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MY BAD HABITS: Chocoholic (as in I can eat the whole block), stress too much, too negative on myself, perfectionist, swearing (potty mouth Army girl). Habits are formed through repetition, and are part of our nature. Like the last time you drove from A to B with out thinking about directions on autopilot, habits enable us to free up our mind for other things. It is so important once you have identified your bad habits to replace them with good habits.
If you have just found my blog be sure to ‘Like’ my blogs Facebook page so you get all my tips on health, fitness, organising, DIY, parenting, meals, party planning, just anything to do with channelling your inner Supermum! Hey, I too like chocolate at night but I try to only keep dark chocolate in the house because you wont binge on that stuff.
One of my bad habits, is I also like to snack at night and it has got to be sweet and chocolate!
Recent CommentsTonedef Entertainment on Keep Your Personal Relationships Private On Social NetworksTonedef Entertainment on Stop Planning! Become A Subscriber To The Break Your Shackles Now Newsletter And Begin To Learn To Live A Life Of Freedom And Empowerment. Download The Money Dominating ToolkitTM and join a community of 20,000 who are building wealth on their terms. One of the worst habits I used to have was that I would always lose my keys after I got home from work. I’m always in a rush when I get home and for the life of me can never remember where I put them.
When I didn’t, every morning sucked as I was trying to find my keys while scrambling to get our kids ready and out the door.
Misplacing your keys doesn’t hurt you too bad other than time and plenty of frustration. The founder of my coaching program, The Strategic Coach, Dan Sullivan, developed the concept of the 21 Day Positive Focus. Similar to the system that my wife created for me with the keys, these entrepreneurs worked to develop these tasks until they become part of their ordinary routine.
Once you understand that habits can change,” Dughigg concludes, “you have the freedom — and the responsibility — to remake them. Open a free, no minimum balance, checking account with a debit card and automatically transfer your agreed upon and BUDGETED “allowance” into the account each week.
We are then able to tell right away whether or not we will have money available to take a weekend trip or attend a concert.
My bad financial habit was buying lunch multiple times a week instead of bringing my lunch to work. School: I’m also going to school at night, and all my textbooks I buy used if I can, and as soon as the semester is over, I post them online to sell them again. Rules of the Challenge You can choose any habit that you want to break or start.  It does not have to be financially related.
Lastly, print off the The Bad Habit Destroyer and write down your habit you want to focus on.  Take a picture and tag me on Facebook or Instagram. Bad habits create slowdowns in decision-making, breakdowns in communication, and micromanagement. Many entrepreneurs fall into the habit of attempting to do it all and failing to pass along tasks to team members. Another easy habit entrepreneurs can develop is bottlenecking decision-making in the business. Another habit both entrepreneurs and employees can get into is being reactive instead of proactive.
Just as with bad personal habits, you can accomplish great things by identifying the habit, recognizing it for what it is, and modifying your behavior to correct for it.
Alliance Group International offers training to help you develop the superior leadership skills necessary to overcoming your bad business habits. Whether it's biting your nails or spending hours on Facebook when you should be working, you probably have a bad habit you just can't seem to break. No matter that you're embarrassed to shake people's hands or that you can't concentrate on work tasks a€” in the moment, the bad behavior feels so good. During a recent TEDMed Talk, Judson Brewer, a psychiatrist at University of Massachusetts Medical School, proposed that the key to breaking a bad habit is mindfulness a€” specifically, focusing on how the habit really makes you feel. Brewer cited a studyA in which he and his colleagues found that mindfulness training could help people quit smoking. Instead of forcing the smokers to quit, the researchers gave them complete permission to continue a€”A but the participants were asked to be mindful about how smoking made them feel. The researchers compared the mindful smokers to another group of smokers who went through pretty standard training called Freedom From Smoking. Judson explained that the same principle could apply to quitting any bad habit, from overeating to texting while driving. Judson said it's because when you try to change your behavior, you're exercising cognitive control, which is related to activity in a part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. But when you're stressed or tired a€” which is when bad habits usually rear their ugly heads a€” the prefrontal cortex basically shuts off. Mindfulness, on the other hand, helps you observe your cravings and your behavior up close, without getting sucked into them. Presumably, you could employ this same strategy when you're trying to reduce the time you spend on Facebook, for example. Instead, focus on the way you feel while you're scrolling through friends' updates:A Annoyed? Habits run our daily life.  Pretty much everything you do is based on a habit you’ve developed at some point in your life. Some habits are helpful, while others can also work against you.  Even worse – there are a few “bad habits” that can have a negative, long-term impact on your capacity to live a fulfilling life. Fortunately, it is possible to eliminate a negative routine – all you need is a plan-of-action. I encourage you to take notes or print out this article, because each of these strategies builds on one another.  Then, once you’ve completed this article, I recommend picking your worst habit and creating a plan for how you’ll overcome it. So before doing anything else, you should implement these seven strategies to make sure you’re positioned for success.
