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It’s not much different from the batteries powering your remote control, but then why don’t you find yourself having to change your car battery every few months? So your car battery is constantly being charged while you’re driving, ensuring that you hopefully only have to replace it every once in a while. Regenerative braking is a process by which your hybrid car converts the friction from braking into electrical energy, and you should be glad for it. Some simple physics knowledge is all it takes to know one of the many ways science helps you save money while you drive. A car battery is vital in supplying constant electricity flow into all electrical components in an automobile.
In the market today, there are two types of batteries on sale, namely wet cell and the dry cell. Before proceeding to pop the hood, ensure that you have all the necessary tools to perform the job not forgetting correct battery size for your car type.
Ensure that there is no gas source, open spark or flame near you before proceeding to dismantle the car battery negative terminal first. This simple DIY (do it yourself) tip on how to change car battery saves you tones of hassle at the workshop plus it is light on your wallet too.
If you regularly have to jump start your car or if it has been starting slowly, it may be time to consider replacing your car's battery. If you have a battery saver, connect it at this point to save your radio presets and other settings following the instructions provided with the device. The battery is normally located under the hood, however in some cars it may be located in the trunk or under a seat. The battery will have a positive (+) terminal (often with red markings) and a negative (–) terminal (often with black markings).
You should now be able to remove the battery from the car, however take care as they are heavy and can weigh 30 to 60 pounds.
Certain specifications, prices and equipment data have been provided under license from Chrome Data Solutions ("Chrome Data"). Hey Pretty Handy Girl readers, I’m stepping up to the podium today to prove to you that I can do more than just wrap presents around here. There comes a time in every car owner’s life when you get stuck and your car is difficult to start. You can purchase a new car battery at your local auto parts store or discount stores like Costco.

Ok, seriously she made me write that last part.A  Pop the hood of your car and prop it open. The battery should no longer be connected to the car at this point.A Look closely, does your car battery have a protective cover surrounding it?
At this point, you will want to use the wire brush to clean off any corrosion from the battery terminal clamps.
Gently set the new battery into the car.A A  You can spray a little anti-corrosion spray on the battery posts if you like.
Re-attach the mounting bracket by hooking the rod back onto the stand and then attach the bolt to the front. Did Brittany ever tell you about the time that I changed the oil on my car when we were dating? A typical car battery is a DC battery formed by what is called a voltaic cell, where chemical properties are taken advantage of to create a potential difference between two solutions. The alternator generates an alternating current from a series of coiled wires (like you would see in an electromagnet), which then gets split into two different direct currents that are used to charge your battery and power your electronics.
Hybrids generally have a lithium ion battery that, while benefiting from an alternator, really needs a little something more to keep a full charge. The wet cell requires top up of sulfuric acid in order for it to perform normally and has a lifespan of three to five years, whereas the dry cell type is maintenance free.
Before changing a car battery there are a few steps to take to ensure that it is the cause of the issue. It is important to use a battery from the proper group so that it will fit your car correctly.
If you do not have a battery saver make sure that you have any PIN numbers required for the radio or other equipment in your car. There will likely be a bracket holding the battery in place – normally these can be removed by undoing a couple of nuts or bolts.
Clean the battery cables on the car using sandpaper or a wire brush to ensure that they will make good contact. But, when your wife is waving a camera in your face and telling you to stop and hold that pose, it can take considerably longer. You might need to put the adjustable wrench on one side to secure the nut head while turning with the socket wrench on the opposite side. One day it’s about home decor, building something, planting something, car repair etc.

Dismantle the battery holder which usually sits on top to enable you to lift the battery out from the engine bay. If your car has a voltage gauge a fully charged battery should read around 12.6V with the engine off.
If you are unable to find the battery or remove the bracket the owner's manual should provide some helpful instructions. Disconnect the negative cable first, followed by the positive cable, ensuring that the two cables do not come into contact with each other or the battery terminals. Brittany’s car battery had been showing signs of weakness, but it was hanging in there. Cool showing off my mad shade tree mechanic skills I started up the car and asked her to look for any leaks.
An alternator is then used to restore lost charges in a battery when the engine is operational. Normally you should change a car battery with one of the same capacity, however there is usually no harm in using one with increased capacity.
Also make sure that any tools you use do not create a bridge between the terminals or between a terminal and the car, as this can cause a short circuit or give you a shock.
Reattach the positive cable to the positive terminal on the battery, and then reconnect the negative cable to the negative terminal.
When she took it to the dealer for a recall issue, the mechanic wanted to charge her $$$ to change the battery. Ensure that the correct terminal is in place before proceeding to install the battery holder and tighten all nuts and bolts. The car should be able to come to life in one crank assuming all other engine parts are in good condition.
The gauge should be above 13.5V with the engine running, otherwise the alternator or charging system may not be functioning correctly. Being the frugal Handy Guy around here, I told them to forget it because she could do it herself.A  Somehow she convinced me to do it (must have been my extensive auto parts store work experience from high school).
If your car doesn't have a voltage gauge you can use a multimeter or have a shop run the tests for you.

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