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As the number of your Facebook friends and apps you (and them) are using increases, your Facebook news feed and wall can turn into one big mess. Facebook offers extensive options for fine tuning what individual applications and people can see or do on your Facebook profile, but if you haven't been following all the changes (and Facebook likes to change often), you might feel lost in all the options.
The simplest way to control what shows up in your News Feed is to click "Hide" on an item you don't want to see. Now, click on Edit Options and you'll see a list of all the people and Pages you've hidden. Luckily, you can organize them into Friend Lists, which will let you filter your news feed and the chat box.
We've got a detailed article explaining how to create and manage friend lists on Facebook, and for the most part, it's still accurate. Lists are now displayed under Friends in the Facebook homepage; click on it to see all the lists you've created. To use lists, simply go to your homepage, and click on a list; you'll only see news items created by the people you've added to that list. Dividing your friends into lists should help you organize and clean up your profile tremendously, but it still doesn't rid you of all the apps your friends are using, some of which keep popping up on your wall. Again, it's possible to fine tune which apps can do what to your profile, and we recommend doing this not only for the sake of clarity, but also for the sake of privacy and security. After you've cleaned up your apps, you'll see a lot less clutter on your Facebook profile; however, bear in mind that this is an ongoing process.
Still, if you've followed the instructions in this article, your Facebook is now a different place — more organized, less cluttered and generally more enjoyable. For those of you who would like a quick tip for free, here’s a new twist to try when using the tried and true clean up song approach.
I also use a bit of positive social peer pressure to entice them to join the group cleaning up. During the week of July 20-24th, the City Yard, located at the Water Tower, will be OPEN from 8-5pm for the citizens of De Leon. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
Between the addition of Timeline and the constant changes in its interface and settings, Facebook moves too fast for many people. Most of us know that maintaining an online presence is crucial these days, but a messy Facebook page that overflows with TMI (too much information) can backfire. All that junk has accumulated on your Facebook account and the thought of cleaning it up is probably overwhelming.
Recycle your worn clothing by turning old fabric into rags to clean quick spills and tidy up the house. Many of us have the urge to upgrade to the latest electronics, while our past purchases are often sitting tucked away in a junk drawer or closet. Avoid air fresheners – which can cause watery eyes, nausea, and headaches – by creating your own fragrant alternatives. By assigning age-appropriate duties to your children, they gain a sense of responsibility and self-discipline within their household.
What are some of your favorite eco-friendly spring cleaning tips, and how do you get the kids involved in the process? I just made my own air freshener today by mixing I cup water 1 cup white vinegar 10 drops vanilla essential oil 10 drops clove essential oil and putting it in a glass spray bottle.
The tips that you shared is really helpful and useful for the people to use in order for them to have a very wonderful and ecological friendly spring cleaning activities. For additional information on events and volunteer opportunities, please contact the Special Events Coordinator.
The Medal of Arts is an annual award honoring an individual of any age or organization who has made a significant contribution to and promoted one or more of the various arts in Bonney Lake – music, visual arts, performing arts, digital and literary, etc. The Citizen’s Academy is a free 7-week, two evenings per week classroom based course that includes hands on learning and mock scenes. The City of Bonney Lake community Easter Egg Hunt begins promptly at 11:00am at Allan Yorke Park, rain or shine.
The annual Adult Flashlight Egg Hunt event is sponsored by the Sumner-Bonney Lake Recreation Program. Spring Clean Up is available to customer accounts inside the city limits of Bonney Lake only.
Extra cans or bags of garbage or yard waste should be placed for curb-side pick up by 7:00 am on your regular garbage pick up day.
Acceptable appliances include: Refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, freezers, hot water heaters, washers or dryers. Shredding: Individuals are permitted to bring up to 1 file box or 2 grocery bags of documents. Bonney Lake volunteers will meet at the Midtown Park (WSU Forest) entrance behind Fred Meyer & Regal Cinemas (same location as past years), on the South side of SR 410 between South Prairie Rd and 214th Ave E.
Calling All Scouts! Each year, East Pierce firefighters facilitate numerous public education requests from scout groups trying to achieve certain badge requirements. East Pierce Fire invites all Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Campfire members to join us in our first annual Scout Night event at our Headquarters Station in Bonney Lake. Join us for great events at the park all summer long! For the third year, Kids Club events are scheduled on BOTH Monday evenings and Tuesdays during the day, so everyone can join in the fun! Come out to help raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society at the annual Relay for Life Event.
National Night Out is an annual event designed to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships.
