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Embrace Your Singleness – Many people look at being single as a bad thing that must be remedied. No matter what you do during the Holiday season remember that it is up to you to find Joy, Peace and Happiness. Being alone even in your personal residence during the nighttime can be dull or frightening.
I know that a lot of people are suffering from loneliness, so I wanted to open my view – who knows, maybe I can ease someones mind about it. I lacked meaning and content in my own life, so the dynamics between the few people were everything to me. Fast forward 6 months: the depression, anxiety, loneliness and everything accompanied by them escalated. The first time in years I actually felt good for extended period of time and it was all my own doing.
Not long after I realized that me and my old friends didn’t have anything in common anymore.
I don’t know what kind of picture you get of them based on this text, but in hindsight they were really good people.
The second group of people obviously are not getting any headlines in todays world which makes them practically invisible. The terrible part is the uncertainty of everything: what if you will never connect with anyone again?
I wish there’d be a solution for that uncertainty other than to realize how little you can or should depend on others. You can’t become comfortable by thinking about it, but by finding and engaging in something meaningful to you. The thing is that through staying active you both lessen the need to connect and you’ll create yourself more chances to find someone who you can share your mind with.
When you figure out what kind of person you want to develop yourself into, what kind of things you want to achieve and when you finally start moving towards those things, you start to connect with yourself. Through this process you start to feel less lonely, because you develop a way to keep yourself engaged.
This subhead sounds so cheesy that I hate it already, but I think that it reflects really well how I think about solitude.
I get a lot of shit done nowadays and that is directly proportional to how much I spend time alone. I’m responsible for everything that I do and I feel like I have no problems getting together with people if I want or need to.
However, when you are feeling lonely, you are forming an image in your mind that makes reality pale in comparison when it comes to relationships. When we look things from the point of view of scarcity we easily just think about what we are missing. This is also the hardest thing to understand if you haven’t experienced it for a while.
Read, exercise, learn to play ukulele, meditate, go out for a walk, drink tea, put some good music on. Why assume that someone (or something, like the universe) has to “give you a meaning to live”? Unless you are depressed and super anxious, being passive and being addicted to distractions is the main thing that kills your will to live.

If you don’t know how to get rid of them, start looking for different ways to do that. In my experience, it can help a lot to realize that you aren’t alone with your feelings.
When you are alone with your thoughts it’s sometimes hard to put things in perspective. Reading about other peoples experiences shows you that maybe you aren’t as alone as you think you are. This is one of the better articles on loneliness, actually the best I’ve found so far. They took me to see a professional to help me with my grief management and to prescribe me medication that was supposed to help with my depression. I have never gone out of my way to read a self-help book because I did not think they would give me any help. I did not realize that I had been avoiding the real, deep-rooted issues that were causing me to have such emotional turmoil. When we start feeling the pang of loneliness, our first instinct is to find some way to get rid of it. Reaching out isn’t easy and can even be scary, but by taking the risk, we provide ourselves with the opportunity to get support. But give being single some thought… you don’t have to answer to anyone, there is no need to consider how your actions or what you do will affect anyone other than yourself.  Embrace this time in your life and the opportunities that being single makes available. When your personal experience is that the only viable lifestyle is to be social, you need another point of view. Loneliness is a subjective feeling that you are having when you have thoughts of missing something intrinsic from your life.
We became more distanced from each other – sometimes it seemed like people were avoiding me. Every morning was like waking up to a hell on earth – waking up only to be tormented by my own thoughts.
I tried new things, I did less of what was expected of me and focused on how to make myself feel good. Take the wheel and start steering yourself instead of waiting for someone (or something!) else to do it for you. I’m perfectly aware that when you feel like shit, it feels like nothing will ever change. I found that talking about my husband with someone that did not know him only made me angry and that the medication that the doctor prescribed was not helpful. When I first started reading ‘How to Deal with Grief’, I quickly learned that the author knew what I was going through. The book helped me to be able to identify the issues and tackle them head on in just a few days.
When you find yourself feeling hopeless and inadequate, remind yourself of these people and that they are right beside you, fighting your same fight. Whether that means crying, journaling about how you feel, deep breathing, or simply sitting with the emotions, give yourself permission to feel your loneliness. We’re scared of burdening people with our struggles, having our experience invalidated, or altogether being ignored.
It feels wounding and incapacitating, and the idea of going another minute feeling this pain seems unbearable.

She described every emotion I was experiencing and it made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my grief.
I have built confidence in myself that I have never had and feel better about myself than ever. All that it means is that in this particular moment, you are by yourself and therefore, have the opportunity for self-discovery.
I was frustrated because I did not know what I was going to do without my husband in my life. As I continued to read the book, I began to feel an inner strength that I did not know I had.
I was scared to start my life over because I thought that I was going to crash and burn in life. I loved my husband very much, I am so sad that he is gone, but I know that I have to live my life to the fullest and take each day one step at a time. Being alone gives you the chance to explore new interests, do things you’re passionate about, practice self-care, recharge, and relax.
And so, we don’t reach out because we decide that no one would want to support us anyway.
So instead of waiting for someone to reach out to you, make the initiative to reach out to them. Maybe not this minute, maybe not for an hour or for the remainder of the night, but it will eventually subside.
Grief, depression, and old age can be limiting, still you are right, a new relationship is not what I need, but meaning. I knew that I had to make a change and decided that I was going to find another treatment solution that was right for me.
I read the book many times because each time I learned something new about myself and was able to better tackle the real issues that were complicating my life. I am so thankful that I found the life changing eBook ‘How to Deal with Grief’ because it has completely changed the way I view my life and the way I live it. If all are too far away, ask some of your single friends who will also be alone on Thanksgiving to come to your home if you love to cook the meal, or name a restaurant you can all go to if you are not up to that anymore. I now know for certain that I am strong enough to make it through any battle and come out on top.
You can check to see if there is a Soup Kitchen or Salvation Army in your area that serves Thanksgiving Dinner to those less fortunate and volunteer to help. Last, but certainly not least, my favorite suggestion is to go to a local nursing home several months prior to the holiday and find out from the staff what residents do they have that never have family visit and are capable of traveling short distances. Befriend these folks and closer to Thanksgiving invite them to come to your home for Thanksgiving Dinner with you supplying transportation to and from locations. Remind yourself that you have felt this loneliness before and survived it, and so, you can survive it today.

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