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What did I miss?  What are your best tips for decluttering and keeping your house organized? When I first started decluttering, the bathroom was one of the scariest spaces for me to attack. Make use of the shelves and wall space within your closet-- I like to roll my leisure wear such as tanks, sweats and sweatshirts, and place them in a basket on the shelf below my hanging items.
Tip: If you need to save space (AKA fit more clothes in your closet) try  switching out your hangers for my favorite felt variety.
After your closet is organized, vacuum the floor and walls to prevent bugs from finding a home in your closet. Wood Floors: Vacuum and then lightly damp mop with a solution of water and one cap full of Murphy’s Oil Soap.
Check your window treatments for dust and stains—follow the manufacturer’s recommended method to clean them.
In my family, we have always used a solution of white vinegar and warm water in a bucket, a sponge, a squeegee and old newspapers (in that order) to wash the windows. A simple solution of vinegar and warm water is a fantastic cleaner to use on windows to get them sparkling clean.
Weed the garden and lawn and then rake around plants and trees to freshen up the dirt and make the garden look happy!
Outdoor cleaning projects can be fun and it’s always great to involve the whole family. It may be a little overwhelming, but chances are your garage could use some help this spring. If looking at the old boxes in the garage is uninspirational to you, then try purchasing some new containers.
Space Case principal interior designer, Kamaren Henson, is known for her ability to understand what her clients want and bring the vision to fruition.
Admittedly, it’s also nice to have a side table so you can have a lamp and place to put one book and maybe a vase jar of flowers.
Chrissy’s blog is full of all kinds of great information on how to declutter and organize your house. Go through every room in the house (one at a time) and remove everything from drawers and cabinets.  This is a time-consuming process but it is easier to start with an empty space and fill it instead of simply pushing things around. It’s time to clean and refresh your home by way of the wonderful tradition of Spring Cleaning. Start with tanks and sleeveless items, then short sleeve, long sleeve and jackets, followed by pants, skirts, shorts and dresses–all hung from left to right.
Start in the room of your choice and scan the floor, surfaces of furniture, book shelves, counters, and even look under the objects in the room for items that do not belong there.
Check to make sure that you are using the proper cleaners on your woods, counter tops, tiles, etc. Touching up the paint or stain on fences is a great way to make the outdoor areas feel new again. With a little effort this spring, your outdoor areas will be ready to entertain throughout the summer. As you transfer sports equipment, Christmas decorations, or whatever your family hides in your garage space into the new containers you will surely find things that you can do without. Read Before You Begin, How to Declutter the Kitchen and How to Declutter the Bathroom) When you think about it, there’s not much that you really need in your bedroom: a (hopefully) cozy bed, a place to keep your clothes, and, well, that’s it. However, in our bus, we really don’t have space for that, so we just make do with the bed and place for clothing.
Really glad you liked the post, and I hope your readers have found some useful ideas over at my blog.
While you’re at it, if you have clothing or accessories which you haven’t worn for at least two years, pack those items up and donate to charity or sell them. They allow for about 20% more clothing to fit in the closet when compared to the thicker wood style hangers. Once you have massaged the sponge around on the window a bit, use the squeegee to get the majority of the water off the window and then use old newspaper, instead of towels or paper towels, to absorb to rest of the water. She has great style!spacecasedesign 3 0#lawnghosts #halloweendecordiyspacecasedesign 2 0Ghostly apparitions!spacecasedesign 4 1Our skeleton Mr. It can be hard at first to let go of things, but once you let them go, you’ll feel so good!