In psychology, there is a term called ego depletion, which basically means your willpower has a limited amount of energy every day.  When it’s overexerted, it becomes hard to control your impulses. Most people don’t have the “willpower energy” to focus on multiple habits.  So when they’re in a depleted state, it becomes too easy to give up on all of them, instead of just one. A 30DHC is where you structure your entire life around the completion of one specific habit goal.  Sure, you’ll do other things, but a large amount of your time (and willpower) will be spent working towards this goal. Having a start date creates energy and excitement for this new change.  Your aim is to dramatically improve your life, so you should feel energized about this countdown. Eliminating a bad habits is like setting a goal.  You won’t achieve it, without having a specific outcome in mind coupled with a target date. Instead, you need to identify what foods to eat, what to avoid and the date when this change will happen. Notice how this outcome has a deadline with a specific outcome.  By August 1st, you’ll know if it’s working or not.  That’s how you set a goal for breaking a habit! We’ve all tried the “cold turkey” solution before.  You make a promise that you’ll never do a bad habit again and then a few days later, you’re doing the exact routine you swore to forever eliminate. Moreover, cold turkey can make a bad habit even worse.  Often when people have a “100% perfect goal” they develop a “what the hell” mindset when they make a mistake.

The best way to make a permanent change is to focus on daily, incremental improvements.  Your aim is to wean yourself off this habit by setting target goals where you consistently decrease the quantity or time that you do it. Like I’ve said, quitting cold turkey isn’t a realistic long-term goal.  Instead, it’s better to focus on incremental goals where you slowly move away from doing the bad habit. In his book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg talks about “habit loops,” which are the actions that bring you from cue to reward.  Understand these actions and you’ll take that first step towards making a permanent lifestyle change. The best way to forever eliminate a habit is to slowly replace or “imprint” negative habits with healthier routines.  That means instead of focusing on what you’re missing, you’ll follow new routines that give you the same reward.
The best way to understand this process is to go over each of the individual components, so let’s talk about how to do that. Your goal is to minimize your drinking.  So after tracking this habit for a few weeks, you realize that the problem most occurs when you’re stressed out or feel like hanging out “The Guys” and watching the ballgame.
By analyzing these triggers, you now know that your drinking is caused by a desire to feel relaxed and reduce stressed.  More importantly, it’s an activity you prefer to share with other people.
Not all of these strategies will be right for your situation, but this strategy is important because you’re trying to find that one new routine that provides a reward that’s similar to the bad habit. Whenever you follow a new routine, take stock of your mood afterwards to see if you still feel a desire to do the bad habit.  If it’s still there, then you know the result of this new routine is not the reward you’re seeking. Whenever you experience a “bad habit trigger,” you should substitute it with a new routine.  This will be hard to do at first, but eventually you’ll start to follow a different routine without thinking about it.
Sure, it’s not easy to “let go” of certain people, but sometimes you need to sacrifice the relationships that lead to self-destructive habit loops.
It’ll take a few weeks of experimentation to identify the perfect replacement habit, but eventually you’ll find something that works.  At this point, you should align your actions to this activity instead of the bad habit.
The best way to make a lasting change is to follow a step-by-step plan whenever you experience an impulse.  Get started by taking the common triggers from strategy #9 and creating a plan for each of these cues. The goal with this exercise is to reprogram your mind to take a different action, even when you feel a craving to do the bad habit. Every plan looks perfect on paper, but they rarely work when you experience a major temptation.  You might do well for awhile, but it’s hard to stick to a new routine when your life is full of stress and triggers. Moreover, it’s hard to remember what it’s like to feel that psychological and physiological craving when you’re making a plan.  You might say you’ll never cave in, but this hard to do when you’re stressed, tired and just want to do the one thing you’re trying to eliminate.
When this happens, it’s important to remember something that George Loewenstein discovered in one of his studies.  Basically he determined that people suffer from a hot-cold empathy gap when it comes to the plans we make for dealing with temptation. Track your day-to-day attempt to change a habit, including every stat or metric.  The more information you include, the easier it is to understand what affects your mood or impulses.
