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Hey y'all, I'm Danielle - the crazy behind this blog, where I share my creative life adventures as I survive life as a momma of 4 superheroes & wife to my best friend & fellow nerd. The problem with children attributing their ability to something innate or unchangeable is that when they are faced with challenge and failure they will assume that they cannot do the task. Researchers call this praising the “person” and praising the “process.” Instead of praising your child’s traits (person), praise their behavior (process), emphasizing how they put in effort or changed something. Research shows that when praise is sincere and not only used to reward a behavior that it is beneficial for children’s motivation.
For example, if you are genuinely impressed that your child did something, then tell them, but be specific: “I am so happy you shared your toys with that little girl. In the end, as a parent you want to enjoy and share in your child’s successes and that is what we should do! Praising cognitive and behavioral things is different than praising kindness, goodness, or altruism.
Research shows that prosocial “person” praising works especially well for children around the age of 8 and even in 10 year olds.
For more on how to build up your child come on over to Nurture and Thrive for The POWER of a High 5! Hi there, I totally agree with praising your child for his or her accomplishments, even the little ones because rewards are more effective than reprimands. The most important strategy you can help to build your child’s self-esteem is to tell your child how much you love, value, and appreciate them. There are a number of ways parents can help children improve their ability to consciously make wise decisions. Let your children know that they are responsible for creating their emotions, feelings and experiences. It is very easy as parents always wanting to referee all the time between our child and others. Strength can be most powerful if used correctly.  When your child succeeds at doing something, reinforce that success by pointing out how far they have achieved by not giving up so easily, or not at all. There are many more techniques out there that we can use to build up our child’s self-esteem. But once they develop pride for using the potty, it’s time to focus on that internal reward and for the external rewards to fade. When praise is sincere, don’t hold back, sincere and genuine praise has been shown to increase children’s motivation. Wasn’t it nice to play with her?” “When you share toys it can be fun.” “I am so glad you peed in the potty!” “Do you feel happy and proud?

But instead of focusing on the person or even the behavior, focus on their feelings (and your feelings) of internal joy. Above I said never praise the “person,” only the “process.” Well this is true when it comes to academics and behavior.
That is a great point about how we want our kids to interact with others as well, I hadn’t thought about it in this context, but it is true. Ashley shared this at Pincrazy Thursday and it is being featured this Thursday- such wonderful encouragement for moms.
Kids look up to us and it’s important we let them know that we see them succeed and help them when they do not. However, knowing it is not the same as knowing how to give your child a strong sense of self-worth. It is said that “Actions speak louder than words”, so by showing your child as well as telling them will give them the assurance of who they are and the value you have placed on them. We feel as if we can do anything, regardless of how we may feel or even if we have the right skill-set, qualities or gifting’s. Start first by giving children the ability to make decisions, For example; about what to wear for the day and then letting them live with the consequences, such as being too cold in a short sleeve t-shirt outside in the middle of winter.
When you encourage your child to develop their hobbies and interests which give them the most pleasure and which they can pursue independently, it is in those moments they discover more about themselves and their purpose in life.
Teaching and showing your child to work out their own disputes with siblings, classmates, and friends without adult intervention will show them that they have the ability to stand on their own two feet without someone always leaping to their defence. There are strengths and there are weaknesses, but a weakness could potentially be a strength as well if we learn how to turn it to our advantage. Laughing with your children and encouraging them to laugh at themselves, will help your children to see and experience more joy in their lives. Using these seven strategies can help build your child’s self-worth, and help them lead a happier and more productive and successful life!
For example, children often don’t realize that an emotion isn’t something that will last forever or that they can change it if they want to (For more on regulation, see my post here on The Most Important Skill to Teach Children). I’ve been training myself out of saying things like clever girl, because that implies that she has only been able to do something because she is clever. There is no simple strategy but there are several effective techniques parents can use to help boost self-esteem in their child.
Spending time talking to them and really intently listening to your child and what they have to say, shows your appreciation and interests in them also. Then gradually expand the scope of their decisions and discuss the problems and solutions involved to help the child evaluate the decisions they make.

Helping your child to develop various skill-sets will enable them to build more confidence as well as provide comfort and distraction during moments of difficult times.
As they grow older they won’t always rely on and be under direct adult supervision, but will learn to work through social challenges that they may face and help to build up their confidence and self-esteem. When your child fails, point out the other successes they have enjoyed, especially those that were accomplished after a failure. People who take themselves very seriously are undoubtedly decreasing their enjoyment factor in their life. But when it comes to your child’s belief that they are good or not, you can and should focus on the “fixed” aspect, on her person. If she can’t do something later, she may then assume that actually, she is not a clever girl. Every child has the right to feel whatever their emotion, however it is what they do with it that matters. That when moments of fatigue or giving up try and sets in, or just feeling that they do not have what it takes, they can remember back to their time of successes and triumphs and know that they have all what they need inside to succeed because they know their strengths.
Having a good sense of humour and the ability to make light of life are important ingredients for increasing one’s overall enjoyment. Help them to recognize those feelings of pride, happiness, and satisfaction that come with hard work, good play and trying at something over and over again. I wouldn’t ever tell my son he is bad or anything negative—but telling him he is kind, good, true, brave, and strong will enhance those qualities in him and help him to internalize those ideals. I write about issues that affect us all as parents, drawing from research and experts in my field. Teaching your child about decision making and recognising when they have made a good decision, will leave them feeling empowered. Help your child to develop “tease tolerance” by pointing out that some teasing cannot hurt and exploring the reasons why some children tease.
Children will make decisions all the time whether good ones or bad, but often are not aware that they are doing so. As parents, when we can laugh at our mistakes and at life’s challenges, this will help to teach our children to put trouble in perspective and cope with challenges.

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