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Hard habits to break: Whether we like to think so or not we are legally creatures of our habit. I’ve often watched my parents, of over 30 years, interact with each other as if they were still dating. When I finally stopped running around for a moment and reflected on the reasons for my frustration, several possibilities came to mind.
Another thing I discovered was that we were not spending consistent quality time together, which also meant not communicating. Listen: Not just the “waiting quietly while your spouse speaks for your own turn to speak” kind of listening. The next time you find yourself being defensive with your spouse, remember: Take a time out to listen and understand each other, then discuss ways to do things differently in the future.
Keeping your marriage cleaned up as you go is a great way to prevent a habit of defensiveness and ensure that your marriage is growing into a healthy and strong relationship long into the future. Bethany Stutzman is a registered nurse who grew up on the mission field in Colombia, South America. If you've been promising yourself that you're going to ditch that bad habit for a while but have never quite got around to doing so, it could be time to take the plunge. In 2001, Melisa Christian was a 3:30 marathoner plagued by stomach cramps and frequent porta-potty stops.
BAD HABIT:You Are Your Own MedicWe runners are often hyperaware of our bodies, and when something's "off," we're quick to self-diagnose and treat. BAD HABIT:You're a Night OwlRunners who shortchange sleep compromise recovery, immunity, and mental sharpness, which can turn an easy workout into a grueling one.
BAD HABIT:You Forgo SunscreenIn 2007, the Archives of Dermatology reported that runners are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer than nonrunners.
BAD HABIT:You Never RestOvertraining can cause persistent soreness, suppressed immunity, injuries, moodiness, and loss of motivation.
BREAK IT:Every training program should have a rest day in addition to two or three easy days (shorter, less-intense runs following harder efforts) each week.
It doesn’t matter what habit you’re trying to kick — from nail biting or swearing, from smoking to that smartphone — breaking it, once and for all, is a challenging process that requires time, patience and an honest understanding of what’s in it for you to keep the habit going. If you've ever felt the frustration of trying to break a bad habit and failing, you know how easy it is to just give up. While going cold turkey works for some, area experts agree we're more likely to succeed with a strategy that is individualized, backed by accountability and persistence. Using the emotional freedom technique (EFT) and other similar approaches, Held works with the emotional energy surrounding the behavior. Now granted, some people have less than others and some bad habits are more destructive than others. In many ways this is just as well, for habit are like small computer programmer which take through certain situations in our life without our having to think very much about that are doing.
Their whispers, knowing smiles passed between each other, stolen kisses and my father’s gaze on my mother—as if it was the first time he’d ever laid eyes on her—eventually peaked my curiosity. First of all, I realized that both of us had been very independent prior to marriage and had different ways of doing things.
Talking, reading the Bible and praying together before bed had become an early habit for us, but as it got closer for the big move, those times in the evening together became hit or miss. I did not like automatically responding to my husband defensively, so I went to him with my concerns and guess what?

