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How do you habitually communicate with your kids, your work colleagues, your partner, your friends? Not only does this break the pattern, allowing both of you to access a better state to intelligently communicate your feelings and desires, but it also sends the child the message that the challenge is not with them as a person but with their behaviour – something that can be changed.
The key in any of these situations is to be able to break your pattern; otherwise, in your unresourceful state, you may say things you’ll regret later. We’ve got to be precise in the words we use because they carry meaning not only to ourselves about our own experience but also to others. There are times we need to get ourselves into an angry state in order to create enough leverage to make a change.
Thank you so much for these notes and also the ’Clearing The Clutters Options’ today. At least once a year, I try to meet with the missions pastor, missions committee, or key contact of every one of our partnering churches. Later in the conversation this pastor asked me if I knew much about two of the other UT missionaries they support.
It’s really hard for me to understand why we, missionaries, do not regularly communicate with our donors. If it is not our joy, then I dare say we don’t really view them as partners in ministry. In this case, I got the feeling that the missions pastor was leaning toward cutting these non-communicating missionaries off. Weekly: Send a short email (3-6 sentences) that gives an update on what you are doing that week and how they can pray into it with you. Monthly: Send a brief letter (one page on letterhead) that gives and update on what you were doing last month and how they can pray for the month ahead. What happens when campus ministry leaders are compelled by a God-given vision that is bigger than any one of their own ministries? Find out what happens by reading about what God is doing at the University of Texas through Campus Renewal Ministries. A keen understanding of each way of thinking (Inventive, Analytical, Pessimistic, Assertive, Intuitive, Altruistic, Optimistic, or Resolute) can arm you with the powers of pursuasion. In some cases, you may find that your friend or loved on does not wish to hear how they could be more effective.
Your ability to identify the person’s thinking style remains an empowering exercise, even in these cases. With a firm grasp of the 8 Ways of Thinking, you can better influence others, and in turn successfully sell your ideas. There is no fairy godmother who will whisper your accomplishments to the people who are important in your life and career. Pegine shares through storytelling, audience participation and comedy, how people think they are promoting their value. Like any contractor, you need to make sure your instructions are very clear, and if they are not, your Virtual Assistant will come back and ask for clarification. The majority of my clients are long-term clients, in the beginning we went through the same processes, learning about each others likes and dislikes, how they liked specific tasks to be carried out and how they wanted their business represented in the public eye.
2. Video Create a series of short videos to not only tell your new Virtual Assistant but also show them how you like a specific task completed.

Communicating needs and wants clearly is crucial to any working relationship and I have done my best to educate my clients about this and for the most part things are working really well. Use your admin skills to earn an income from home; learn how to be an industry-leading Virtual Assistant with The VA Project, an easy to follow 10-module program based on 27 years of high level administration IP. As a thank you for subscribing, I will send you a copy of my disaster recovery checklist to help you create, build and strengthen your VA Project. This can be the foundation for more powerful and positive communication between two people.
If you don’t like the results you’re getting in your communication with others, take a closer look at the words you’re using and become more selective.
Becoming aware of the words you use, the impact they have on you and the impact they have on those around you. She helps people to take control easily and effortlessly and to understand what is important in their lives. I was put in an awkward position last week when I met with the missions pastor of one of our partnering churches. We had a good time catching up on what God was doing at his church and through our work at UT. If a missions committee or a family is considering making cuts to their giving, it’s almost always the non-communicating missionaries that get cut.
Have a personal email exchange, a text message exchange, a phone call, or a face to face conversation once a year. Maybe you have some visual presentation skills, or have a clear, compelling vision of how to present your points in a visual manner. In the age of Pinterest and Tumblr, it makes sense for more visually adept individuals to just let their creativity out in a stunning visual display.
Authenticity is one great way to provide value, and like-minded individuals will find their way to your blog because you’ve given them value in a way that was true to who you are. As you learn to position your thoughts and ideas for each individual thinker, you will see your influence grow, not only within your relationships, but also within your teams and your community. Or, if your relationship is less intimate, like with that of your boss, it may not be appropriate to offer personal advice.
With your ways of thinking insight, you can change your own thinking to enhance the relationship.
To influence a person, it helps to be fundamentally aware of what motivates him or her to act. This includes your superiors, your friends and your family You may think that they notice your talents or your division’s accomplishments but they do not. Sign up now for PeginePower and get 3 Chapters of “Bragging Rights: Transform Your Team” for FREE. There are many intricate things to your business that you do or like doing a specific way, there is a certain flow that needs to be followed so how do you get this information to your new Virtual Assistant so that they can seamlessly continue on freeing you up to work on your business strategically. The VA Project will show you how to become a game changer, with plenty of ah-ha moments and a kick in the pants when you need it.
People should know that you’re a serious professional by the way you act, dress, and conduct yourself in public. Children, as well as adults, tend to take things personally, and we need to be sensitised to the possible ramifications of thoughtless remarks.
In a state of anger, we may say things that hurt somebody’s feelings and make them want to retaliate, or in a worse case say something that hurts them that they don’t want to open up to us ever again.

However, we want to make certain that we do not access our most negative and intense states to start with. Her passion is working with business owners and their teams so they develop professionally and personally to achieve more and create a better life. It does not really matter if I know about what they are doing on campus, but it REALLY matters if the missions pastor of a partnering church does not know what they are doing. Building and cultivating relationships with partners who give and pray into the ministry is part of what makes their ministry work. If you have the gift to communicate verbally, maybe you should just pack up the keyboard and start recording a three- to five-minute  audio message that you can make available on podcast. If you have a natural talent for artwork, maybe instead of doing a straightforward blog, maybe you can do comics? When you know a person’s dominant way of thinking, you can frame your ideas in the context of how they think. They have been contracted to  play a specific role and dictating when they can communicate will only suffocate your business and your working relationship will be doomed to fail. I ask questions when needed and I am often sought for my own opinions and troubleshooting abilities.
Unless you can be very disciplined and can stick to the exact reason you are calling, it’s not the most productive way to convey your instructions, things will creep onto the agenda that will take time away from both of you.
So please don’t misinterpret me; I’m not asking you to live a life where you don’t have any negative sensations or emotions.
Become aware of what you are saying, the words that you use and the effects or impact of those words. It should be our joy to tell them what God is doing with their resources through our ministry. In my opinion, sometimes, it’s even easier and more convenient to listen to a podcast then read a story.
Yes, whether the story is told in a compelling manner, or whether the argument is powerful enough to convince someone else of the strength of the position, is dependent on skill, but a powerful story will sell itself.
Snagit is a great screen capture program, allowing you to talk your way through what is on the screen, allowing you to articulate exactly how something is to be done.
Your Virtual Assistant is the utmost professional and would prefer to keep phone conversations to designated times agreed between the both of you.
The first step may seem like a no-brainer, but think about it…are you really showing up to work or are you just going through the motions? Consider ways that you can take initiative to go above and beyond without seeking praise from others.
Being aware of the words you use is one of the single most simple and powerful steps toward that goal.
Flanagan writes, “A solid work ethic is essential for success.” Working both smart and hard shows others that you take your job and your time seriously—two major hallmarks of a true professional.

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