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In many places, a legal name change does not authorize a change on one's birth certificate. In some societies, women are increasingly opting to not take their husband's surname upon marriage. A birth certificate contains information regarding the date, time and place of birth for an individual. In the United Kingdom, a legal name change can be obtained through an act of Parliament if it applies to nobility.
In Quebec, a legal name change generally must be authorized by the Director of Civil Status, who can also amend birth certificates upon authorization. If you wish to obtain a legal name change, then be prepared to start by contacting the proper government office or official for where you currently reside. Now, I have to renounce my original citizenship, and the High Commission requires a court order for the name change. I would like to change my name for my new future, especially for my high school diploma, due to the false parents that have not been supportive for any length of time I spent from childhood into adulthood. I want to change my name because I don't like the name on my birth certificate and I have not been living under that name at all. I changed my name when I became a us citizen, but now I want to change back to my birth name. I was born in jersey (C.I) and given a name by my birth mother just before I was put up for adoption. Ueno, Uesugi, Ukita, Urakami, Usami, Utsunomiya, Wada, Wakebe, Wakiya, Wakizaki, Yamada, Yamaga, Yamagata, Yamaguchi, Yamana, Yoshida, Yoshii. Yoshiyuki, Yoson, Yosuke, Yozo, Yugoro, Yuichi, Yuifum, Yuji, Yujiro, Yuki, Yukichi, Yukinaga, Yukio, Yuko, Yunosuke, Yushiro, Yusuke, Yutaka, Zenko, Zeshin. Jiromaru, Komaro, Kunimatsu, Manpukumaru, Muramaru, Nagamaru, Oguromaro, Omaro, Rokumaru, Sanhoshimaru, Somemaru, Tamuramaro, Tsurumaru, Tsurumatsu, Uchimaro, Umemaru, Ushiwakamaru.
Changing your name in Florida requires filing a petition for name change with the courts, fingerprints, a national criminal background check and possibly a court hearing.
You can change your name for any legitimate reason, but not for illegal purposes, such as to avoid paying debts.
If you are changing your name due to marriage, your marriage certificate serves as official proof. If you wish to change a child’s name due to adoption or paternity action, the final papers will serve as official proof of the name change. Once you change your name, you should inform the Social Security Administration, banks, schools, DMV, employers, insurance companies any any other entities you interact with.
The procedures for court processes involving minors usually vary somewhat from those involving adults.
Write your name as it appears on your official Florida identification card, date of birth, sex and physical address.
Legal documentation will be required for some forms of identification: your Social Security card, birth certificate card and passports. Other commonly required forms are a petition to legally change your name, an order to show cause for the name change, and a decree to legally change your name.
If you are interested in immigrating to the United States and would like more information, please contact our office to speak with one of our attorneys today! There are numerous reasons you might want to change your name, ranging from getting married to gender reassignment to simply wanting to get a fresh start with a new name.

