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Use the SPENDING FAST (or the SPENDING DIET method) to get yourself out of debt once and for all.
By signing your name below you are making a Commitment to finally get yourself out of debt. Include how much debt you have paid off (any amount- large or small) by using the Spending Fast or Spending Diet on our Collective Savings page. I have great hope for a hybrid system that will allow both of us to have mental and emotional peace about the sacrifices required to make this work.
THAT BEING SAID, we have brought our debt down from $26,000 to $11,000 and managed to buy a house (within our means). I have been reading this blog for months now, and have been tracking expenses and starting the process.
I’ve been reading your blog for several months now and am finally ready to start a spending fast on Jan. I am determined to be successful at this because the debt has me trapped and living in fear… I am taking my life back. My minimum aim for 2012 is to have paid off my final credit card and to have paid back mum and dad the money they loaned me. I started my Spending Fast last month – my goal is to be out of debt and invest $20K by Dec 31, 2013. DO you have sleepless nights worrying about your credit card debts?  Are you feeling hopelessly trapped with no way out?
If you are up to your eyeballs in credit card debt and have no way of paying back what you had borrowed, a lot of things may be going through your mind at the moment.  You may be feeling ashamed, helpless, confused, or even angry.
Perhaps you’ve heard of bankruptcy and how it may help you obtain a fresh financial start but you think that this option may be too drastic for you.  Or maybe just the thought of going to a lawyer’s office to discuss the possibility of filing for bankruptcy is enough to send chills down your spine. First of all, it’s not the end of the world.  At one time or another, we all face financial difficulties in life so you’re not alone. The reason that I am writing about credit cards in this week’s article is because this type of debt seems to be the most common.  In many instances, people have simply charged more on their credit cards than they are able to pay back and this could have serious consequences. None of the information herein is intended to give legal advice for any specific situation.  Atty. Large scale corporate layoffs and poor job prospects for college graduates have led to an increase in the number of people starting their own business. The list of bills is endless. Hopefully, you are fortunate and are able to escape the many problems many owners encounter on a daily basis.
The recent Hurricane which hit New York City is an example, of an event beyond your control. The brutal fact is despite the best intentions and planning many owners have financial difficulties. Business Advisory Center is dedicated to helping small business owners find their way out of debt. BAC has been settling past due payable, collection cases, lawsuits, judgments, loans and leases out of court since 1997.
Well, turning 60 doesn’t mean that it’s end of the world, now you need to be more optimistic and shape your life to achieve a better life post retirement. Increase your cash reserve:No one can save more strategically than a woman, so enhancing cash reserve can be an easy task.
Lower your financial burden:Do you owe overwhelming amount of credit card balance, medical debts and student loan debt? Increase your contribution to retirement funds:Contributing in the retirement fund from early age can be a smart financial move. Insurance coverage mandatory:If you think you don’t require insurance coverage, then you may land up in trouble. Get a second job:Retirement doesn’t mean that you can’t get a new job again, well this time you can turn your hobby into a business. Therefore, you’re required to keep the above mentioned points in mind if you plan to lead debt free and ease your financial struggle. Author Bio: Andy Masaki is a financial writer and associated with many financial forum and debt communities. Debt is nothing but a form of modern slavery which affects more people in today’s developed, technologically forward world. Credit cards are the most vicious form of debt, which if accumulated can be extremely difficult to pay off. Getting out of debt is a lot about eliminating some absolutely useless expenditures and living only on what you need. Another good way of making sure you follow a budget when it comes to necessary expenditures, is to determine how much you will need each week or month for each category say household items, food, snacks, clothes, bills, emergencies etc. This may sound boring, but the underlying idea is about educating yourself as much as you can when it comes to financial planning.
Online shopping has caught the imagination of millions and websites such as Amazon and eBay have been in operation for long, shopaholics have spent thousands buying discounted products online with convenience of payment through credit cards or paypal and low cost shipping and delivery to the doorstep. If you’re friend group is into a lavish lifestyle and over the top expenditures, you might want to look for alternative company.
Life’s unexpected situations and events can sometimes result in major expenses which one had not planned for.
ResolutionTweet helps you design a lifestyle that is balanced and meaningful in just 4 simple steps.
