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I recommend starting off your mornings with a healthy breakfast; even if you're not hungry make it a habit to have a healthy breakfast daily. Instead of dieting I suggest exercise is the key; cardio is the best for losing weight but that doesn't mean you need to go on crash diets and head to the gym. After any binge eating occasion, the first thing you need to do is detox by eating a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables.
It is best to begin a diet after consulting a doctor because some diets severely limit the nutrients that you consume which in turn is very dangerous for your health. Finally, even if you’re not obese, it doesn’t mean that you are at your healthiest weight, or don’t suffer symptoms due to the extra weight you carry. Here are 5 other important reasons that healthier eating should be your number one New Year’s resolution in 2016.
High amounts of sugar and too many processed foods have been linked to increased incidence of depression. Poor nutrition and even slight amounts of extra weight are a drain on your energy and make it more difficult to get the physical activity you need. Alcohol, caffeine and sugar, some of the staples of an unhealthy diet, also affect your sleep. Processed foods have extra fats, salt and sugar that make it difficult for your system to process them smoothly. OCD is the short form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, an anxiety disorder that can literally ruin a person’s life if left untreated. Common behavioral symptoms include repeated washing, repeated checking, excessive cleaning, checking for dirt, constantly arranging things about the house etc. Adding more nutritious foods to your meals can help reduce the stress and anxiety related to OCD to a great extent. OCD and its symptoms can be controlled to an extent with the help of healthy eating habits.
Although coffee, tea, chocolate and soda contain some amounts of caffeine and need to be avoided at all costs (caffeine can aggravate the stress related symptoms of OCD), you can opt for a non-caffeinated beverage to soothe your senses.
Alcohol can provide intermittent relief from the symptoms of OCD, but fails to do so after its effects on the body wear away.
Similar to alcohol, nicotine provides temporary relief from the symptoms of OCD, but aggravates the same as and when the results of the nicotine start wearing off. Stress is attributed as the main (and the worst) symptom of OCD, and can trigger an avalanche of other related symptoms in a very short span of time.
Sometimes the best way to relax those frayed nerves would be to soak in a bath filled with warm water. Exercise Regularly A 30 minute exercise routine every day can do wonders in controlling the symptoms of OCD. Create a Delay Period Most people with OCD generally know the actions or situations that cause them to experience OCD urges and thoughts.
If you are known to be a glutton when it comes to tasty food, you must change that habit immediately. Relaxing exercises like walking, slow jogging are really helpful for IBS patients because long walks or morning jogs, help clear your mind. Hemorrhoids is a medical condition that is characterized by the inflammation of the renal veins. External hemorrhoids usually appear as lumps on the skin surface and can be easily felt by hand.
One of the main causes for hemorrhoids (both internal and external) happens to be constipation. Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis can flush out harmful toxins from the body, thereby preventing conditions like constipation and external hemorrhoids that can possibly be fuelled by these toxins. Applying an ice pack or placing a cold compress on the anal region can help offer relief from the symptoms of external piles (mainly discomfort, itching, irritation, pain and inflammation). Adding some epsum salts to a tub of warm water and soaking in the same can help reduce the symptoms of external hemorrhoids to a great extent. Blending a fresh bitter gourd or the leaves of the vegetable to form a juice and drinking the same can offer relief from bleeding hemorrhoids. Change Your Eating Habits Hurried eating or eating too much food at the same time can lead to the food getting stuck in the stomach and colon. Bad Habits – Indicates that an indvidual may be an Unorganized and Overwhelmed person. Take that habit and create a system for change that habit to an exceptional habit or if the habit is task oriented, break down the task into smaller easier to manage tasks.
Make the decision to commit to a 7-day plan then expand it to 30 or 90-days until your habit is changed from marginal-not serving to your success, to an Exceptional Habit! Based on The Psychology of Habits by Jeffery Combs, More Heart Than Talent Podcast, Originally aired March 11, 2014. It is easier to focus on your goals when you have a good support system; where you can push each other.
I help people correct their diets and teach them how to maintain a balanced healthy nutritious diet because when a person diets, one shocks the body and therefore drastic reductions in their weight are evidently visible. Instead of just relying on the general information available on the internet, reach out to a professional who can modify your diet in tune with your health status. Since forever ago when your parents started telling you to eat your vegetables, someone somewhere has been telling you to eat better. If you’re not shopping for and preparing the vast majority of all your meals from scratch, you probably aren’t eating as healthily as you think.
There are way more benefits to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle than losing weight and having a healthier body.
Conversely, whole foods like berries, spinach and avocados increase your level of serotonin, which helps you feel happier and healthier.
A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish and lean meat stabilizes your blood sugar, reduces the amount of fat you store and helps you avoid the energy crashes you get throughout the day.
Coupled with reading from your iPad at night, you can suffer mild symptoms of sleep deprivation. But whole foods, especially those with fibre and probiotics, actually help your body digest everything you eat, even the junk. When you call a Fit Food Nutritional Concierge, you’ll get off to a great start and you won’t even have to worry about preparing meals.
