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There are researches showing that Internet addiction is becoming prevalent. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites and believed to be a cause of venue for social media addiction. To be diagnosed with Facebook addiction, one needs to manifest some symptoms such as the unreasonable length of time spent for using or checking their Facebook account, if their time for using Facebook can cause detrimental effects to their life resulting to neglect of work and responsibilities, among others. It is worth noting that there is nothing wrong with using Facebook or other social media sites for that matter. Modification of your behavior and attitude towards using Facebook can help cure your Facebook addiction. Employees become addicted in using their Facebook account that as a result they become less productive at work.
Another way to cure a Facebook addiction is to find other worthwhile and productive activities to spend your time with. Building your own social network with family members, friends, and colleagues are good alternative ways of creating your own circle of socialization. If you think your activities or addiction in Facebook is becoming seriously unreasonable, you might consider deleting your account and avoiding visiting the site completely. Disclaimer : All the images on this blog are neither our property nor under our Copyrights. This is based on a report that a group of students in a university (MIT) were trying to get off Facebook and in a bid, developed something mildy dangerous. Right now, their gadget is kind of keyboard that sends high electrical impulses to your body, when you are spending too much time on Facebook. That, in turn, means there needs to be a certain number of exposes to the shock before it can program your brain. Speaking of tweaks, as with any technology, there is much possibility of creating similar devices or redesigning the technology to provide information (in this case, the electric shock) in a different way. Among the most endorsed methods are self-control, blocking the websites and using third-party applications to remind you or freeze the computer when you have been on the site for long.
Overall, this has to be looked from a psychiatry point of view rather than just a technology issue.
The best method, in my opinion, is to associate Facebook and such sites with something unpleasant.
The procedure involves drilling small holes into the skulls of patients and inserting long electrodes which extend down to the part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens.
The stigma associated with drug addiction is particularly strong in China where thousands are executed every year for drug trafficking. But, according to Time, the ablation surgery has been performed at least 1,000 times since the 2004 ban.
A group of Swedish journalists are sitting on a goldmine of 29 million online comments, with information about users' identities, from news sites around the world thanks to a security flaw in debate moderation service Disqus. In a press conference held Friday by Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes, the city announced that it has an $80- $100 million commitment from a Chinese Cultural Theme Park, similar to Epcot, to begin building in the fall.
Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum, wants to take 305,000 immigrants and so-called “refugees” in 2016, despite 60% of Canadians against the government’s admission of 25,000 Syrians. Researchers found that the stimulant drug methylphenidate can stabilize out-of-control neural pathways, which contribute to cocaine addition.
The results of Goldstein’s study reveal that Ritalin may cure cocaine addiction when used as a replacement therapy.
Many have become too engrossed with their Facebook account that they are believed to show symptoms of Facebook addiction. If you think that you are getting a stressful life and experiencing significant changes in your behavior, routine and personality because of Facebook, then you just might be one of the victims of Facebook addiction. It only becomes an issue when you become too engaged with Facebook that it takes a toll on your life such as changing your behavior and affecting your ability to meet your responsibilities.