Set goals, decide on which Life Areas you want to focus on, choose a time period to accomplish it and finally track and make progress. I recommend doing the Spending Fast since you will see dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. I recommend a year time-frame so you can get through the tough beginning part (where all of your habits are getting changed) and get to the real-benefits part (debt pay-off).
While mistakes will happen (we’re only human) this is your statement to stand by the process as you work towards debt-removal.
At the beginning of each month our collective savings total at the top of the site will be updated! I am in the same boat and just starting out – I can’t stand the stress of the debt anymore! We are using a popular budgeting system and it works well for his type-A personality, but it was a breath of fresh air to find a system that suits my opposite-of-type-A personality.
I had to buy a car, and I truly need a new, reliable vehicle, because it snows like crazy up here in New York. I’ve got a no-spend January planned out and I’m set to pay off two credit cards and a car loan this in 2012! I was initially striving to knock out the remaining $22K before the end of 2013 but I’ll do my best to pay off the maximum by being on the Spending Fast by the end of 2012! Thanks Anna for telling your story & inspiring me to take responsibility for my massive student loan debt and doing the hard work it takes to get rid of it. Our savings are set up and we have kept track of our spending the past few months, so we know our trouble spots. My 18-month goal is to save an amount sufficient to allow me to travel for a year (leaving in June 2013) while renting out my house.
I currently don’t have debt, but I am about to accrue a lot… hello medical school! I’m ready to do it, and as a fellow state worker, I’m committed to living on a budget!
I have four consumer debts (not counting car and house) and my goal in 2012 and 2013 is to pay off all 25,000.
My husband and I have over $106,00 with student loans (undergrad and graduate school), with some credit card debt and 2 car payments. I have made a mini start already in 2011 but having started a new job and paying emergency tax for a while it was kind of impossible. Then I can make a serious start on the loan I have which is my main debt and my only obstacle to a normal life to be honest.
Then I saw your article in the USAA Fall 2011 issue, this is what I need – something in writing! I’m still planning out the details, but I have a snowball based repayment calendar that puts me debt free in 2014.
But it is important for you to at least explore all available options instead of making a rash decision.
Words such as credit crunch, toxic, meltdown, double-dip recession, housing bubble are now common words. If you find yourself dealing with creditors who will not leave you alone because you are late on payments, or maybe an attorney has filed a lawsuit against your company.
They are experts in preparing a settlement proposal, which includes a review of the company’s financial situation, and preparing a settlement offer to the creditor or creditor’s representative, which may be in collection agency, attorney or the creditor company itself. As most companies which are having financial problems are not in a position to settle all the debts at once, we help you prioritize the most urgent debts first. The objective is to settle what is necessary to help you through these tough periods. We understand the collection process and have a comprehensive understanding of the amount that the opposing party will accept in settlement.

So, you need to establish your emergency fund when you’re managing your money to avoid financial stress. If so, then don’t make the mistake of carrying the financial burden over to your post retirement life. Basic insurance policies like auto insurance, health insurance and life insurance policies may help you provide adequate coverage and protect your finances in emergency situation.
You can work from home as well as for long hours, and you lavishly lead your life post retirement without getting into a debt rut.
He provides financial advice to debt stricken consumers to help them solve finance related problems. Money needs far more planning today than before, and with the ready availability of credit cards and other forms of credit, it might seem as though one can never run out of money.
The reason why people prefer these cards is because they are fast, convenient and safe ways of using money, but with credit limits hitting the roof these days it is easy to keep spending and lose track of how much. Reading financial magazines and books such as Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey or Your Money or Your Life, both excellent books on achieving financial goals. You don’t want to overpay your debts all at once and then find yourself left with nothing to get through the rest of the month.
However, online shopping also puts us at an easy risk of overspending because there are more options, more discounts and the convenience of it all at the click of a button can often lead us into buying more than we need. Your friends have a major impact on your spending methods, and the constant need to keep up with them will render all your money saving and debt repayment efforts useless. In these situations, if you find yourself with not enough finances, you resort to borrowing in the form of loans from a friend or a bank.
Also by doing a Spending Fast the discretionary spending doesn’t come into play like it does with the Spending Diet (WHICH CAN ACTUALLY MAKE IT HARDER).
