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It takes 4-6 weeks for your passport to be processed.[1] If you have this amount of time before your honeymoon, you may take action immediately after your wedding. Take the form to your local Social Security Administration office, along with your birth certificate, current driver's license, current social security card, and any other necessary documentation (such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, etc.). To change your name on your passport, you'll need the Form DS-5504, completed, along with a certified copy of your marriage license and a small photograph of you. Visit your employer's human resources department as soon as possible, so that you can start receiving your paychecks with your new name, as well as for withholding taxes. If you are a licensed professional, change your name with the licensing board and any associated organizations. Certified copies of your divorce papers should be given to you from the clerk of the court.
Once the divorce is final, you should then go about covering your tracks -- that is, changing your social security card, your driver license, your passport, insurance, etc. If your divorce is final and did not include a name change, contact the county clerk where the divorce was filed. At the office, they should give you the Form FL-395 (it's also available online).[5] They may ask for a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you finalized your divorce elsewhere and do not wish to return, file for a name change at your current local court.
Again, if you're looking for an entirely new name, don't bother going back to your old stomping grounds; you'll need a petition for a new name anyway.
The process for going about changing everything else is outlined in the above Changing Your Name After Marriage section. Quebec has the strictest requirements, taking each on a case-by-case basis and requiring serious reasons for the name change. Once obtained, all you need do is send copies of your Deed Poll to the various organizations that have your information.
There are companies out there that will guide you through the process of changing your name, typically for a fee.
Your marriage or partnership certificate should arrive in the mail a few weeks after your ceremony. Prescriptions written in maiden names may have to be rewritten if your health insurance is in your married name. Only government agencies like the DMV and Social Security may charge fees for changing your name, and those are mostly to cover the re-issuing of your documentation. If you immediately move to another state after marrying, make sure you change your Social Security card as soon as possible so that you can immediately apply for a new driver's license. If you are changing anything about your name you will need to go through the following steps to first change your name on you social security card. The social security lady told me that if in a year or two I am tired of having 2 last names I can change it to either one.
I had my paperwork filled out to do that, but the ss lady convinced me to keep Smith Dorobek as 2 last names! I changed my last name and was excited for it, I love having a unique last name and letting go of my past. Thanks for sharing this, I got remarried 7 months ago and finally got all my work accounts updated just yesterday. What I ultimately learned out of the whole ordeal was to name my kids the name I wanted them to go by as a first name and when they get married they will have an easier time with getting things how they want them to be.
I did the same as a lot of other commenters… made my maiden name my middle name and took his last name.
I will admit it will be so strange to write my new last name for a while, but I feel it shows my commitment to him and the marriage. Also, I totally didn't know about all of the info about traveling with a child who has a different last name than you… so interesting!
I started my first student teaching position right after we got back from our honeymoon, so it was a great time to switch. At Estate Weddings and Events, we know that there's more to a wedding than just picking the location.
As important as that is, usually the etiquette problems are the ones that cause the most stress. For example, most brides would rather lick invitation envelopes all day than try to figure out where feuding relatives are going to sit at dinner. However, the most difficult wedding etiquette decisions come when you want to break from tradition and do things your way.
When you choose not to take a new last name, you often have to deal with objections and questions raised by your friends and family.
Here are a few things you can do to properly explain your decision and deal with the subsequent concerns.
Only those closest to you should need to know about your decision not to change your last name.
This is because they will most likely be the ones supporting your marriage throughout your life, and you want your relationships with them to be as stress-free as possible. Not telling your closest family and friends could cause issues on the wedding day itself when they hear your name announced. The more people you tell about your decision not to change your last name, the more damage control you'll have to deal with.
When discussing your decision with friends and family, make sure you don't go into a long spiel about why you're right about not changing your last name; it will only make you look stubborn and even snotty. Instead, explain your reason(s) in as succinct a manner as possible, with a few supporting points for each, and be done.
This is especially a good idea for anyone nervous about telling friends and family about your decision.
Approaching a controversial topic like this is best done with a no-nonsense, no fluff discussion. You'll look like you've thought long and hard about your decision, and friends and family will be more inclined to support you.
Listening to and acknowledging the objections from those around you will only help to advance your goal of getting people to agree with you, or at the very least respect your decision. There are, after all, legitimate reasons for taking a new last name (such as being tired of your current one). You can't properly explain your decision until you know what their objections are in the first place. Therefore, you want to show friends and family that you respect their opinions in the hopes that they will in turn respect yours.