The good news is that you can legally change your name inexpensively, and even, if you choose, without an attorney. In the US, the actual name changing is done on a state level, which usually means visiting your county courthouse. No matter the state, you will need to have with you either an original or certified copy of your birth certificate (the latter can be obtained from the county recorder from where you were born). Fortunately, the process has usually been streamlined and simplified over the years — and in many states, you can grab the forms and instructions you need online. Typically, the paperwork you submit will be reviewed by a court clerk, then given to a judge who gets to say yes or no to your name change.
Besides the obvious reasons of marriage and adoption, which generally include a legal name change, people may change their name to disassociate from something negative or infamous, or may simply wish to give themselves a name that is more usable. Though the specific process may vary slightly from state to state, any US citizen has the right to change their name, either through common law or court procedure. A simple filing of an application in civil court along with a nominal fee is all that is required. Many governments in other parts of the world are very strict about name changes and most require government authorization before a name change is declared. Also be prepared to produce a legal birth certificate and a logical explanation for your name change. I really would like to change my first name to one of my two middle names, so how can i do this? You must be age 18 or over, or the parent or guardian of a child whose name will be changed, and live in the county where you, or the child, seek the name change. You also cannot change to a name that will impact the rights of others or infringe on trademarks or patents.
If you are going back to your former name due to divorce, the final divorce decree serves as official proof. If you encounter institutions and companies that do not want to honor your name change, it’s a good idea to have a court order as proof.
Generally, you will need to fill out a form, which will include simple questions such as your old name, new name, Social Security number, the reason for the name change, and a promise that your intention is not illegal, or an attempt to escape debt or criminal liability. Take the completed forms to your local court clerk, file them and pay your state’s filing fees, and then a judge or magistrate will review the submission and grant the name change. You should also change your name on personal documents (including estate planning documents) and notify the following: employers, schools, the post office, Department of Motor Vehicles, Social Security Administration, Department of Records or Vital Statistics, financial institutions, creditors, debtors, utility companies, your state’s taxing authority, insurance agencies, Registrar of Voters, passport office, public assistance office and Veterans Administration. Citizen and Immigration Services recommends that you replace your green card with one that has your new name. For example, the Civil Court in New York State offers DIY forms to make name change petitions, and the California courts have a self-help center offering form downloads and other assistance.
Coloring books for adults: 6 new titles, featuring beautiful vintage fashion & patternsClick to see them! Whatever the reason, the process for obtaining a name change varies depending on where you live, but is fairly easy to accomplish.
Even though a person may change their name at will and operate a business, write a book, or even sue someone under a different name, it is generally legally recognized so long as there was no fraudulent intent involved. The applicant can probably expect to provide a valid and reasonable explanation for desiring the name change.
In most cases, a person must prove that their present name causes or will cause them significant distress before a name change will be considered.
In the United States, marriage, adoption, and citizenship are examples of situations in which the opportunity for a name change is included in the legalities.

I haven't had much luck finding my real mum so i was wondering if it's possible to change my name to my birth name other than by deedpoll, as I feel it will make things a lot easier to find my mum if I'm known by the name she gave me. All other adult name changes require you to complete the Florida Petition for Change of Name for an adult, and file it with the clerk of the circuit court in the county where you live. However, if both parents do not agree to the change, the petitioning parent must either obtain written consent from the other parent or serve the other parent with notice of the petition.
Since laws vary from state to state, it’s important to find out what is required in your state.
When applying for naturalization, the applicant has the option of asking to change his or her name when citizenship is granted with no extra fees.
The process begins with filling out USCIS Form I-90: Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. Further, the court can rule against a name change if the applicant is attempting to change their name to something obviously offensive or immoral, or is attempting to commit fraud.
During the naturalization interview, the officer in charge told me that It is illegal in the USA to have a male member's first name as the last name.
The clerk of the court will instruct you where to get your fingerprints taken and the process for the criminal background check. Once filed, the parent(s) must submit to fingerprinting, a criminal background check and a final hearing.
A bank or other official institution will recognize a Deed of Change of Name as legal, but the document does not change one’s birth certificate. If I wish to continue using that middle name, I need to obtain a court order and reappear after three or four months. If you have been convicted of a crime and your civil rights have been suspended, you cannot change your name until those rights have been restored. Once the court receives the results, it will either grant the name change or set a hearing date. Thus, some situations, such as obtaining a passport, require both a birth certificate and the Deed of Change of Name for purposes of identification. So I chose to drop the middle name and was issued the certificate of naturalization, accordingly. When I was born my mother named me one name, and a few years later wanted to name me another.
When the judge grants the petition and issues a formal order, the order serves as official proof of the change. For those with permanent resident status who would like to do so, here’s what you’ll need to do.
If USCIS wants more information, you may need to go to a USCIS office for an interview or provide the original copy of the legal document confirming your name change. But throughout my life people have called me by the other name, unless it was for legal purposes since she never legally changed my name.
Now I want to add the marital last name, as well as the name I have been going by not legally. It causes a lot of stress and wondered if it would be worth it to have my named changed (one letter in one of my names would probably work) at the age of 62.

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