I have a decided to take the pledge, because I am now (with my student loan included) about $26k in debt. I want to participate in the spending fast and spending diet and use both to their fullest uses. But then I realized, I could probably be payIng things off even more quickly and really kick ass.
I am earning enough to get by now — but spending obscene amounts at my favorite bookstores and fabric stores. Going to be a real hard thing for me since I tend to splurge at the grocery store and at happy hour!!! I am excited to pay off my credit card debt and determined to free up that income so I can do the things I actually want to do in my life – like travel, have more great experiences, and not be trapped by having to pay debt all the time. I have been spending the last few weeks tracking expenses, setting budgets and starting a second job that will be used solely to pay off debt. My fiance and I are getting married in September of 2012, so there will be money going out, but our goal is to pay for the wedding entirely through Savings, no loans, no new credit cards, etc. More than anything, we realized that we are making pretty good money and yet, we have debt. Thanks for the push I needed to get started and the encouragement you’ve provided to all of us readers by doing it yourself and leading the way! The thought of being the boss makes the new business owner smile. Unfortunately, in a short period of time the reality of owning a business sinks in. These problems may have been caused by poor planning or maybe a series of unfortunate events. Maybe, the owner had insured the inventory but did not have business interruption insurance, which is a policy which covers loss of income in the event the business has been closed. Well, it’s not a tough job to solve your debt issues, you need to be show perseverance and commitment to come out of debt rut.
Probably, some women are working and some are home managers, but both can effectively manage to set aside a stipulated amount every month to enhance the cash reserve for emergency use. Well, if you haven’t started yet, you can start contributing to increase your retirement fund.
In most of the cases, insurance coverage may help you avoid devastating situation that may ruin your financial life. Well, for the debt ridden individual, life can seem like an endless struggle to repay and at the same time save enough to survive. If you have a history of credit card debt remaining unpaid, then the easiest, and we do mean easiest way, is to take a pair of scissors and cut up your credit cards.
So start living minimally, throw or sell things you don’t need – old clothes, furniture, luxury items such as multiple televisions, air conditioners etc. Moreover, if you’re in the process of repaying your debts, and find yourself with little or no time to read you can even look at other resources such as podcasts on financial planning or CD sets such as the Financial Peace University CD Set which you can even buy secondhand to save money on the CD cost. Of course, you needn’t end these friendships completely, but their lifestyle will prevent them from motivating you towards a debt free living. I want to take the challenge because I feel like even being displined enough to pay this monthly bill, I leak money elsewhere and with a monthly bill that big, I have VERY little wiggle room. Perhaps by visiting the library and using up the stacks of fabric I ALREADY HAVE, and cooking smarter, I can save enough for my trip. So my goal is to pay off $11,000 of credit card debt in 2012…imagine all the trips I can take in 2013. I don’t think I can pay off all my ridiculously massive amounts of debt in one year, but I think I can chip away a big chunk of it.
I currently have around $30,000 left to pay in student loan debt (I started off with $38,500). Also, I have about $4,000 in debt on my credit card, and about $2,000 left to pay on my car, and I’d llike to have those cleaned up by the end of the year as well.
The longer your financial issues are left unattended, the more difficult it will be to resolve the situation. You need to take this vital step when it comes to building up the fund to secure your post retirement life. Make sure you pay off your debts immediately, so that you can regain control over your financial state. If you’ve started contributing recently, try contributing more in the retirement account hoard a huge amount. Shred them into pieces and enjoy your new found freedom of a debt free future – even though living without a credit card might prove to be difficult initially, you’ll just get used using cash or a debit card which does not keep piling up bills on you, along with interest.
The first rule it to not buy them at all, the second rule is to get rid of them as soon as possible.
The idea is to not end up using more than the requisite amount on any of the categories, and hence if you find any of the envelopes emptying before time then that signals a spending problem.
What is important is that you read more, focus on achieving financial goals and for this purpose you educate yourself about how things can be done, what you must keep in mind, quick tips on managing money. This will consist of a proper plan as to how much money you will be directing towards the repayment of debts, and how much money you will have remaining to carry out other expenditures. Find people who will be a source of inspiration rather than a social pressure – these people could be living minimalist themselves, know the importance of economizing, can help you plan finances better and will understand the central role of repaying money in your life. In this regard, certain insurances such as life insurance and medical insurance are worth considering for unexpected life circumstances. Like Rebecca C mentioned, I am ready to “take back my life” too and am determined to do this! I hereby vow to cut out ALL unnecessary spending in 2012 to work towards a better, debt-free life!
