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July 2, 2009 By John ClarkeNo, this won’t be another edgy list of all the books everyone thinks are really “far out”, like The Elec­tric Kool-??aid Acid Test, Food of the Gods or The Doors of Per­cep­tion. This book forces you to think small?—?not down to the size of cells, or even the simplest bio­lo­gical molecules, but to atoms them­selves and beyond.
Afterwards, the nurse told me I was talking about me being one of their special patients and something about princesses but that’s all I really remember. Because we’ve not evolved to deal with things on such a small scale, particle physics is almost an alien concept.
Thank­fully, this book is written with clarity in mind, peppered with plenty of helpful dia­grams and examples.The Selfish GeneAuthor: Richard DawkinsHeard about this crazy, heretical “Evol­u­tion” busi­ness?
This book is chock full of solid evid­ence, impec­cable logic and bril­liant thinking that will leave you with no doubt about evolution’s roll in everything you can see around you.
So take a look at a few of these simple strategies and incorporate as many of them as you can into your everyday life to get those brain juices flowing, your mind working as efficiently as possible, and your thinking razor-sharp!16 Ways to Expand Your Mind (without drugs) Listen to classical music.
This process is so uni­versal, it provides a thread on which to hang every other fact we’ve ever learned, uniting them all with one common explan­a­tion. A solid under­standing also allows you to easily explain abso­lutely any­thing you might encounter.If this is your first foray into evol­u­tionary biology, you might like to start with River Out Of Eden. Your brain won’t be torn asunder with logic and reason, but you’ll def­in­itely get a glimpse of the bigger picture. I learn something new every time, which usually prompts me to do more research on the topic to dive in further! You can read an entire chapter of this book here.What it’s about: Con­fused about MMR jabs? There are many ways to do this one including traveling to other areas, visiting your local museums, and simpy connecting with a diverse group of people.

It will teach you to think for your­self and apply a healthy dose of scep­ti­cism to the next dose of health advice you might hear about from someone trying to sell you some­thing. I remember reading a lot about polyamorous relationships, Wicca, and watched shows about the Amish. The outlook on life presented in this book will encourage you to enjoy your life as much as pos­sible, look after others and realise exactly where you fit into the uni­verse.
Whether or not you subscribe to it, take a moment to learn about people who may not share your beliefs or experiences.Learn something new.
Funnily enough though, hardly anyone has actu­ally read it!What it’s about: While the first book in this list dealt with the min­is­cule, this book deals with the massive.
From the Big Bang to black holes, and everything in between, this book covers the hot topics in cos­mo­logy with as much clarity as could be expected. How about learning to say the alphabet backward as fast as you can forward or practice learning to write legibly with your non-dominant hand.
Challenging your mind in this way really gets those brain cells brewing.Take up a new sport. Never tried golf? PoisonedV says: July 2, 2009 at 8:23 pmI expected dmt the spirit molecule, leary books, maybe some other stuff, by the title! Watch a television show about it. Go with a friend who already knows how to golf and watch. You always stand to gain something intellectually when you take part in a group that involves discussion and completing tasks and projects together. Maaaaan, believe it or not, this is a great mind-expander and will really get your memory juices flowing while you either relearn something or learn something completely new.Solve puzzles.
You can believe in some­thing because of the moun­tains of evid­ence in its favour, whereas faith implies belief without evidence.In my mind, the evid­ence for evol­u­tion is good enough to explain everything. There are all types of games and puzzles you can do to challenge your mind and increase your critical thinking skills.Take a different route to common places.
Sometimes I like to change up the scenery and go a different route home or to work or any other place I go to frequently.

But reading about evol­u­tion, science and space, it doesn’t have to change your reli­gion. I’m a very reli­gious girl, but it is nice to read about HOW sci­entist think things will turn out.
In addition, have you ever had an old memory come back to life after you’ve tasted a certain food?
By the explan­a­tions of the Uni­verse as told by the old test­a­ment, this is what the world looks like. Oh alright, most churches have for­gotten that as well, but at least it’s in the holy books …Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.
Side note, I am also working on my 40 by 40 list but unlike you, I only have few months left!
I turned on classical music to write this morning and ended up getting out 4 posts in a manner of hours.
I quiet my mind for at least 5 minutes every morning, when I can, and it really does change my outlook and motivation for the day. If you focus on doing that too much, you could essentially achieve the opposite.Or you could also try guided meditation where you have someone guide you through exercises until you can go solo.
I do both and it depends on what I’m focusing on at the time to determine which one I use.
The moment you find yourself fiending for something, you know it’s probably not gonna turn out in your favor! But I think most druggists would say that drugs help them feel good about life as a whole,whereas the tips you mentioned can also provide peace or even better feeling obout oneself.

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