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These UV proof jars stop all visible light from entering the jar thus protecting the contents from harmful UV radiation which degrades the product. Unlike other Jars the 420 Science UV Jars are designed exclusively for concentrate and pollen as such they have rounded edges on the inside of the jar. In light of recent, highly publicized hacks on Target, Home Depot, and celebrity iCloud accounts, people are wondering if hackers are evolving more quickly than our cybersecurity methods. In some cases, big companies provide access to their systems to third-party contractors who might not have the proper security systems in place. Sometimes, putting the right security protocols into place involves restructuring the way people do things within a company or organization.

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence also says that the good news is that within a short time of slowing down and not jumping from one thing to another, we regain the ability to pay attention. To accomplish more, reduce stress, and be calmer, we need to reduce the number of times we check our email or cell phone. By keeping your concentrates and pollen in these jars you are keeping them at optimal condition.
Concave bottom ensures that you can access every part of the jar, without leaving anyt concentrate or pollen extracts behind. Some hacks are group-force attacks that use publicly available data to hit servers with different password possibilities.

When we constantly check our email, read tweets, or play an online game, we get a jolt of adrenaline. We’ll get more done, be healthier, feel better and be able to focus on a chess game or reading a book.

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