I have about $45,000 in student loans, and I’d like whittle away at that also, but major work on that may have to wait until after the wedding. I want to have money in savings, pay down debt, and save for a future down-payment for a house.
Remember, avoiding debt is considered to be the best approach to lead a stress free financial life. The sooner you start saving in a retirement account, the better returns you can reap post retirement. While we do not claim to be finance experts of any sort, there are few universally acknowledged ways of getting started with a debt repayment process.
Remember, anything frivolous you spend money on is not worth your hard earned money and if you must resort to borrowing in order to buy these things, they’re definitely not worth it.
You are overspending on something and if you continue with this method long enough you will be able to pinpoint items you don’t actually need. Finance books and magazines are readily available and when it comes to resources like these, they’re more of an investment than an expenditure. This may take a decent level of will power to do it yourself and stick to your resolve, but if you think you’ll break the promise then ask a friend to do it.
Frugal friends are not necessarily scrooges who like to guard their money and refuse spending it at all, instead they like to know that their money is well-spent and what they decide to buy adds some real value to their lives. Apart from these, start an emergency fund for other unexpected expenses or additional claims which instruments such as insurance does not cover. In order to shun your debt and retire rich, you need to follow the financial planning tricks given below.

So, you can enjoy your post retirement life without any financial stress if you contribute in your retirement account without failing. Going minimalist is not only about having a minimalist home, but also a minimalist way of thought and action. This method of setting out a fixed amount for expenditures according to a budget is an easy way to prevent not only overspending, but also to be able to determine how much you can save if you making unnecessary purchases. It’s always a good idea to repay all the small debts at first and then focus on the bigger ones. It’s easy to block websites on any browser, and once you are unable to log on to them, over time you will find yourself losing interest in the idea altogether. Similarly, a frugal friend will automatically discourage you from borrowing, instead their advice would be to buy something later when you have more money. This fund can be started in the form of a recurring deposit with your bank, wherein you put a part of your income into the deposit every month and get interest on it as well.
It’s a good idea to get a friend along to motivate you into shredding those credit cards if you cannot bring yourself to doing it. Minimalist people don’t necessarily believe in economizing everything, but they know the value of things around them. If at the end of the stipulated time you have money remaining in any of the envelopes, then that is what you have saved and you can automatically move it into the next cycle of expenditures. Money borrowed from a friend can be paid first, and then you can move onto bigger bills such as credit card bills or household amenities bills which also have a late fee attached to them.
The combination of no credit cards and no online shopping can in fact be extremely helpful to your cause. Ideally, aim for a deposit worth 3-6 months of your income, which can be used to make up for unexpected personal or family expenses. Just as we do some planning before making a major purchase, we must plan to repay a major debt. One-way if you plan for clearing all your loans, but at the same time looking for new loans means, you will never be out of loans.I know it is difficult for few to take such hard decision.
Keep your life minimalist in this sense – a minimalist physical space consisting of only the bare minimum necessities, minimalist social space consisting of few, strong relationships you can count on and a minimalist emotional space wherein you give your emotions only as much importance as they deserve in the larger scheme of things. If you cannot pay a certain amount during that week or month, don’t push yourself into it. However, it is one of a major dieting; you have to practice to come out of a disease called LOAN2) Spend lessThis is second most important dieting you have to practice. Consider it again in the next cycle and instead think of ways to raise more money such as getting a second job or selling some items you own.
Hence, it is must to track your spending and minimize as much as possible.3) Earn moreTry to look for alternative ways to build other source of income.
Understand your interest or expertise of field and try to search for ways to earn money in that field. So never stay away or postpone your critical financial goals.5) Be calm Nothing will happen in a day or two. Do not concentrate on the interest rate of each loan.Pay the minimum payable amount to all loans.
The advantage of applying this method is you soon start to feel something better that you have fewer loans as the number of loans started to decrease.