The disorder is characterized by invasive thoughts that keep hording the mind constantly, producing anxiety, fear, apprehension or worry (noted as obsessions).

Include foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, essential fatty acids, magnesium, complex carbohydrates and Vitamins B12, C and D. Never skip meals as this can lower your blood sugar levels and increase the stress-related symptoms of OCD, including headaches and anxiety.
If you are addicted to caffeine, reduce its intake slowly for stopping it immediately can also cause headaches.
If you are a frequent drinker, you may probably drink every time you start experiencing the symptoms of OCD.
Exercising helps you train your mind to focus on other things as and when you start getting obsessive in your thoughts or compulsive in your behavior. Trying to delay the response to these thoughts and compulsions can help control the symptoms of OCD to a great extent. The next time you get an obsessive though or compulsive behavior, try pushing it to the back of your mind by focusing on a stress free activity like reading a book or listening to music. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Along with the balanced diet make sure you cut down on your intake of caffeine, products with artificial sweeteners in them, nicotine, cigarettes etc. Consume small amounts of food within short intervals of time rather than gulping down large amounts of food with long intervals in between.
It also leads to the production of certain painkilling endorphins and also keeps your digestive system well functioning. So once you get your diet and eating habits on track, combating IBS shouldn’t be that much of a problem. Home remedies though are devoid of all that and offer the best possible treatment for the condition and its symptoms.
Therefore, treating constipation is considered as the first step to effectively treat hemorrhoids at home. Fiber supplements like methyl cellulose and Psyllium can also be taken on a regular basis. Accordingly, foods rich in fiber are considered very beneficial for individuals suffering from constipation as well as external hemorrhoids. Excess water in the system would also ease the bowel movement and make it easier for the concerned individual to pass stools without causing pain or bleeding. Sitting on a cold towel (dipped in cold water) can also help provide relief from the symptoms of external hemorrhoids to an extent.
The best option would be to sit in the warm water for about 20 minutes, and to repeat the process at least 5 times every day for maximum benefits. 2 glasses of fresh radish juice every day can relieve the symptoms of external hemorrhoids to a great extent and prevent recurrences. Mixing the powdered seeds (dried mango seeds) with a spoon of honey and consuming the same at least thrice a day can stop bleeding piles in addition to offering relief from the discomfort, swelling and pain associated with the condition. A glass of bitter gourd juice first thing in the morning every day can be very beneficial for individuals suffering from external hemorrhoids. Improper chewing of food can also lead to indigestion which in turn can cause constipation and external hemorrhoids. Limiting the amount of food consumed in each meal can also relive the stomach and make it easier for the organ to digest the food properly.
They have expectations that are greater than their habits. You want to have exceptional habits that are going to serve you. Discipline includes changing your mindset and your dialogue with yourself which should always be positive. Start with taking the stairs instead of the lift and I assure you won't need any of these diets. But as soon as one falls off the diet bandwagon they start piling on weight very fast and therefore suffer from health issues. Avoid tetra packs as they don't have the same amount of vitamins and contain preservatives.
Second, exercise in the absence of good nutrition and a disciplined eating habit will not deliver all the expected benefits. When you eliminate the sleep killers, you get more rest and have the energy to help your body lose more weight.
When you feel better about yourself and everything around you, it helps you develop better, stronger relationships.
The condition is also characterized by repetitive behaviors that encourage the person to think that such behaviors would help reduce their anxiety and uneasiness.A person with OCD would most likely be preoccupied constantly with rather irrational thoughts pertaining to religion, violence, relationships or sex etc. Effective Home Remedies For OCD The thing about OCD is that it would take quite an effort on the part of the concerned individual to thwart the condition and its symptoms.
In addition to strengthening the body and stabilizing the blood sugar levels, these foods would also help stimulate the increased production of a neurotransmitter called serotonin which has calming effects on the body and mind.
Although you don’t need to stop drinking alcohol altogether, it is considered necessary to limit its intake in order to let your body fight off the symptoms on its own.
So make it a point to stop smoking or limit the use of nicotine to a minimum until the condition is completely under control. In addition to regular exercises like walking, jogging and swimming, opt for aerobic workouts that would help stimulate the release of the ‘feel good hormone’ called Endorphins, thereby boosting both physical and mental health. This is called a delay period wherein a person with OCD pushes aside his obsessive thoughts and compulsive actions and tries to focus on something else for a short period of time.
Push these obsessive thoughts to the back of your head, telling yourself that you would attend to them as soon as the delay period (30 minutes should do fine) is over. If your problem is constipation then consume more of insoluble fibre like whole grains, green salads, wheat etc. So if you want to reduce your IBS symptoms, you have to persevere and your habit of gorging down lots of food at once. If your stress is being caused by certain events of your life you may try maintaining a diary, talking to a friend or a even a therapist. Here is a recipe for the best ginger tea you can make: add steaming hot water to a little grated ginger. Any other factor that leads to excess pressure buildup in the renal veins can also cause piles. Excess fiber in the system would aid in the digestion process and make the stools soft enough to pass through the colon easily.