Using the site more responsibly means that you have to be more sensible on the length of time you spend on Facebook in a way that it will not interfere with the time you need to spend for other important things like doing chores, studying your lesson or other tasks that you need to do. Students were not able to spend adequate time to study their lessons because of Internet addiction. Engaging in sports activities after work or school is a good way of diverting your time in spending long hours of sitting while connected with the social network site. In lieu of using the internet as a venue to socialize, you can strengthen your personal relationship with the people who are close to you whom you can spend time with. You are not absolutely forbidden from using your Facebook account but you need time management when doing so. This should be your last recourse when you think all other remedies cannot help you overcome your Facebook addiction. These electrical impulses are real electricity flowing via your hands to shock you if you exceed certain time-period on Facebook – or for the matter, on any website you prefer to get rid off. Also, the brain power of each individual varies and cannot be right-away predicted as to how many shocks are needed.
The brain may be frightened so much that it would prevent you from working for longer hours on a stretch as such or on a particular website – instead of just Facebook and other social media addictive sites.
Self-control, if were as strong as required to quit any addiction, the addiction wouldn’t have been there in the place so I reject it completely. And there is no guarantee that if a third-party app froze your computer for being on Facebook, you won’t go and log in via a mobile. While some may consider Facebook to be the new opium for the masses, I’ve seen happy people both working and playing on and off Facebook. You might find it helpful in understanding how Facebook works inside the brain and what affects (negative) it has on the human mind. In my opinion, if it can be done, it can be done only if the brain rejects it – whether due to internal or external reasons. As a last resort against intractable addiction to heroine and alcohol, these doctors are attempting to erase motivation by erasing a part of the addict’s brain. This area, often referred to as the “pleasure center” of the brain, is the major nucleus of the brain’s reward circuit. Trump’s harsh campaign language against Mexican immigrants has helped him win a substantial delegate lead in the Republican primaries, but it is also mobilizing a different set of likely voters–six in the family of Hortensia Villegas alone.
A study conducted by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in New York City, has shown that Ritalin may interrupt the addiction cycle.
It most widely prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children and adults. Instead of getting engrossed in playing the different social games available on Facebook, you can play real social games with friends and colleagues.
It is best to think about the purpose of opening your Facebook page before logging in to your account.
Forget about all the stuff that’s happening on Facebook and make your journey a remarkable one.
It is best to find other alternative activities to do that will make you completely overcome your urge to log in to your Facebook account.
The original research page says it is a joke but I find it can be of help – considering that the very basis of the technique is to create subconscious rejection by brain.
Few such shocks will keep your brain alert and your urge to play around on the website will reduce. In either case, this technology employs natural rejection technique and I think a little alteration to the same can provide the desired results. That is why that device above caught my attention as I’ve seen such technologies at work while dealing with addictions.

And they are doing it in the face of worldwide condemnation, and in the name of scientific research. The neurotransmitter dopamine stimulates cells here to elicit the pleasurable sensations we get from eating fatty foods, getting a job promotion, or taking heroin. In 2004, however, the Chinese Ministry of Health banned the procedure after they determined that there wasn’t enough scientific evidence to show that it was safe in the longterm. Rita Goldstein, professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at the Icahn School of Medicine, explains that the findings may assist with treating other addictions as well. As users build up a resistance to the drug, more and more is needed to gain the expected response. However, she theorizes that Ritalin, as a cocaine replacement, may have the same benefits as methadone for recovering heroine addicts.
Doctors are cautiously optimistic that they may have found a way to help people overcome a dangerous addiction. One of the best ways to cure Facebook addiction would be to become more responsible and to impose self discipline especially on the time allotted for using one’s Facebook account. Are you just checking for the latest update of your friends, uploading a video or picture, checking messages or to play games? Try not to read eBook on computer or laptop else you won’t be able to resist yourself from opening the Facebook page.
In fact, we have become so engrossed to Facebook that we have started spending much of our time on Facebook rather doing any productive work. That too, in cases of excessive depression and anxiety; I did not hear any instance of shock therapy (also known as electro-convulsive therapy or ECT for short) being used to cure addiction. But if you have had quite a few shocks on the site using the computer before switching to the mobile, you might see yourself on guard and closing the website quite too often – an attempt by your subconscious brain to avert physical electric shocks. I will leave the discussion on how much strong electricity is safe as I don’t have much knowledge on that. I have been able to stay away from social sites for days – probably due to some other issues.
Electrical current is passed through the electrodes which kill the cells of the nucleus accumbens. Goldstein explains that in 2009, cocaine use accounted for more than 400,000 emergency room visits. But when I came across an article describing how to use electricity to stop and cure Facebook addiction, I thought it is time I research on how to cure Facebook addiction – if at all there is such a thing. I do know that it needs to be shocking your brain to an extent that it fears next instance and that you need a certain number of shocks before your brain stays cautious, reminding you to get off the website as soon as possible.
By ridding the addicts of their pleasure centers, doctors hope to rid them of their addictions as well.
The surgery is performed while the patients are awake to minimize the chance of damaging regions involved in sensation, movement or consciousness. Constant reminder is a good way to start building self discipline when using your Facebook account.
We just need to understand that are lot of interesting things in this world apart from Facebook.

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