The key with an accountability journal is to provide 100% disclosure.  You need to write down everything– even if you fail with your goal. Social networks have become a major part of our daily existence.  A great way to harness these friendships is to request support for your habit change goal. Never underestimate the power of social approval.  Simply knowing you have to be accountable for your actions keeps you focused on a habit change. Another idea is to find a “sponsor” who can help you get through those moments of weakness.  Simply call this person when you’re feeling weak and they’ll get you past this temptation. People aren’t the only triggers for a bad habit.  Sometimes a location can cause an impulse to follow a specific routine. During the weeks while you’re trying to change a routine, you’ll want to avoid the places that cause a negative habit loop.
Let’s be honest here – some habits require a higher level of expertise that goes beyond reading a piece of online content.  Often, you’ll need to seek out professional help or attend regular meetings to overcome a strong addiction. There are many routines that require professional help – alcoholism, drug addiction, binge eating, chain smoking and eating disorders.  I can’t tell you where the line is, but you might be at a point where you need help from an expert on addiction. Like I mentioned before, ego depletion can leave your willpower in a weakened state.  If you’re always tired, hungry, stressed or depressed, you’ll increase the likelihood that you’ll succumb to a temptation. Don’t underestimate the power of the mind-body connection.  When you live a balanced, healthy life, breaking a bad habit becomes that much easier. We all experience temptations to do a bad habit.  This is a natural part of the process, so don’t let these feelings get you down. The trick is to know what to do whenever you have an impulse.  The moment you experience a cue for a bad habit, reaffirm your commitment to stick to the new plan. As we’ve discussed, it’s easy to slip up with a goal.  What you can’t afford to do is develop the “what the hell mindset” where you basically give up and go on a binge because you’ve already “failed” for the day. So while it’s okay to slip up from time to time, what you can’t do is go off the deep end if you succumb to a temptation.  Yes, tomorrow is another day, but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to go do too much of a bad habit.
For every week you meet a weight loss goal, you could treat yourself to a movie or a small shopping spree.  But you’d want to avoid the all-you-can-eat buffet at Golden Corral. Eliminating a bad habit is like any other long-term goal.  Basically you need daily commitments and reminders to stick with the plan. One strategy is to turn your habit change into goal that you review every single day.  For instance, I have a morning routine where I go over all my goals and reaffirm the commitment to make changes in my life.
If you have any other specific personal development problems, I suggest reading far and wide on your specific subject.
In Part 1 of this interview, I talk with Steve Scott about why people often have problems getting rid of bad habits, and how to get through them.
I’d also be VERY grateful if you could rate, review, and subscribe to A Better Life on iTunes. Have you Ever had to Struggle to Break Bad Habits? It takes work to break any bad habits but….
I know because I have had to break a few bad habits and every quarter when I do my WIS Assessment, I reminded that I have other bad habits I need to overcome. Spend some time looking at habit breaking strategies, so you can set and reach your goals successfully in 2015. We all know what our bad habit’s are but for some reason it is just do dam hard to break them. You are going to need to get out of your comfort zone where you are right now surrounded by your bad habits.
Where our habits go wrong is they are also formed from triggering the pleasure center in our brain, this is where the bad things that feel good come in to it.
Write them in your diary and a plan how to quit them. Mine would be way too much chocolate, too hard on myself and swearing (major problem with a 2 year old parrot boy in the house!).
For a cold snack on a hot evening try frozen fruit, just pop it in the freezer and then eat, no work needed I like grapes & banana. I have recently discovered that the health food section of my local Woolies do sugar free dark and milk chocolate. Try my clean eating recipes tab for some really easy healthy meals that the kids should eat too. You love the look of it and you are hungry for more info so you’ve clicked on my about me page. Other days I didn’t and she was quick to remind me where to put them (thank you baba!). In his experience of working with successful entrepreneurs over the years, he discovered the most common reason for the success was the fact they all possessed many positive habits. Sullivan further went on to create the 21 Day Positive Focus as a way to celebrate each day that you achieved a positive habit. He trained them to have winning habits which finally came to fruition when his team won Super Bowl XLI.
I seem to fear that the stock has made a good run but it could go higher and by selling I will miss the additional gain.

The added benefit to us is that either one of us knows what is due so we aren’t paying the same bill twice and we know if a bill has been missed so we can get it paid before we incur any late fees. What worked best for me to break that habit was to get in a routine of prepping the night before (I am not a morning person). Page 97 explains how we could feed the world’s hungry if we put the money we spend on perfume towards people who are starving. Modern studies have shown that the actual nicotine component of cigarettes is a relatively weak chemical addiction. All of which harm your business environment and make it more difficult for your team members and customers to work with your organization.
