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In order to get the best results, set aside a regular time of day such as first thing in the morning or last thing at night, preferably in the same place so as to ground the practice in your very being. If you extend your practice to a month or longer, you will be retraining your thinking patterns from past- and future-focused to present moment-focused (Brahmavamso, 1998). The aim of the present moment awareness meditation is to achieve a calm, clear, alert mind.
Because the mind has a natural tendency to think, keep it occupied with a relatively unexciting task.
Sounds.First focus on the most obvious sounds and as your concentration gets sharper, notice more subtle sounds, such as bird calls and distant traffic.
Thoughts.Watch your thoughts arise and pass, without getting caught up in them or feeling that you have to act on them.
Yup, it can be very frustrating when your mind is in a busy beta state and all you want to do is relax. Guided meditation is a way of focusing the mind rather than demanding perfect silence when the time isn't right for it. The purpose of guided relaxation is to diffuse your busy thoughts and step into the world of your imagination.
Often, a self guided meditation can have the same limits as a standard quiet meditation - it's easy for the uninitiated to get distracted. Once under, you will be guided into a natural wonderland that you will come to visualize in vivid detail, engaging multiple senses. You will probably find that it feels very comfortable focusing all your awareness on the natural beauty that surrounds you.
Once established in your new surroundings, call into being an imaginary character - it may be yourself from the future, an ancestor, or some other entity you would like to meet. One summer, the 19th century lucid dream researcher, Marquis d'Hervey de Saint-Deny, took a bottle of an unfamiliar scent on his travels to France. Lately I've become a touch obsessed with the optical illusion paintings of Canadian artist, Rob Gonsalves. Meditation is for self-fulfillment.All of our activities - our pursuit of fame and fortune, our quest for meaningful relationships, our drive to create or change things - are searches for self-fulfillment. Mindful meditation is a great way to increase focus, decrease stress, and stimulate your creativity.[1] Learning how to do mindful meditation takes some time and practice, but you can teach yourself how to do it. If you are cultivating a meditation practice, consider creating a space dedicated to meditation. Try setting a timer so that you will not be tempted to check the time during your meditation.[2] Just make sure that the “end of meditation” timer is something gentle rather than a jarring alarm or buzzer.
This insight can be helpful in realizing that you can change negative thoughts and that you can let them go. Hold the apple and look at it, observing the form, texture, or any writing that may be on it.
Finally, take a bite of the apple, noticing how it tastes, what it feels like, and if it’s enjoyable to chew it. Doing a walking meditation barefoot can heighten the experience and allow you to feel many more sensations such as the texture and the temperature of the ground. Take it a step at a time; don't try to be aware of too many things, but merely what you see as you see it and adding things as they become known to you.
This practice can be used as a combination to body mindfulness in any posture etc., in order to gain the best experience and opportunity to study these frames of reference. Listen to relaxing music, nature sounds, or "white noise" to help you in your mindful meditation practice, especially when you are starting out. This version of How to Do Mindful Meditation was reviewed by Kirsten Schuder on February 4, 2016. Meditation improves focus, reduces anxiety, inspires creativity, makes you more compassionate, creates more positive emotions, and gives you more emotional stability. When you first meditate, your mind might be like an unruly teenager, undisciplined and always wanting its own way. Just allow them to wash over you, letting go of the sounds that have just passed by and being present to the sounds that arise now. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life.

