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The time has come to start laying the table for Christmas - will all your guests fit around the table? So Christmas is right around the corner and soon enough all our guests will be arriving to get their dibs on the pigs in blankets! Christmas can feel like a moral dilemma - while many of us try to make ethical choices the rest of the year, it can be hard to know where to start during the festive season. It’s that time of the year again the beginning of December means Christmas is just around the corner.
In amongst all the madness of shopping for your main Christmas presents you cannot forget the little stocking fillers.
Here are ten tips that are easy to implement that will help to keep the heat in your home this winter, and reduce your bills in the process.
HOW TO: FESTIVE LADDERLaura Fulmine is a prolific interior stylist, art director and set designer who has worked across a number of highly respected interior publications.
If you thought about your ideal room to spend a cold winter’s night in, what would be there?
If you have a central heating boiler in your home, you have to be sure that it works properly before winter sets in. That is because of various different reasons. Antique Mirrored FrameThese beautiful Antique Mirrored picture frames have an elegance of a bygone age.
However, the new Conservative Lib-Dem coalition government suspended the HIPs packs with immediate effect on 20th May 2010. With the cost of energy bills a big concern for UK households, there are lots of simple things you can do to keep cosy and reduce your fuel bills. But as another festive season is amongst us, some guests fear the dreaded makeshift seating arrangements of sitting on the floor when there isn’t enough chairs to go around. The new year is fast approaching and there is no better time to have a fresh start and redecorate your home. It’s not always easy to avoid excess, especially when kids are pushing for the latest device.

Here she shows us how to make a Christmas Ladder Tree.SHOP CHRISTMAS DECORATIONSAN ALTERNATIVE CHRISTMAS TREEFirstly measure out the widths of wood you want each rung on your ladder to be.
A large couch, big cushions, a television playing a classic movie or candles flickering providing light may be a few possibilities to some.
Heating any home is important because of the comfort of the people living inside and the potential property damage that would appear when boilers are not functioning.
How to decorate for Summer, Valentines Decorations, Spring Cleaning, Tips for warming your living room during those winter months, Decorate your home for Christmas on a budget and more!
And we'll make sure that our abodes are inviting for visitors and guests alike.Despite our best efforts, we might find that our health seems to go downhill whenever we are at home. It’s the same old offering out of pillows, but once again wishing you had prepared for the influx of family and friends who can’t wait to sit down after their long journey for Christmas dinner! The reason you’ve probably never considered getting hold of extra seating is because there isn’t enough space to store it, right?
Not to mention the fear of not having enough gravy for a second round of turkey - which leads to buying more food than we really need. Your windows are the first thing any visiting friends and family will see, yet they’re often neglected when people start decorating their homes.
But one thing which would surely be there is a burning fireplace radiating light, heat and the sense of comfort and tranquillity which only a roaring fireplace can give.
As the light glows through the design of fine lined needles, the candle’s scent is crisp, fresh and clean, (it’s perfumed with pure oils of Mint, Thyme and Spruce).
Is your bedroom just not how you remember it?It's about time you thought about bringing your interior back to life. Install Double Glazing   Double glazing is one thing on the list that may have some expense while also being something that the average person cannot do themselves. Keep this idea in mind when trying to imagine your home with the perfect fireplace to provide that touch of class and quality to your home. Setting the Scene It is important that when you search for your perfect fireplace, you take into account the design and style of your home.
With a few simple steps, you could make your own falling snowflakes with paper or some doilies.

We want to give you an overview of a whole range of stocking filler ideas from right across the website, so you don’t have to spend hours browsing you can just go right to the products that will best fit!Beauty Christmas Gifts – perfect for the beauty lover in your life. So don’t get caught in the Christmas rush and make sure your home is ready to make a statement. Modern interior design promotes open spaces, differences in lighting, subtle shades and statement furniture. Once the wax is finished you have a striking and evocative tea light holder to last for ever.
Well, it might shock you to learn that our homes could be making us sick!I know, it's hard to believe, right? Here are some ideas to get you started.Drop In Some Vibrant ColoursTime can dull even the most vibrant of colours. Take a look here to see just some of the thousands of possible patterns you could create. You can get individual items, like nail varnish, nourishing hand moisturiser, and a face mask, or a gift set.
Instead of being afraid of high costs, you could make sure that the central heating boiler becomes more energy efficient.
What some householders don't know is the places we live at could be causing all kinds of health problems.Source: FlickrIf you're worried that your home is making you ill, it's a good thing that you stopped by this blog today!
They come in a variety of themed bundles – from relaxation to glamour, so you will certainly find something that suits.

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