BOAT LAUNCH NOTICE: The Allan Yorke Park boat launch will be CLOSED during Bonney Lake Days. Artists of all ages can take part in Bonney Lake Day’s Chalk Art competition Friday & Saturday to create dynamic chalk art illustrations on sidewalk near the playground.

Chalk art spaces and supplies are limited, and are provided on a first come, first serve basis.
The Bonney Lake Kiwanis Club invites you to a Pancake Breakfast at the Senior Center, 19304 Bonney Lake Boulevard - just down the road from the park! The daffodil flower has long been recognized for its unique beauty and as a symbol of friendship.
BOAT LAUNCH CLOSURE: The boat launch at Allan Yorke Park will be CLOSED for this event until the race is completed (approximately Noon). Who: Community volunteers, local businesses and the Beautify Bonney Lake organization - anyone who would like to make permanent improvements to the city.
Why: To create a more beautiful city, meet your neighbors, and get a FREE lunch and T-shirt! East Pierce Fire and Rescue invites the public to join them for their annual Open House at the East Pierce headquarters station at 18421 Veterans Memorial Drive East, in Bonney Lake. The  Greater Bonney Lake Historical Society sponsors the annual Milotte Wildlife Film Festival each year in October.
Exodus Housing is hosting its 4th annual Take the Plunge against Domestic Violence event!  The PLUNGE is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to support families who are fleeing domestic violence by jumping, walking, or splashing into the frigid waters of Lake Tapps. Register for the category that best fits you-- earn bragging rights for "taking the plunge" or stay warm and dry with immunity! The Bonney Lake Police Department organizes the annual Giving Tree toy drive for area needy children each year.
Donations of new, unwrapped toys can be dropped off at the Bonney Lake Public Safety Building.
Thank you all for your continued support of the giving tree program, as this program depends on community support. The Bonney Lake Police Department “Shop with a Cop” program serves children in need and helps them purchase gifts for their families during the holidays. The City of Bonney Lake and the Kiwanis Club are again sponsoring annual holiday Tree Lighting and Food Drive activities! Activities and music, refreshments, candy, pictures with Santa, and the annual tree lighting ceremony. The Bonney Lake Arts Commission and Kiwanis Club are proud to present the 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Contest! It's nice to communicate with your friends, but if you can't find useful posts amidst all those silly apps or your real friends amongst all the unknown people you've befriended, it's time to clean up your Facebook profile.
We're offering a rundown of the most efficient ways to make more sense of your Facebook experience. Facebook will ask you whether you want to hide that person or page, once you confirm it, you won't see anything from them again. Once you hide something, Facebook will warn you with the message "XXX has been hidden from your News Feed. From there, you can restore the visibility of the items you've hidden, and set some additional options, such as the maximum number of friends shown in Live Feed. But let's face it: In most cases, only a small number of your friends on Facebook are good, real-life friends. However, Facebook changed its layout after the article was written, and some details about how lists are displayed and managed have changed, too.
For example, if you're not interested in Farmville, you probably don't want to see how your friends' crops are doing. Click on Account - Application Settings, and choose Show - Authorized from the drop down menu.
If you see an app you really don't need, you can simply remove it by clicking the x next to it.
After a while, you'll likely authorize new apps, and your profile will once again become cluttered with stuff you don't really need to see on a daily basis. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 26 million social followers.
I will sing the lyrics of the song and add in a child’s name that is currently cleaning. It helps answer the question “How do I start a daycare?” It also guides new caregivers through the first year of growing pains, and supports the experienced caregiver with fresh ideas and inspiration.
If you worry that your Facebook account looks out of control to others, here are some tips on how to clean it up. It could cost you a potential job, change the way your professors see you, and even damage your reputation among your friends.
You may have been prone to clutter in previous seasons, but spring is the perfect time to change old habits. Plus, they don’t contain harmful chemicals that can trigger rashes or irritate your respiratory system! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, air within your home could be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors. Natural cleaning products with the windows open and well vacuumed floors make all the difference in my apartment.
Have you looked at the harsh chemicals some manufacturers put into cleaning products This all became so much more important to me once I had children. View reservation information on our Parks page or call (253) 862-8602 to check avaialbility.
The first annual Medal of Arts Award will be selected by the Bonney Lake Arts Commission in early 2016.
Our goal is to facilitate a better understanding of the criminal justice system and local police services through education. With over 2,000 eggs to find, you will have a chance to win prizes such as gift cards, spring gift items, soda, chips, candy and MORE! This offer does not apply to Murrey's Disposal customers with accounts in unincorporated Pierce County.

