that passion in your everyday life. As far as I am concerned, my purpose was determined by living to work and I chose my working environments accordingly. If you want to be successful you have to hang in there.  Try something new, persist, you may have to change direction, but keep moving forward. When I started changing this, my life started disintegrating (especially my financial life) because I stopped defining myself as a workaholic.

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