The vinegar also cuts right through pet gunk too, such as nose and mouth smears and paw marks.
And make sure you read this post before you get started so you’re not left wondering what to do with everything you take out.
I was afraid to throw anything away because what would happen if I ever needed it…wouldn’t it be wasteful to buy it again? Now go into the bathroom with a box or something and put everything in your list in the box. I could learn to like steamed vegetables, so the food steamer we received as a wedding present won’t go to waste. I find that this is a really easy way to get started because you’ve already got your must-have items out of the way and you can focus on clearing out the rest of the clutter. If you really want to declutter, you’re going to have to go through a lot of stuff and make some decisions, like: Does every member of the family need their own body wash? Put things in their rightful place Somehow, our bedrooms become a dumping ground for, well, everything. So start easy (aka NOT with Great Aunt Edna’s tea-towels that were given to you by your Grandmother), but on items that you have no emotional attachment. And, if you’re just not sure where to put it, evaluate whether you really need it or not.
If it’s an ongoing problem, keep a small basket in your room to put everything in at the end of the day and make sure everyone returns their items. Whatever in those magazines is either out of season, date, or style.) Pick out any that are from the current month.
One reason we’ve been able to declutter so much is because we removed the excess and designated special places for certain items. If you haven’t read them yet, throw them away and make a note to cancel the subscription. If there is a recipe or article you wanted to keep, cut it out and place in a three-ring binder. Doing so removed the temptation to just lay in bed and zone out while watching TV instead of connecting with my husband.
Place the final cut of magazines in a small basket and promise yourself you will NEVER have more magazines than the basket can keep.2. Watching it right before bed also resets your mind, making it harder for you (or kids) to fall asleep. Dry-cleaner hangers are harmful on your clothes and further more, they are the LAST ones anyone chooses to hang up their clothes and they make your closet look disorganized.3. Like bills, the ten books you’ve been trying to read at once and the mending pile that makes you more anxious than excited. If you have done over 10 loads of laundry and have not found the match…your chances are 1 in a 100 that it is going to show up.
Also, if your nightstand has a space to store extra stuff, as ours did, empty it out and keep only what must stay in your bedroom. Either burn the candle up or throw it away, because right now the only thing it is doing is collecting dust and sitting on your counter.
On your dresser, you might keep a photo from your wedding and a little dish to put jewelry.
If you keep a desk in your room, try to keep just the essentials on it and maybe something that inspires you. Then the person who picked it up is frustrated because it’s worthless for coloring or writing. Cosmetics and makeup begin to fade after three months…so the amazing lipstick you bought last year may have completely changed in color and consistency if you wear it today. Spices lose their flavor quickly (especially when they aren’t stored in the right way). Broken hairdryers, curling irons, vacuums, mixers, umbrellas, space heaters, blenders, toasters, etc.
Unfortunately, in the current day in age, it is cheaper to purchase a new item than it is to get an old item fixed.
That appliance might have been expensive and had a good life, but if you didn’t instantly get it fixed, most likely you never will. If the answer is no, then it is time to throw them away or donate them.Remember, part of the process of decluttering is giving yourself permission to release the items from your house.

They are impersonal things that have served their purpose and now it is time for them to be discarded.
You might be surprised after you get through this list, what other items you find.What are some trouble spots in your house for clutter? When you subscribe to Redefined Mom, you'll get a daily email update - and never miss a post.
Just make sure they actually make it to the art teacher and don’t become another pack of clutter in trunk. Waiting rooms are always in need.Reply Vicky saysFebruary 26, 2014 at 8:56 pmGreat list, Kelly!
I just want to make one comment- alkaline batteries can just be thrown away, but every other kind of battery should be recycled.
Any Batteries+Bulbs will recycle for free (except alkalines- there’s a fee per pound). Getting decluttered is one of the inspirations and motivation for my new blog, It’s Here Somewhere!! And I agree, part of the process of decluttering is also not bringing more stuff in…but that is a discussion for another time. I literally just yelled at my husband to come and read this because we went round and round over a coffee mug I just wanted to pitch today! I’m working with my daughter to clean up her room and am trying to teach her to discern what is truly usable, wanted, or needed.
Here in BC we have depots to take anything electronic, from Christmas lights and extension cords to appliances of any size, for free recycling.
Since they started in 2006 they have kept 600 tons of electronic waste out of the landfill!! Hello from Thrifty Thursday.Reply Karen saysMarch 15, 2014 at 10:11 pmcloset of material and a way to organize should I do by color or type of fabric? I used white paper boxes (from a local paper company) and labeled each box with the fabric type.
One, depending on your trash removal service, you can put smaller appliances in the trash as long as they can fit in the bins. You can bring anything electronic to get rid of and they dispose of it properly or, I don’t know, sell them for parts or something. I’ve never been able to make it but I need to take action soon because I have a drawer full of this stuff! We have so many toys with parts missing or that never get used but dh has a thing about things, he just won’t part with them!
I like being surrounded by lots of books, I think it sets a good example for the kids but we are becoming overrun by them. And as for clothes, I can’t throw or donate good clothes that my next child will fit in to next year! Great tips for the magazines by the way Reply needalife saysSeptember 1, 2014 at 11:29 amThanks for the motivation. I am taking on a 5 bedroom house with 3 bedroom full of boxed items to sell after clearing garbage and donating several truck loads of items.
The challenge I am now facing is what steps to take now so I can move on to restoration and renovation. Leaving stuff curbside with a free sign will often be an amazing way to help other and let them deside that your trash is their tressure. Your tips will keep me on track as I tackle the what needs to go back and what will not come into the house again. The battery has been dead for months, but I bought a different vacuum that was cheaper than a new battery….
I was realizing over the weekend that I really need to ruthlessly go through every square inch of our house again and just get rid of things.

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