All mercury-containing lights are accepted, including fluorescent bulbs, compact fluorescents (CFLs) and high intensity discharge bulbs. Events are scheduled all around Pierce County for Parks Appreciation Day, including in Bonney Lake! For more information contact Facilities & Special Projects Manager Gary Leaf or Special Events Coordinator David Wells. In response to the demand and to reach more scouts, we thought our scouts deserved an event of their very own … Scout Night. Bonney Lake Days is packed with entertainment for the whole family from Friday to Saturday with stage shows, fireworks, Kids Zone, chalk art, annual parade, vendor booths, and fun competitions!
Artists must check-in prior to beginning the competition, and may begin working in their designated chalk area any time after check-in.
The cost is just $5 for adults, $3 children under 12 years old for all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage, eggs, juice and coffee! In honor of Bonney Lake’s first Daffodil Queen, this year’s theme of "friendship" has been chosen to represent her! The free health and safety fair will include booths with public safety partners including the Bonney Lake Police, Sumner Police and Pierce County Sheriff’s Departments, plus many more. Each year the City works with the School District, Food Bank, local businesses and others to organize a city-wide Food Drive and 'Giving Tree' Toy Drive, as well as the 'Shop with a Cop' program.
Visit the Bonney Lake Food Bank website for more information on other ways to donate, host a food drive, or volunteer. You can also pick a specific child's tag off our Giving Tree quilt in the lobby and purchase gifts from their wish list. You may include wrapping paper in a bag along with gifts and the Giving Tree tag for gifts purchased for a specific child. Drop food donations off at the Food Bank, which is adjacent to the Public Safety Building and the community Christmas Tree.
It all culminates in an evening of holiday cheer at the Tree Lighting Event when entries will be judged for prizes!
You've also got acquaintances, business partners, coworkers, and if you're really trigger happy when it comes to friending, a bunch of people you don't know at all. From there, you can add or remove friends from your lists, delete lists or create new ones. Once you've created one or more lists, you'll see that the chat box now displays them separately.
You'll probably be amazed at how many apps you've authorized; the list can become huge over time. This is a bit drastic, however, as you can also change the settings for each individual application. The best way to deal with it is to do regular maintenance of your Facebook profile every couple of months.
If you've got any additional tips on how to clean up your Facebook profile, let us know in the comments! I have one tidy up song that I sing when a particular child needs help to be drawn into the activity. Trash service will run for the West side of De Leon on July 18th for curb pickup and for the East side of De Leon on July 25th.
Maybe you went on a "liking" spree, and now half your friends can't even bear to look at your Timeline, cluttered with meaningless activity.
But electronics in landfills are hazardous to our environment because of the chemicals they contain. And if you can’t picture yourself mixing it up in the kitchen, be sure to choose the safest options for your family by thoroughly reading product labels, as some purchasing guidelines do not require companies to list all ingredients. Make your own potpourri using herbs, spices, and flowers or simmer fresh spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, or vanilla on the stove. Be sure to properly inspect the area for hazardous items on the floor before the game begins. Also bugsprays and sunscreens…go the organic route if you use these products on your children or at least educate yourself on the ingredients. Click on Friend Lists; from there you can choose which lists do you want to see in the chat box. Click on Edit Settings; from there, you can deny the app to "publish recent activity (one line stories)" to your wall (under Additional Permissions). Young children want to hear their name sung out loud, they want to experience the acknowledgement that comes with being center stage for one verse of a song.
Maybe you posted a sarcastic jib at someone else's expense or an improper photo that, in hindsight, you know you shouldn't have. Currently, Mom Ambassadors are sampling (and loving) e-cloth, a general-purpose glass and polishing cloth that reduces cleaning with chemicals, as it only requires water for use.
For an effective counter cleaner, mix ? cup baking soda and just enough liquid castile soap until it becomes a creamy consistency.
Learn more about how to keep your house smelling refreshing without unnecessary toxins by reading this blog post: 10 Alternatives to Synthetic Air Fresheners by Eco-novice. You can also choose whether you want the app to be located in your Bookmarks, and you can limit the visibility of that app's tab on your profile. Pairing a undesirable activity, such as cleaning up toys, with a desiring activity, like singing works well to entice new participants. And if you’re looking to ditch old electronics quickly, local supermarkets might offer drop boxes that recycle and send your property to developing countries around the world. While the kids are “skating” around, play wax museum: Once the music stops, they must pause in place.

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