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Both Deb and I have learned one thing about craft supplies and that is ~ Only buy what you need when you need it.
Do you have an area in your home that you know is seriously overstocked like Deb’s and my craft rooms used to be. Declutter something you have kept just because you have the room for it but don’t love it or use it. I find myself frequently playing a game with my stuff,: would I take this with me if I was moving house? Hi Donna B, the room did look great, but too much stuff is too much stuff when you have to organise it, store it and clean around it. Mary Ellen, I have heard of several assisted living homes and nursing homes that take yard to supply their patients who knit or crochet. Hi Mary Ellen, by taking that yarn you have probably done the giver a favour by helping them clear out their lost loved ones possessions. Doodle, I think it is great that you have recognized (just like I have) that it is more the purchase than the need that causes buying of craft supplies.
LOL, well, if I am a champion de-clutterer, the great thing is, I wasn’t 3 years ago so it shows how slowly and steadily by chipping away at our clutter, one thing at a time, we can change our habits and our homes and it all snow balls. The remainder I offered on my local Freecycle group, stipulating that as Mum had been a keen charity knitter, I would love her yarn to go to someone doing similar work.
I also fell under the spell of acquiring too much yarn when I discovered a brand that I really liked and a company that was offering free shipping from the UK to the US. My biggest craft area win right now is admitting there are some hobbies I am unlikely to go back to.
My parents taught me well to make, mend, mingle and manage so being frugal, friendly and fun loving would describe me fairly well. Content on third-party sites are the responsibility of their owners and not 365 Less Things.
365 Less Things is my story and the lessons I am learning along the way, please use your own discretion as to what works for you. I have SO much I should add to my get rid of pile but the hoarder in me thinks…some day. I was looking at some clutter on my counter the other day and channeled my inner Leanne to get rid of some of it.
Really enjoyed reading the note left on this blog and wanted to share my thoughts on the subject. Today's mission is to declutter your craft room, or if you don't have an entire room, the area you do your crafting in. As you may note from the headline of this article, I don't expect you to get this mission done in just 15 minutes.
Another reader, Lori, also sent in her before and after picture as she decluttered and organized her craft room.This looks great Lori!

This make is as simple as they come, choose your favourite paper, an old tin and get wrapping! After the declutter and reorganisation of her craft room, the client was left with a calm, organised space for her to work her crafting magic! When Deb sent me these photos some time ago, she said she was only at the midway point of decluttering this area but WOW what a difference she had made already. We also both realise that after seeing a new craft tool in action it is best to give yourself a cooling off period before making a decision as to whether we will actually use it enough to warrant the purchase. Perhaps your kitchen, your linen closet, your make-up drawer, tool bench or sports equipment.
I am sure with the same patient 365 approach to decluttering your spaces will begin to start looking just the way you want them to. I think one of the biggest areas this blog has helped me with is my craft area over the last couple of years.
It will take time and a lot of energy but we’re starting with my mother-in-law off loading her stash of yarns, patterns and soft toy making materials. At present I have room for them in my reduced craft storage area though and I do get occasional commissions. I had a few immediate replies and happily offered it to a man for his mum’s knitting group who knitted baby hats, blankets and so on for different charities. I am sure that your mother is looking down and smiling at you for coming up with such a wonderful solution to passing on her things in such a thoughtful manner. It is so easy to get carried away as both you and Doodle eluded to when we see “must have pretty new shiny gorgeous crafty stuff”. Once we come to these kinds of informed conclusions it is so much easier to curtail the likelihood of future cluttering.
I am a forty something year old mother of two grown children and in my third decade of being wife to my darling hubby. You're welcome to use a single image with a brief description to link back to the original post.
Join over 150,000 others and get tips, articles and organizing challenges sent directly to your inbox to help you get your house in order. We share your pain of not being able to ?nd those all important scissors, our trusted favourite pen (we all have one) and those lovely little fabric scraps we were storing away for that perfect project. If the paper starts to look a bit tired or you fancy a change then just un-wrap and refresh.For more crafty storage ideas check out the latest issue of Homemaker, out now. I know that I have bought tools immediately after seeing a demonstration when excited about how great it seems.
As you can see, from these photos and ones on the 365 Before and After page, gradual decluttering of an area can make a huge difference over time. Sometimes all it takes is the right solution for responsible rehousing of items to encourage people to let go.

Having drastically decluttered over the last year, I was happy to keep just a few balls of wool and cotton yarn that I knew I would use and cherish. You have come to the same conclusion of most of us commenting here, that there is always a pretty new thing and a great deal around the corner so just wait till you need it before seeking it out.
I love traveling, art and craft, spending time with friends and family and volunteering my time to help others. I look forward to getting to know you as well so join our friendly community here at 365 Less Things where we, that is Cindy, the readers and myself, share opinions, advice and lots of friendly encouragement. Once I reach 1000 items I won’t show the decluttering anymore, but I will have a final grand total and show you all the yard sale items.
It can be difficult to get started, but I can see how much progress you've already made and I'm glad you're starting to feel the positive effects from your decluttering efforts.Those positive feelings can help you keep up your momentum to keep going and get it finished after some more 15 minute sessions! So come on, make 2016 the year you get organised and create a great looking, neat and tidy work area. So why not investigate these possibilities in your area and when you are given yarn you can pass it on to someone who will appreciate it. And to recognise that often for me it is the purchase that is the buzz more than the making.
When you value something it is nice to know it is going to the right home where is will be appreciated. Seeing your blog today reminded me that, after a year, it’s probably time to reorganize the studio… hopefully, I can delegate that job, though!
The best ones will be featured here on the site!Are You Ready To Declutter Your Home?I hope seeing these pictures has inspired you to declutter your craft room or crafting area.When you begin to declutter the feeling you get is contagious, so if you're loving the results you're getting I would encourage you to keep going. I have given several extra large garbage bags of yarn away but still have much more than I want or need. I've got a whole series of 15 minute decluttering missions (eventually 365 of them!) that you can do.Just pick and choose the ones you want to do, that will make a big impact in your home. Of that pile I allowed myself the amount that would fit into one of those cardboard photo storage boxes.
Funny thing was none of the supplies exceeded the size of the box once I pulled out anything that could be replaced within 24 hours with less than half an hour driving time. It drove home that I can let the store be my closet for more than just the hobbies I put on probation. I need to learn to smile and say, “No thank you, but I have a supply of yarn and do not need any more at this time.
It has become like the proverbial junk drawer.Get rid of this pile of magazines with great ideas.

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