Respect your spouse by really trying to understand their view of what happened, or is happening. Reacting to each other defensively is a habit that is built over time, stemming from not addressing issues as they present themselves. Her exposure to the third world has fostered a love in her to serve people in underdeveloped nations and she has been blessed with many opportunities to do so.
To help ensure your success and make the process a little less painless, check out these 10 ways to break bad habits.
When we neglect our bodies' basic needs, we can't go as far or, as Christian discovered, as fast. An expert who recognizes that you're an overpronator, for example, could offer better insights on treating your iliotibial band syndrome.
But tight muscles can contribute to shinsplints, plantar fasciitis, and muscle pulls, which could sideline you for weeks. Runners who put greater demands on their bodies tend to benefit from the higher end of that range, says Downey. Researchers found that the occurrence of skin abnormalities increased with mileage, not only because of increased sun exposure, but perhaps because training can suppress immune function, making the body more susceptible to the sun's ill effects. If you have fair skin or a family history of melanoma, follow Kastor's example: She slathers on sunscreen, wears sun-protective clothing, and avoids midday runs. If you didn't have a strenuous week, it's okay to cross-train—go for a hike or swim, take a yoga class, or treat your dog to a long walk. It doesn't matter what habit you're trying to kick -- from nail biting or swearing, from smoking to that smartphone -- breaking it, once and for all, is a challenging process that requires time, patience and an honest understanding of what's in it for you to keep the habit going. More importantly there are two types of bad habits that everyone needs to recognize; the habits that are known and the habits which are unknown. I asked my mother what the key was to having such a dynamic relationship after so many years. As we were both trying to accomplish everything it takes for an international move, there grew a consistent feeling of underlying tension every time we interacted. Since we were newly married, we had not yet developed a way to work together, and doing things our own way was simply not working. In order to stop the rut that you’re beginning to or have already fallen into, stop and sit down with your spouse in order to mutually recognize what is troubling you.
For my husband and I, the way we work to put good habits into place is to ask each other what would have been helpful from the other spouse in each particular situation.
She recently left her job working for a nonprofit organization whose goal is to provide free healthcare in developing countries to get married, follow her husband to Ireland and pursue an advanced degree in her career. Breaking your bad habits with these easy fixes will make you a better runner, not to mention a happier, healthier person. Improved flexibility also shortens recovery time; looser muscles are more receptive to glycogen replacement, which accelerates healing, says Skip Stolley, director of VS Athletics Track Club in Santa Monica, California. Getting enough shut-eye can also ward off "effort headaches." A 1999 study found that distance runners experienced twice the number of headaches as nonrunners. Another study named sweat as a contributor to UV-related skin damage; perspiration increases the photosensitivity of skin, which makes it more prone to burning.
That, too, is uncertain and varies with the individual, says Alison Held, a clinical nutritionist and owner of Healthful Direction in Fairfield. Regardless of the type, bad habits usually hinder an individual from living a long happy, healthy and successful life.

We were both on edge and I realized we were getting into a habit of responding to each other defensively. After a long conversation about the issue, we decided there was no better time than at that moment to stop that habit.
While she is in Ireland, she hopes to continue with her hearts desire of serving people through writing and blogging. Drop a six-miler to a five-miler and use those leftover minutes to hit your calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Downey says this is most likely due to the dilation of blood vessels and sinuses that occurs during exercise. Schedule a massage or breakfast with a friend so you'll feel like the time off was well spent. She works within a 21-day framework, but admits that while many do well for 21 days, six months later they often fall back to their old bad habits.
It needs to be a time that is set aside when you can both think about and discuss the situation.
Remember, you are two completely different people, but you are a team—A team who loves each other and wants the best for your marriage. Once you figure out your target number, try to hit it each night, particularly during the week leading up to a race.
Often they are carried out subconsciously. Seldom do people realize bad habits are consequently harmful until health, friends, and entire families have left them.
Counseling, in combination with medication, helps increase your chance of successful quitting. But it’s also important to be in the right mindset to achieve your goal, and this is something that applies to giving up any bad habit. Now taking into account the several steps to eliminate bad habits from personal lives there are only three that are so crucial. These are identifying the habit, taking action with support, if needed and being persistent. The first step is to personally identify the bad habit. Although obtaining the courage to ask, may be difficult and embarrassing ask anyway because it is easier to end it now rather than later. Now these habits will be the known habits, the habits good friends and family members have noticed for years and were waiting to tell you about. These known habits are sometimes the toughest to discuss because to a great extent they affect family and friends more, while pride stands in the way. However before one plans on breaking a bad habit there must be a strong personal motive for change in the first place. Some tactics you might to think about include pinpointing where your bad habit associated with a specific context- for example, you might light a cigarette when you are making a phone call.
Planning ahead involves consciously giving yourself something else to do – for instance, keep a string of worry beads in a bowl beside at the phone to keep your free hand busy, or stow a pad and pen there so you chat.
If over eating is your bad habit, resolve to order a salad starter when you eat out, so that you fill up with healthy foods ahead of a main course; and if your indulgence is drink when you get in from work, tetra-pack of apple juice or a piece of fruit ready to go in the refrigerator and reach for that instead. You fought temptation, you made the necessary adoptions and revisions to help you reach the next level.

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