If you've properly approached the discussion about not changing your last name, and your friends and family are understanding, your fears should be mostly alleviated. However, sometimes you have those one or two people who will disagree with your decision no matter what. Request that any disagreeing parties promise not to bring up the topic again until after the wedding (at the very least).
Make it clear that you will simply will not discuss your decision with them again if they breach the agreement, no matter how much they press. Ultimately, you and your significant other are the ones who will have to live with your decision not to change your last name. Following the process laid out above when you decide not to change your last name will ensure that you encounter as little resistance as possible. Now you just have to pay attention to the other issues that will pop up during wedding planning! Tell us in the comments below, or share this with someone you know who is currently going through this decision themselves! In this day and age, a Facebook name carries more weight and identity than a physical listing in the Yellow Pages. Perhaps you recently married and want to take on your significant other’s last name or want a way to better hide your online identity from prospective job employers.
Here’s our guide on how to change your Facebook name no matter the embarrassing, lucrative, or otherwise smart decision for doing so. When finished, enter your password in the field below and click the blue Save Changes button.
Let me preface this by saying that I’m very lucky to have such an understanding fiance. If you're going on a honeymoon immediately after your wedding, book your travel under your maiden name.
In order to change your name on your driver's license, insurance, bank account, and so on, you'll need to be issued a new Social Security card first. This invalidates your license as a primary photo ID, but it still shows your picture and your old name. Change your name on your bank accounts, credit cards, insurance, licenses, passport, investments, tax forms, and any other official documents containing your old last name. Many will require a copy of the marriage license or other official legal proof of the name change.
Your friends and family may have written your soon-to-be-new name on checks to you for your wedding. You may also want to put each other’s names on your accounts or open a new joint checking account. This will include the information on your new name and provide you the documentation you need when you go to the DMV and whatnot.
If at all possible, come equipped with the case number, the date it was filed, and the names of the parties involved. If you moved after your divorce, it may just be easier to file a petition for a name change. If you have accounts or connections in your previous place of living, inform them of your name change. Unless you try to change it to a number, something offensive, or a celebrity's name, they'll probably say yes. The people at the courthouse are humans and things can get lost, so keep a copy for yourself.
In general, when you're making your rounds at the Social Security Office or the DMV, bring your birth certificate and all your paperwork with you, in addition to a good, long book. The clerk will give you the necessary paperwork to get started, including the NC-110, NC-200, and NC-220. From here, the process is the same as any other name change (see the above section), apart from the fact that a gender change is tacked onto it. Go to the DMV, the SSA, alert your post office, get a new passport, call up the bank -- basically just cross your Ts and dot your Is.
This could be the ministry of government services, court of justice, registrar of civil status, or vital statistics office. Sort of like common-law marriage, if you've used a name for long enough, your court may recognize it with zero paperwork done on your behalf. For example, if you change your driver’s license but not your credit card, you may not be able to verify your identity with your license if asked to by a store clerk.
Bring this form and your original or certified copy of your marriage license to your local social security office. You can find more on the wedding after math here: thank you cards, changing your last name, and the super simple wedding scrapbook. I loved starting a new family with him, and for me personally, that meant me taking his family name.
I think after 3 years the passport is the only thing I still need to change.The bank always messes it up. I will be teaching my girls to keep their own names or do what you did if marrying a trade down last name – or trade it if they want and they think they are trading up. Being a bit of a feminist too I just, to me it's romantic, I want us to have the same surname and I want our children to have the same name as me too. I am changing my last name, it means a LOT to him and honestly its something that I will cherish. His parents are divorced and remarried (dad is now divorced again) and mine have been married for 35 years going on 36… together for 40. For me, its how I was raised so its the norm for me, however I know a lot of married women that kept their last name. I think that when the time comes for me to get married, I will try to make my maiden name a second middle name, or even have two last names.
Coming from divored parents it's confusing for the kids in school To have different last names than their parents, mine was simple, I love my family but I never liked my last name and I thought it was ugly, and I really liked my husbands name so I totally dropped it!
Jamie has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Union Tribune, The Baltimore Sun, Rue Magazine, Grace Ormonde, Style Me Pretty, WE TV, Bravo, Premier Homes, and many other publications. Your online name serves as a portal of sorts, ushering friends and family to discover and navigate your timeline, while offering a touch of personalization in the form of additional nicknames, professional titles, and the like. Or you may decide you have a new-found fondness for your middle name or simply want a way to distance yourself from that horrendous alias that donned the top of your profile page throughout your college career. Facebook supposedly requires each individual to provide his or her real name — something many people skirt around — but certain characters, punctuation marks, and inappropriate words will not pass muster regardless.

