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Are you covered by workers’ compensation when traveling to and from work and in the parking lot? Here at Bentoff & Duber, located in Cleveland, Ohio, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers frequently hear questions about the details of workers’ compensation, especially because the answers can be tricky or confusing at times.
We want to answer as many of these questions as possible to continue to be a guiding resource for people who have been injured or wronged. The question of when during the workday you are covered by workers’ compensation (and when the workday officially begins and ends) is one of those tricky situations that can vary. There are, however, many exceptions to this rule, so please call us at 216-861-1234 to see if they apply to your situation. Once employees have parked their cars in a designated employee lot they are generally covered by workers’ compensation if injured while walking from the parking lot to the place of business or work site. For a more precise answer and to ensure you have the correct information for your situation, it is best to contact an experienced lawyer. If you have any questions for our workers’ compensation attorneys or for your free consultation, call Bentoff & Duber at 216-861-1234 or submit a contact form. Workers who commute to work by car suffer the worst back, muscular and joint pain One employee in five believes that their journey to work is responsible for back, muscle or joint pain, a study has suggested.
Research by healthcare provider Bupa has concluded that employees who travel by car are most likely to be affected, with almost two-thirds (64%) of drivers claiming that their commute leaves them feeling uncomfortable. Cyclists and runners were among those least likely to feel any back or joint pain, with only 6% and 5% respectively saying that they are affected by it.
Regionally, nearly three-quarters (73%) of Londoners claimed their commute contributed to aches and pains, with many blaming the lack of space encountered on London’s trains, buses and the Underground. However, of those who did confess to suffering from back and joint pain, almost half (48%) did not consider their posture when commuting, and only one-fifth (21%) made a conscious effort to stretch their back or legs while on their journey.
Katherine Cran, a physiotherapist at Bupa’s Basinghall Clinic in London, said: “Commuting to and from work can have a profound effect on the body.
PROBABLY not as long as some of the amazing daily trips across Britain that some commuters face, as fascinating new figures reveal.
The average commute is 54 minutes [REX]Birds do it, bees do it but only humans, it seems, make such a fuss about commuting to work.
The 616,719 people who commute to the City of London include 53 from Ceredigion, 74 from East Lothian, 86 from Torbay and 98 from Redcar. I don’t know if its a tip or trick, but for me, trying to stay positive everyday helps.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Commuting is a stressful daily activity for much of the American workforce and it is not something most people enjoy doing.
A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine looked at the commuting habits of workers in two cities.
The ultimate result is that commuting can cause stress and lead to bad eating behaviors, such as noshing on fast food picked up at gas stations while driving.

After driving for a good part of your day and then working the rest of it, when you are at home, you usually don’t feel like doing anything other than watching a little TV and eating more junk.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Generally, this topic of discussion applies to the “coming and going” rule of work-related injuries, which dictates that injuries that take place while the employee is commuting to or from their place of employment are not covered by workers’ compensation.
This includes employer-controlled walkways and is typically considered part of the work environment. By comparison the City exports just 1,303 workers - 774 of them not very far to Tower Hamlets, East London.On Average we spend about a year of our lives getting to and from the office (or 10,634 hours). This is a useful tip because you never know when your plans might change and you have the opportunity to workout. When I decided to get healthy and change my lifestyle, I never once told any of my friends who struggled with their weight that they should lose weight, exercise or eat differently.
Many products that are *marketed* as being *healthy* or *good for you ingredients* also have extra sugar, extra calories, or a whole bunch of additives. When I was regularly going to the gym (now working out at home), I used to go directly from work, and always kept a gym bag in the car. However, my tip is that when I get home from work, I have to change into my gym clothes *right away*.
It’s really hard to find motivation when you go home to workout and the couch looks really good. Now, with the growth of even small cities, you may have to commute to work in the same city you live in. Those who traveled more than 15 miles to work each day were more likely to be obese and carry fat around the belly, which leads to heart problems. But the only way to overcome those problems is to move closer to work or to use the stairs and a pedometer, along with eating well and exercising to establish balance.
It's still not as long as an average woman will spend getting ready to go out, which clocks in at 11,376 hours over a lifetime.In 2003 the average UK commute was 45 minutes, today it is 54 minutes. If you are like me, you don’t want to commute very far, especially after a long day at work. There are so many ups and downs in a weight loss journey and staying positive definitely helps when the road gets tough! When it comes to fruits and veggies, I try and make them as easy as possible to serve up (roast them in the oven, dice and then put a little greek yogurt dip on them, etc). But it may be worse for you than you thought, since several factors involved in commuting contribute to poor health. That compares with 70 minutes in Portugal, 80 minutes in Ivory Coast and a mere 23 minutes in Italy. The biggest tip I can give anyone trying to lose weight: make it as easy as possible to make good choices.
I found that if I went to the gym or pool straight from work instead of stopping at home, I was more likely to actually DO it!

I have always known that if the gym was too far from my house I’d be less than motivated to go. But getting into the habit of eating fruit and veggies as snacks made it so much easier to get used to healthy eating.
But I was happily surprised when several friends started to follow suit after I lost some weight. So taking a look at nutrition labels, and keeping healthy options in the freezer makes it easy to whip up a meal quickly. Having chips or crackers on hand make that my go-to snack when I don’t have quick, easy options for healthy stuff.
Those who traveled more than 10 miles per day also had a tendency to have high blood pressure. Perhaps the mild climate and white sandy beaches make it worthwhile.At the other extreme Cornwall sends 568 people to work in Ipswich, 399 to Coventry, 367 to Northumberland and 284 make it as far as the Highlands - presumably due to expertise in either tourism or farming.
By comparison nearly 250,000 people go to Cornwall for work - 154 of them from Doncaster, 116 from Stockton-on-Tees and 281 from Tower Hamlets.Even those places which aren't so far-flung from the more prosperous South-east throw up statistical anomalies.
It’s easy to get sucked into TV, computer stuff, chores around the house…Eliminate the option to be lazy! There have been a few times where my car broke down, or something happened and I wanted to work out but didn’t have transportation.
It’s so much easier to lose the weight and stay on track when you have cheerleaders pushing you forward!
In Crawley, West Sussex, most people commute to nearby Reigate, Horsham, Guildford or London. In the 1840s people living in the suburbs could pay a reduced or "commuted" fare to use the trains to get into the cities.The world's worst commute is in Bangkok, Thailand, where people spend about 2 hours a day travelling to and from work.
But 709 of them go as far as West Oxfordshire, which is a commute of 95 miles or 2 hours so long as the M25 is clear.According to the data 367 people like living in Ipswich but work in North Dorset, 237 people living in Islington, North London, commute to Aberdeen while Sevenoaks in Kent sends 475 people a week to Dumfries and Galloway. The stress caused by a lack of control, delays, boredom and isolation causes lower life satisfaction and anxiety.This "commuter-itis" is most prevalent in people travelling between 60 and 90 minutes but it disappears entirely on commutes of 3 hours or more. But those in the car industry get to work in just 22 minutes on average.In the UK 57 per cent of people commute by car, 5 per cent are a passenger in a car or van and 16 per cent use public transport. Just under a third of everyone who works in London gets there by public transport.In 2004 it was reported that Chris McKee of the Metropolitan Police had the longest commute of anyone in Britain - he lived 12,000 miles away in New Zealand. Flexi-time working meant he could pound the beat for two months including overtime and then take off for two months back home in Dunedin.

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