In this article I will show you the best guided meditation audios and tips for deeper relaxation.
The result is still deeply relaxing and it's ideal for lucid dreaming because you are increasing your self awareness of an inner world - complete with imagined sensory perceptions. So begin by using your visualization skills to create a peaceful place where you can relax undisturbed - a beach, a forest, a tropical garden - anything you like.
However, some people take it a little further and use guided meditation as an excellent psychological tool. He whiffed his scent-laden handkerchief by day, making an unconscious and emotional connection between the French countryside and his chosen scent.
We learn to invest ourselves only in the process, not in the outcome.Regardless of the outcome, we stay happy because happiness depends upon doing our best and not on the achievement of a 'desired' result.
You can also learn how to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your everyday life, such as when you are eating, walking, or going about your other daily tasks. You can place inspirational or calming items on a special table, such as flowers or pictures of beautiful places. You may be stationary for several minutes at a time, and for this reason, it’s important to be comfortable.
While many people associate meditation with sitting in lotus position (with legs crossed), there is not just one way to meditate. It may take you a little bit of time to settle in and begin to detach from all the things going on in your life. Just take a moment to identify the feelings you are having and then switch your focus to your physical position.
Bring your awareness to your breath, noticing the inhalations and exhalations of each breath.[4] Feel how each breath flows in and out of your body, filling your lungs and then releasing through your throat and your mouth. As you meditate, remind yourself that you have control over what thoughts and emotions you choose to engage.[6] When you notice thoughts or emotions coming up that you do not wish to engage, release them and choose not to put your focus onto them. Any time you get distracted by noises, thoughts, or anything, go back to observing your inhalations and exhalations.
If thoughts come up while focusing on breathing, make sure you're maintaining the practice of not passing judgment on your thoughts, including on how you are practicing meditating. Mindful eating may even help you to lose weight by helping you to slow down and really enjoy your food.[9] You can practice mindful eating with a piece of fruit, such as an apple.
You can do sensation mindfulness meditation if you are experiencing pain or you want to tune in to your body. Open your eyes and take in your surroundings, noticing any movement, colors, or objects that stand out to you. Come back to your breath and observe your thoughts and feelings without following them or judging them. In that time, she has started over 2,100 articles (many of which have been featured) and has been immeasurably helpful around the site, constantly performing “behind-the-scenes” tasks to keep the advice here accurate and organized, as well as helping out on various international wikiHows. If you lead a stressful life, making the time to meditate may be the difference between zero and hero.
Try to aim for 5 minutes the first time and gradually increase until you hit an effective stride. Therefore, as a beginner you give the mind lots to focus on; as you improve your meditation and relaxation skills you give it fewer and simpler objects of focus. Notice any pains, muscle tightness, fluttering in your stomach or anxious feelings, the very things you were trying to avoid.
It takes us where it pleases, when it pleases and we are nothing but slaves to its wishes. Have you ever noticed how you get led by your mind every waking moment?
It usually helps to have a water source (like a lake, waterfall or the sea) and a big, broad landscape so you can focus on mountains or hills in the distance as well as objects up close. I produced this lucid dreaming hypnosis session as part of my beginner's digital course for this effect. Besides fueling your guided meditation and incubating lucid dream triggers, the recording can even prompt spontaneous lucidity. Assuming you haven't begun lucid dreaming by this point (it happens!) you may have to consciously speak for them.
He's also a school teacher, and amazingly finds the time and motivation to create this huge gallery of artwork.

Regardless of how you get started, here are 11 signs that you're ready to wake up and take control of your dreams. Why does self-fulfillment prove so elusive in spite of our attaining considerable success in some or all of these pursuits?The answer lies in the subtle yet striking difference between the 'soul feeling' and the 'worldly feeling.' How do you feel when you look at the sunset or a sunrise, at a calm river or a silent mountain or when you read a book, listen to music or play a sport that you thoroughly enjoy?
Especially if you’ve had a stressful day, you may find yourself thinking about what happened or about things that need to happen in the future. Any time you experience unpleasant thoughts or emotions, return your focus to your breathing. It’s easy for your mind and emotions to jump to the future or back into the past, but your body is always in the present moment. Try taking a walk and as you walk, pay attention to the way it feels to walk, feeling your muscles move, bend, and stretch.
You can brush your teeth mindfully by tasting the toothpaste, feeling the bristles of the toothbrush, and feel the motion of your hand. The benefits of meditation go beyond relaxation and can reap deeper, more profound healthy effects.
Repeat this over and over until you find that its meaning has become irrelevant and it instead becomes a calming, focused chant. Out of this can arise a state of profound and blissful peace although it may take a little practice to achieve that mind state (Harrison, 2001).
Watch how these sensations shift and change, letting go of them and becoming present to those that arise. For example, if you are thinking: ‘I’m upset over that insult,” you might label it “hurt” and let it go, ready for the next thought to arise.
Narrated by Gale Van Cott, this deeply relaxing hypnosis recording will lead you into a dreamy trance state whenever you listen.
The point is, in this deeply relaxed state of mind, you are drawing insight and inspiration from your unconscious mind.
Such light and dark fairytale paintings make beautiful places to visit in your lucid dreams.
His cunning plan was to have a servant sprinkle a few drops of the scent on his pillow at night.
Play around with different positions, using or not using cushions or pillows and find what feels most natural to you.
Understand that it's common for people to get distracted or for thoughts to come up regarding their day. Take a shower mindfully and notice all the ways you take care of your body during this time. While focusing, begin to block out other thoughts, focusing on the object without letting new thoughts enter your mind. Give the gatekeeper clear instructions at the outset and he or she will do his or her job without further interference from you. It’s like watching clouds passing in the sky and you are progressing towards a “blue sky mind” where storm clouds pass and the mind is clear, calm and alert. Lo and behold, Saint-Deny recorded dreams that took place at his vacation spot: the mountains of Ardeche.
Even driving to work can be a meditation: notice how you feel in the car, the way your body conforms to the seat, and observe the thoughts and emotions that you experience when confronted with traffic, and desired or undesired outcomes. Silently repeat clearly and with full attention the following phrase three times: “Now is the time to be aware of the present moment.
This will truly immerse your senses in this daydream land and build your self awareness - perfect for more vivid and lucid dreaming. Gonsalves has spent decades perfecting his art, aiming to spark the imagination and jolt our expectations of reality at once.
Such a knack for visualization makes it easier to drift into Wake Induced Lucid Dreams at night, or plant mnemonic cues to trigger Dream Induced Lucid Dreams.

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