However, the disadvantage of applying this method is, it negates the consideration of interest as a criterion to clear off your loans. Because you are concentrating on lower principal loan, but what if the few other loans, which have high interest rate? You still pay the hefty EMIs to those loans and concentrate on lower interest and lower principal loan. One more disadvantage of this method is, it applies to those who have some enough cash after meeting the all loans minimum monthly payout.
Therefore, by experiencing quick results after adopting this process, one may clear off his loan at the earliest.2) Debt Stacking Method-In this process, you concentrate on interest rates. I mean, you list down your loans based on higher interest rate loan to lowest interest loan.
In this method once you stacked the highest interest rate loan to lowest interest rate loan, you concentrate to weed out of the highest interest rate loan. However, the disadvantages are-What about the loans, which have a higher principal amount but low interest rate? Hence, results may prolong than expected.Which is the best method?According to me, a middle approach will work out.
Notice that, in above two methods, one method only concentrates on principal and another only on interest part.
Hence, the above said best practices of financial management must not be forgotten.Hope this post will actually bring some cheer on their faces and force them to get rid of loans. Basavaraj TonagattiI am a Certified Financial Planner by qualification and currently living in Bangalore. I went through some of the recent posts, and read your intent of investor education and enablement.
In addition to this, some stats, if available for the particular subject, will help substantiate your argument. There is lot of exchange that goes on in a few posts, some at personal level, which can be avoided. From my personal perspective, comments should ideally help fill any gaps or give contrarian perspective for the blog post, and should not be venting or eulogizing ground. I will have this blog in my visiting queue Till then, keep continuing your good work!Reply Basavaraj Tonagatti saysMarch 24, 2015 at 10:13 PM Bharani-Thanks for your detailed suggestion. Such strong opposition will erupt especially when I wrote about LIC Anyhow thanks for your review and positive words.Reply Ravi Bansal saysMarch 23, 2015 at 5:25 PM Brilliant Advice!
IS MEDICAL REQUIRED FOR PLIReply Basavaraj Tonagatti saysMarch 23, 2015 at 1:48 PM Gajanan-I already written a post on PLI. Factors like increasing fuel prices, food costs, and other expenses do come into play, but a lot of this has to do with rising credit card debt. High Mortgage or Debt PaymentsExperts state there is a certain percentage (usually 30%) of your income that determines whether your debts pose a serious threat.
If your mortgage or debt payments comprise of 30% or less of your income, you don’t need to worry that much. But once this limit is crossed, you will eventually have to face a financial crisis.When it comes to credit card payments, they should not even exceed 15% of your gross income. In this way you can still manage other expenses quite well, but once your credit card payments begin to exceed 15% of your gross monthly income, it is a surefire warning sign.2.
You Don’t Know How Much You OweA common, guaranteed way of driving anyone towards financial disaster is losing track of how much you owe. If you are in a tight situation, do not avoid your problem and go for consolidated credit counseling. Helpful services from Consolidated Credit include free debt consolidation.If you are trying to run from your debts, that means you realize that they have exceeded your repayment capacity. You Are Constantly AnxiousIn line with the previous point, a clear indicator of uncontrolled debt is your inability to get a good night’s sleep.
However, this is only one aspect of the problem, for debt-related stress, for it causes people to become anxious and even paranoid. You Can’t Get CreditSince 2010, the credit CARD Act prohibited banks from increasing your interest rate just because you defaulted on another creditor who is not related to the bank in any way.
The serious problem lies beneath, and as your credit card balances rise, you will soon cross your optimum credit utilization ratio. Your credit score will drop drastically and eventually you will end up with maxed out cards and 0 credit.5.
You Are Out of SavingsAs mentioned at the opening, credit card debts have drained up most people’s savings whether it is for emergency or retirements.
If you find yourself drawing more from your savings accounts, become alert and find the root of the problem. You Are Trying to Avoid CreditorsWhen creditors or collection agencies start to call you, you should come to terms with the fact that your debts are no longer affordable.
You Are Constantly Taking Payday LoansPayday loans are a practical option for customers to take care of their short term expenses in times of emergency. However, if you are constantly taking out such loans to meet your monthly bills, then you have already jumped in quicksand.
Get out before you sink in all the way!So, if you find one or more of these signs in your life, it is time to get serious about your credit card debt. In the above article, She has mentioned worst dangerous signs that shows your debts are out of control.

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