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Over time, I have come across many games and activities that help with anger management and anger awareness. I decided to gather them all in one place and came up with a list of 50 anger management games and activities to share with you today.
If you have any other tools targeting anger, please share with the rest of us by leaving a comment.
Tell us what you're thinking and if you want a pic to show with your comment, go get a gravatar! Proudly serving Texas: Kingwood, Humble, Conroe, Crosby, Highlands, Houston, Huffman, New Caney, Porter, Splendora, TX and their surrounding communities. This functional life skill activity contains a 10 page booklet and an acccompanying activity to reinforce personal hygiene. In this Boardmaker Studio activity, the student can sort expected and unexpected behaviours in the following situations: classroom, library and gym. This activity includes a story ,cards, and sorting page to support students in understanding the difference between public and private behaviours. This functional life skill activity contains a ten page booklet and an acccompanying activity to reinforce personal hygiene. This Microsoft Powerpoint activity is modeled after Caroline Musselwhite’s concept, framing school rules within a fun “rap”. A story about how to start a conversation with conversation starters included created in Writing With Symbols 2000. A story that prepares students for riding public transit ( bus ) created in Writing With Symbols 2000. Use this story ( 6 pages with large image) to discuss dealing with mistakes in school work. A story about appropriate behaviour while riding public transit( bus ), created in Writing With Symbols 2000. A story about using swear words in certain places and in some places where it is not okay.
Taking turns is a story explaining turn taking in 3 different applications Word, WWS, and as a PDF file. The pioneering experts behind the bestselling The Whole-Brain Child now explore the ultimate child-raising challenge: discipline. Pac Man Ghost Stressball Each buy it now comes with one Modeled after the game’s hero, Pac-Man! Secure PaymentsWe offer fast electronic payment options via our Partner Payment providers such as PayPal. Customer ServiceIn the case that you should have any questions to our products, we will assist you and try to help you with any requests as soon as possible. You start thinking about every fun thing you are going to do before you have to start studying.
And you spend the next few nights going out with your friends, wasting your nights away at the bars.

You live in the library for three days straight, without showering or changing out of sweats.
And you have no time to eat, so when you get home at night you eat everything boxed, canned and 100% fast and processed.
Feeling worthless, you try and cheer yourself up, thinking of things you have already accomplished in life.
Augustine094) Yes She Can!093) It's better when it's complicated092) Law of Unintended Consequences091) Who's the boss?090) Stage of Life - Act II089) The Law of Transformeresses088) Knowledge is a dish best served at a buffet087) C is for Cookie and it's good enough for me086) I understand in miracles, you sexy thing085) Nothing good lasts forever084) Three most romantic phrases (in ascending order)083) When my ears were stabbed by the blare of a noisy cell082) Conformists do it because everyone else is081) She's dating a guitarist who hates math080) Final word on the "Nice Guys" theory079) Ninth one this year078) Making the beast with two backs077) Half-empty glass seeks partial fullness076) USB Fluid sold separately075) CompSci Shortest Path algorithms are even worse074) Sold out: "Save the Earth" Special Edition Hummer073) Simile! Angry Tornado: This anger management activity shows a client how anger can build up inside a person.
The Tower: With this activity the play therapy client will create a “visual” of their problems being locked away in a tower and come up with solutions to solving these problems. Anger Control Problem Solving Cards: Anger control cards define problems experienced in a variety of settings and enable children to develop self-awareness and behavorial skills.
Power Cards: Power Cards are highly visual and contain short blurbs or lists of information that will help a child in various situations that he may come across.
Hidden Heart Group Activity: This is for people to recognize and understand that the anger they keep on the inside affects how they live their lives.
Anger Control Puppets: The Anger Management Puppet Set includes 3 puppets, a CD of recorded script, catchy, original music, and a separate guide. Fun and Easy-To-Make Relaxation Flip Books: Kids had fun practicing these, and it was inexpensive to reproduce laminated flip books to send home with clients. Anger Control Dominos: In this new game, players have fun playing dominoes while learning to manage their anger and problem-solve in a thoughtful, assertive, and respectful way. Berenstain Bears Keep Your Cool Card Game: This game is intended to introduce the concept of anger management to children, while encouraging them to talk about things that bother them. Angry Animals: Angry Aardvark, Cranky Crab, Furious Frog, Mad Meerkat, Peeved Pig, and Raging Racoon teach children how to respond to anger in healthy ways.
Smart and Angry: Smart and Angry is a therapeutic and educational board game designed to teach young people specific skills that will help them look objectively at anger-provoking situations and react in a thoughtful, assertive, and respectful way.
Positive Ways To Handle Anger Card Game: The Positive Ways to Handle Anger Card Game is played like the classic Old Maid card game. Anger IQ (Adolescence through Adult): The Anger IQ game educates players about the hazards of irrational thinking associated with anger and gives them practice avoiding them by using a set of principles for dealing with anger. Finding creative ways to engage with children and have them learn something in the process is something many people fail to recognize as an excellent tool. Of course, I welcome people sharing my blog posts… and now I have a new blog to follow myself!
In the first page, the student determines which places are private and which places are public. Have a look inside our store and find out about the latest bargain deals that are hot right now and eligible for fast dispatch. It also shows the client that when they feel an angry tornado building up inside of them they can use coping skills to help defuse the anger.

If the play therapy client is not ready to create a solution to the problem the client can still benefit by visualizing the problem locked away in the tower. It helps people recognize the good things they have in their hearts and to encourage them to share this part of themselves with others. The two scripts and one CD are designed to help counselors, teachers, or parents teach children about how to be a good sport and how to deal with anger. I gave students examples of things that made them or Sophie angry and had students put a leaf on the tree for their response. Have them place their thumb behind the card and watch for the color change to reveal how calm they can make themselves. Using appropriate cards in a variety of activities discussed in the accompanying booklet will facilitate awareness of the causes of anger and help to work out ways to overcome those triggers. The game is played like the familiar children’s card game of War, but with a peaceful twist.
Using two internal dialog techniques—Thought Stopping and Self-Talk—kids can stop anger in its tracks. As they move from the Anger Volcano to Tranquility Beach—with occasional visits to the Time-Out Tent—kids answer game card questions about behavior, responsibility, sibling rivalry, conflict, and relationships. It is not the anger that gets kids in trouble, but rather the actions they take when they are angry, that determine whether they can solve the problem or make things worse.
There are 20 sets of matching cards that show positive, safe ways to handle angry feelings. Players will translate this rehearsal of responsible decisions made under conditions of anger to the real world.
In the second page, the student determines which actions are acceptable in public, and which are acceptable only in private. The play therapy client can become empowered by separating themselves from the problem that is locked away in the tower. By simply playing cards, they learn to envision a stop sign whenever their anger is triggered and to replace their angry thoughts with more positive responses. Each game includes playing instructions, information about anger and how to use the game as an educational tool. This combined use of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and Social Learning Theory is particularly effective. In the third page, the student determines which body parts they can touch in public, and which can only be touched in private.

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