Launch your favorite browser and sign in to Facebook as you would normally, entering your email or phone number and providing your password before navigating to the homepage. The General Account Settings tab should open by default, but simply click the General option on the left-hand side to bring up the main interface if it doesn’t. Click the blue Edit button in the top-right corner next to your name to access the main name settings.
If you choose display your alternate name alongside your real name, it will appear to the right of your actual name at the top of your personal timeline and alongside your name in any search results or pending friend requests. I would take my last name as my middle name (since I don’t have a middle name to begin with) and take his last name.
However, I hear that it’s a huge pain to have a hyphenated name and that computers mess it up all the time.
So you feel all the women who don’t take their husband’s names, do not love them? It’s time to change your last name, there are so many important documents with your name on it that will need altering.
In a few situations, they may say you need a court order; if so, you can find directions to that at the bottom of this page. Take your old driver's license, your new social security card, and any documentation that led to your new social security card (like your marriage certificate) with you. Now that you have two forms of identification (your new social security card and your new driver's license), you can go about changing your name on all of your other legal and financial interests. If you're taking your maiden name, the process is very simple and straightforward -- the court will do the work for you. Once you've received the go-ahead, you'll then go about covering your bases, contacting banks, the DMV, etc. Take care in alerting all government organizations, the post office, banks or groups you may belong to and the like. You'll be given the Form NC-100 (the petition to change your name), in addition the the Form NC-110, 120, and Form CM-010 to take to a notary public. But some courts still require that you publish the order to Show Cause for Change of Name once a week for three or four weeks in a row. He can either then use the Declaration of Physician — Attachment to Petition (Form NC-210) or write his own.
You'll have a hearing scheduled and need to publish the Order to Show Cause just as everyone else does.
As long as you include the fee (can be upwards of $100) and fill it out, you're generally on your path to becoming the next Rainbow Puppy-Dog, or whatever floats your boat. The other (if present) needs to be informed and can contest the proposal, but you can still get the court hearing. Because of your marriage or domestic partnership license, your old name is not entirely gone and can be linked to your new name.
From what I gather, there are 3 main camps on the issue: take his name, hyphenate names, or keep your last name.
Obviously you don’t want to make brand hew accounts with your new name because then you would loose all of your previous miles. My husband thinks it’s so dumb and tedious, but I love keeping every part of my identity. Now, if my maiden name had been special in any way I might have had to improvise along the lines of what you did. Also, on my dad's side of the family, out of him and his 4 siblings, only my dad and my Uncle Mike are the guys. I felt that if I would have kept my last name, it would be like I was not fully committed to the marriage.
However, there are more plausible reasons than you might expect for changing your Facebook name to something more appropriately suited for you. Type in your desired first, middle, and desired last names before specifying your display name from the drop-down menu below the three text boxes. Similar to your actual name, your alternate name must adhere to certain alternate name policies to pass confirmation.
She wanted to know whether I’d be keeping my maiden name or taking his, or hyphenating.
I generally like this option, but I fear that no one would actually call me by my middle name. Make sure you have your Marriage Certificate before trying to make any leeway with any of the steps below. However, if you're taking a new name entirely, you'll probably have to file a petition later, but that's easy too.
This is all extra legal stuff about cause, publishing and establishing your specific case for the court review. If successful, the judge will sign your NC-130, which you can then take with you in changing your passport, driver's license, and the rest of your life, really. But I also moved countries within a month of getting married, so in the UK a lot of my bank etc that are still there are in my surname and probably will be for some time.
I was happy and she didn't feel like I was just throwing away something that was meaningful to her {really, how meaningful can Marie with no family connection be?}.
My lady said I could do whatever I wanted too… she told me I could add another middle name if I wanted! It’s recognizably Romanian (at least to other Romanians) and I love that I get to carry a bit of my culture with me in my name. I would insist on it (a la Jennifer Love Hewitt), but I think it would bug me if people left it out.
One really important factor before changing your identification (drivers license or passport) is to make sure you wait until after your honeymoon or preplanned trips before changing these docs.
I booked everything in my maiden name, and will change it when we return from the honeymoon.
If you change it before your trip, the name on the official travel document and your identification won’t match. Oh, and don't get me started on how hard it was to convince the nurse who checked me in for an emergency c-section that I really did legally have two middle names.

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