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Hailing from western Germany, Anton Zaslavski, better known as Zedd, returns to the record label of Steve Aoki after the triumphant release of Dovregubben to come out with another stellar record. In COME OUT AND PLAY, Beth and Francis, a happy young expecting couple have come to Mexico for a romantic getaway.
Several of the reviews I have read of this film mentioned the vagueness of the opening scenes and how the reviewers felt they detracted from the film.
COME OUT AND PLAY is a fun film and looks good overall, but I have to confess the cinematography leaves a lot to be desired. Still, COME OUT AND PLAY is a heck of a horror film and I highly recommend you give it a look. After months of script writing, rehearsals and live performances we are proud to present the Wireless Voices Radio Play, Colliding Worlds. Peter Goers will be playing the 10 episodes during his evening program each night after the 7:30. We'll also be placing the episodes on the Wireless voices website over the two week of the Come Out 2009 festival. Wireless Voices is collaboration between the Come Out Australian Festival for Young People, ABC Local Radio and Riverland Youth Theatre. Check back here each week as the play is written and you can get some great behind the scenes info from writer Sean Riley. And I think there may be more than ten scenes - unless someone can tell me how to wind this twisted tale up in one scene. But the Treemonia outbreak isn't far away, and by the final stages of the scene, it has become a national epidemic and danger and potential disaster is a heart-beat away (cliff-hanger, it's called).

I have been underwhelmed by your lack of responses to scene three - (thinking tat maybe my writing skills were so appalling  you all loathed it) -  but then I realized that school holidays were upon us - PHEW! In truth, I'm alot like my Aunty Edna - who used to fuss over the small details; cushions, the placement of the plate of lamingtons on the coffee table, the position of the dried flowers in the vase on the mantle, the doilies (yep, look that one up, too). Still searching for a new title - and if you're wondering what's happened to Ralphy in Scene Three, he'll be back in the next installment. One of the many highlights of the week was the email response I received fro Liam from Moorok Primary School (how lucky are the students of that cool school?! With only one more day of workshops to go (tomorrow I invade Lameroo Area School), I am hours away from posting the first scene!! The lead up to this has been one of the most enjoyable and inspiring few weeks of my creative life.
What was so fantastic about my time in schools has been the discovery that there are some seriously talented and engaging young writers out there, whose ideas made me laugh endlessly, creeped me out with their spooky detail, and moved me immeasurably. As those who took part in these workshops will remember; I am an enemy of fakery, and DEMAND that the best of stories deal solely with the truths of the human experience - audiences want nothing less, often nothing more.
Over the last two weeks I was lucky enough to get time out of the office to go to schools with Sean for the writing workshops.  Thanks to Sean for needing a driver! I am excited to see the first scene and then to read your feedback and ideas.  I hope our worlds continue to collide through the journey! Riding on the positive vibes from his uniquely knitted remix on Save The World and the distinct Shave It release on Skrillex’s Owsla label, Zedd has arguably become a prominent icon in terms of delivering creative productions lately. It is a joint project with ABC Local Radio SA, the Come Out Festival and Riverland Youth Theatre.

Everyone who creates feels this same kind of doubt at some time or another - essay writing especially. This can take a long time also - good theatre shouldn't be rushed ( nor should essays, for that matter). Manners solve the mystery of Granny's strange condition?Will Rebecca ever find a boyfriend?Will anyone come up with another title?
Even if your story is set three million years in the future and is populated by three foot, rock munching green men with vents in their heads - they still have to reflect the basic human experiences back at the viewer. With a habit to recurringly convey the most futuristic of sounds in bond mighty kicks, Zedd ventures further into the very heart of clubland as he deploys a new offering via the Aoki-steered Dim Mak Records. As they dock on a sun-kissed beach where children are playing and giggling, everything seems perfect at first. Unfolding a dazzling blend of progressive chords, very much unlike what we usually wouldn’t expect from the distinguished German, sensual vocals from American singer and songwriter Heather Bright to later recede and pave the way for the seceding of a wobbling, dubstep-influenced sound progression and a throw-around of vocal parts. But as they wander the strangely empty streets, an atmosphere of unease sets in: an abandoned hotel, a distress call that repeatedly echoes from a radio set, the sense of being watched with no adults in sight. When Francis witnesses the violent death of an old man at the hands of a smiling little girl, a day in paradise quickly turns into a struggle for survival.
Francis must protect his very pregnant wife from a pack of murderous children and get the couple off the island alive.

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