The best option would be to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day for best benefits. Alternatively, grating a radish and swallowing it with some honey every day (twice for best benefits) can effectively help treat external hemorrhoids.

Avoid Potential Triggers Certain triggers can lead to the formation of external hemorrhoids, or can aggravate the symptoms of an existing condition. And eating late at night can also lead to indigestion and the formation of external hemorrhoids in the long run. And the best option would be to eat early in the night (at least 3 hours before bedtime) to avoid issues like indigestion and constipation which can easily cause external piles or aggravate the symptoms of an existing condition.
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Studies have shown that most of us severely overestimate the number of calories we burn during exercise and severely underestimate the number of calories in the fruit smoothie we reward ourselves with after a workout. Some people affected by OCD find it difficult to change their obsessions and compulsions even after realizing that they are irrational. Excellent examples of foods you can eat in order to combat OCD and its symptoms include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, flaxseeds, walnuts and low fat dairy products like yogurt and milk. And binge eating during stressful conditions would only lead to an overweight body without doing anything to control the symptoms of OCD. Practice Deep Breathing One of the best ways to control the symptoms of OCD is to train the mind to relax as and when the symptoms of the condition start occurring. Some of the more common techniques you can opt for include deep breathing, meditation and yoga. Have A Massage Ask a friend or family member to give you a gentle body massage whenever you feel stressed out. Once the delay period is over, reassess the thought or urge you got and find out whether you experience the same level of anxiousness or stress when you think about it. Cigarettes lead to transfer of smoke in your liver which is difficult to bear for IBS patients. In certain cases, the lumps would start to collect blood and transform into blood clots (a condition called Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids) which can be even more painful to handle.
Therefore, it is considered wise to eat foods that are easy to digest and help regulate the bowel movements. This in turn would regularize the bowel movements and offer relief from the pain caused by hardened stools (when they brush against the external growths) in addition to preventing the formation of external hemorrhoids to a great extent. Blending some white radish and milk, and applying the paste on the hemorrhoids can effectively bring down the swelling and pain associated with the condition. Additional Home Remedies For External Piles Physical activeness is considered very important for individuals who are prone to conditions like constipation and external hemorrhoids.
High-fibre salads consumed before a meal helps you in partaking lower-calorie foods served afterward.
While at home, you can always do a little warm-up by spot jogging for five minutes and then do 25 suryanasmaskars, kapalbhati kriya (25 strokes, four times) and relax with shavasana (for two minutes).
And one way to do that is to practice deep breathing and other relaxation techniques on a daily basis. You can also opt for other stress relieving activities like listening to music, reading a book, gardening or swimming whenever you feel stressed out. In almost all the cases, after the delay period, the concerned individual would feel less stressed about these thoughts and urges and would be able to control them to a great extent. Many yoga exercises are designed specifically for relaxing your body and calming your mind. Simple And Effective Home Remedies For External Piles Although standard medications and surgical options are readily available for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, doctors usually ask patients to try certain home remedies and wait for a period of time to see if the lumps disappear on their own (not in the case of Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids though which need to be treated surgically).
Accordingly, some of the potential triggers of external hemorrhoids include alcohol, coffee, tea, other caffeinated drinks, beet, sodas, fizzy drinks and strong spices etc. A sedentary lifestyle would only contribute to the formation of external hemorrhoids on a large scale. Jolly established Jolly Marketing Concepts (JMC) in December 2012 to promote her primary business and affiliate programs. This would relax your body and mind, and help you concentrate better on the household chores and duties without getting stressed out or anxious. Practice this remedy diligently for some time and you would be able to control the symptoms of OCD to a great extent.
The hemorrhoids usually form on the outer skin of the anal region and are also called as External Hemorrhoids. The best option would be to either eat them raw or blend them and drink the resultant juice (without any artificial sweeteners) at least twice a day for desirable results. In addition to causing discomfort in the stomach, these triggers can also cause excessive itching and irritation (even bleeding in certain cases) when they pass through the colon. Regular exercises can help regularize the bowel movements and enable the easy passage of stools. She looks forward to introducing you to new and innovative ways of saving and making money. I promote healthy eating by substituting sauces and cream-based dips with chutney and salsas. Sleep properly Inadequate sleep can cause conditions like insomnia which in turn can elevate the stress levels in the body and aggravate the symptoms of OCD.
Therefore, it is considered important and maintain a healthy weight in order to thwart such issues. Individuals with external piles should refrain from sitting continuously at the same spot for long hours.
Sleep for at least 6 hours a day with at least 4 of those hours dedicated to an uninterrupted slumber. Sitting continuously for extended periods without breaks can cause excess heat to accumulate near the anus, thereby causing external hemorrhoids. This way, your body and mind would feel fresh after you wake up, enabling you to maintain your emotional balance and control the stress related symptoms of OCD to an extent. Oz and the Huffington Post also recognized her as one of the 'Top 35 Diet and Nutrition Experts' She is also a health expert for the ABC TV show Good Morning Texas.

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