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Everyone should be exercising their pelvic floor, but doing Kegels is not always the best choice. The pelvic floor, when working optimally, is responsible for maintaining your continence, holding your internal organs in place, for supporting your spine and pelvis, and for sexual function – pretty important stuff, yet many women suffer from a dysfunctional pelvic floor that leaks, hurts and doesn’t perform as it should. Kegels should be a conscious contraction of the pelvic-floor muscles followed by a conscious relaxation of those same muscles. Most women focus solely on the contraction of the pelvic floor and forget about the need to relax. And for women who are able to identify the correct muscles, many will find that Kegels make no difference or make their situation worse. We sit slouched in front of a computer throughout the day, which keeps our pelvic floor in a shortened (contracted) state all day long. Worse, they can actually make the troublesome pelvic floor worse because we are just asking an already contracted muscle to contract some more, when really what it needs is a chance to let go.
A visualization I like to give people is to imagine a jellyfish swimming to the surface of the ocean – it’s soft edges come together and it propels upwards. Next, if you leak, no burpees or jumping jacks or running until you rebuild your inner core. Lastly, if you have to sit, find a neutral pelvis position that allows your tailbone to be out from under you. If you have been doing your kegel right, the question is whether you have been doing it right? The type B training is kinda irritating with the sound that it makes but I find that it is good for me to follow the time needed to contract my muscles.
There are 3 of these silicone covers to allow you to do your Kegel exercise with different intensity. Should you use the silicone numbered 1 and you still don't feel any vibration, then you may want to se the Vibrance Kegel Device without any cover for lower resistance.
Apply an appropriate amount of the Vibrance Lubricant onto the device before inserting it into your vagina.
I advise women to grab a set of this Vibrance Kegel Device to assist you in your Kegel or at least to help you learn the correct way of doing your Kegel.

Let’s look at Kegels, talk about why you should or shouldn’t be doing them and consider how to better approach your pelvic-floor fitness.
We drive (slouched) to bootcamp and do intense activity with a tucked tailbone (because that is where our tailbone is used to living now with all the slouched sitting we do) and we leak a little on some of the burpees and jumping jacks in our bootcamp and think it is normal because we have had kids, and then on the drive home (in a slouched position because all car seats make us slouch) we do Kegels at every red light (because Cosmo said we should), hoping that eventually our leaking will stop. Walk, don’t run, to your nearest pelvic-floor physiotherapist and find out how to engage and, often more importantly, how to relax your pelvic floor properly. Then it opens and softens and floats as it relaxes and prepares for the next propulsion … try it and see how it works for you. This will allow the pelvic floor to be in its proper position for supporting you and your insides, and once you know how to Kegel, it will make the exercises more effective rather than a waste of time. Join me in my adventures:P Let me take you through things that I find interesting and hold close to my heart including running, animals, traveling and more. Picked up the tips on how to do it right and of course a set of my own Vibrance Kegel Device to help me do it right. In starting and stopping your urine stream, you can increase the risk of urinary tract infection. When the devise beeps I will contract my pelvic muscles and when it is silent, I will release my pelvic muscles. Wash the devise after use with the Vibrance Cleanser and leave it to dry naturally or wipe it dry before storing in the storage box given. There are three layers of muscles, not one muscle as most people think, and it is helpful to know the whereabouts of these muscles in order to work them properly. They squeeze and clench while holding their breath in an attempt to do a Kegel when really they are holding their breath, clenching their glutes and bearing down, thereby increasing intra-abdominal pressure – not at all what we are looking for in a pelvic-floor fitness regime! This awesome exercise is something that you can do anywhere and no one will even know you're doing it.
And beyond stronger pelvic muscles to prevent incontinence, doing regular kegel exercise also helps women who have persistent problems reaching orgasm (this is of course done with counselling and sex therapy). But because I now know how to do my Kegels correctly, I actually do it over my lunch break or in the midst of work hours. Arnold Kegel, it was a means of helping postpartum women regain strength in their pelvic floor – very well intended, but over the years the true version of the Kegel has been lost.

In order to fully understand the condition, it is imperative to understand what prolapsed is, the symptoms, and possible treatment.Symptoms and CausesPelvic organ prolapse is where the pelvic muscles and support tissues weaken.
No one knows except myself:D And because it comes in a small practical and discreet packaging, I took it along with me when we had my birthday getaway during the weekend. Symptoms of POP include a lump or bulge in the vagina or a stretching or pulling sensation in the groin area. Many women with POP complain from having issues with urinating and having regular bowel movements as well as difficult with sexual intimacy.
Causes of POP may include multiple pregnancies and childbirth, menopause, obesity, prior pelvic surgery, and as a result of aging.Treatment OptionsOne of the most common and conservative types of treatments includes strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor. This can easily be done by doing Kegel exercises which consist of contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles.
Women should do Kegel exercises several times a day and changes in muscle strength are typically seen after several months.Another type of conservative therapy is using plastic or rubber rings that are inserted into the vagina to help put the organ back into its normal position.
These are called Peccaries and typically work immediately but should be adjusted to avoid infection in the vagina. An OBGYN Columbus GA will be able insert and adjust this ring as needed.The most commonly used treatment of POP is surgery. Surgery is used to strengthen the vaginal muscles so it can maintain support of the organs and structures in the pelvis.
This can typically performed in one day with an overnight stay or a 24-hour stay in the hospital and is successfully done through the vaginal opening. Many women don’t need pain medication after the surgery and are able to return to their normal level of activity including exercise, heavy lifting, and intercourse three to four weeks afterwards.

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