When most businesses start, it is one person or a small core group of people performing all of the everyday business tasks from unlocking the door in the morning to preparing tax forms to managing distribution channels. When you are just starting off with any activity that you are teaching to yourself, you find something that is comfortable or something that works, and you stick with it – sometimes even if you know your habit is harming your business, you keep up with it, because it is habit and it is comfortable. Since many bad business habits are learned over the course of years and have become ingrained in you since you launched your business, it can take years of active correction to beat the bad habits and continue leading your company to success. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you identify breakdowns in your leadership habits and teach you how to become a more effective manager and leader for your company.
According to Brewer, the majority of participants in the study had already tried and failed to quit smoking about six times. For example, they were told to smell the cigarette and think about what it smelled like, then take a drag of the cigarette and notice what it tasted like. Don't tell yourself to close the app a€” that takes too much self-control that you might not have when you're stressed out at the end of a long workday. If you enjoyed it, please feel free to share it using the social media buttons on this page. It may be that they have not taken the time to look at the habit(s) that are supporting their current behavior. Joyce is creator of the Wellness Improvement System (WIS) programs, which includes the Workplace Wellness Improvement Program (WWIP), the WIS Wellness assessment Instrument and the WIS Coach training Institute.
Mine for example is probably sugar, it’s my weakness mostly in the form of anything chocolate. Because a habit is a habit, you can’t just stop it cold turkey with out a plan but with baby steps you can. Last year you let your habits control you, this year as part of your NEW YOU you need to control your habits. For a hot snack on a cold night a bowl of oatmeal with banana, or a piece of wholemeal toast with natural peanut butter (protein keeps you fuller longer) Banana triggers sleep too. I’m also trying to figure out some sort of exercise routine that I can work around my 3 kids and uni. With exercise repetition is the key to making it a habit, if you find one thing you like keep doing it it until it becomes part of your routine. I have done this for myself and my wife for about 15 years and it eliminates so much stress and strife – it becomes a habit. Usually after a nice run up in price, I hold the stock too long and then it has a pull back and I sell in somewhat of a panic thinking it will continue to go down in value.
Having the whole year’s payments on one sheet makes it easy to pull tax info together and look at areas for improvement in spending.
When cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, I pack the leftovers into serving-size containers. This just weighed so heavily on my heart, that every time I reach for some expensive cream or some perfume, I stop and think of a starving child. I want you to either stop a bad habit or start a good one that you’ve wanted to do for a long time.  Are you in? As a business grows, it becomes necessary to shift tasks to others who have the expertise to manage them. You make all of the decisions and everything that happens in the business happens through you.
This bad habit can be resolved by ensuring that you and your employees have a complete understanding of your goals and vision for the business. Once you get in touch with those emotions instead of operating on autopilot, you might realize that you aren't really getting much out of the behavior. Joyce support people and organizations to improve their well-being and the wellness of their workplaces. The good news is you can, it will be hard but it will be worth it and I’d go as far as saying your health will be better for it.
With online banking the charges show up almost instantly, but after a few months you can almost keep track in your head. At this time bonds are not up or down but seem to be following the market instead of being inverse. That makes it easy to grab a lunch in the morning and there are no excuses because it’s already there. If we cheat and eat out or pick up something for dinner — at the very least I try to make sure to get something that makes good lunch leftovers.
When I see him hunting for a new release, I remind him that we usually watch it once before it sits there collecting dust. Caffeine is another addition that is relatively weak when considering the chemical effects, but stronger once you add in the every morning habit of making or ordering coffee. But if you have gotten into the habit of doing certain tasks, it can be difficult to let go of them. However, when you expand your business, you can easily develop the bad habit of still requiring all decisions to be made through you, slowing the decision process when choices could be made by your managers and team members based on your organizational goals and your company vision.
Habits play such an important role in our health that’s why this is a big part of the NEW YOU.
Using a debit card requires discipline, unlike a credit card which is always a budget buster.
I don’t have the discipline to set a sell point and once I reach that target, take money off the table. That’s money well spent, and it prevents me from buying more crap as I’m buying the unnecessary lotions, etc.
As humans, we easily fall into certain habits and then fail to do anything about them, even when they are bad habits.
The tasks have gone from a necessity of being a one-person show to a bad habit that interferes with the efficient running of your business. I believe in keeping a minimal buffer of funds in a debit card account so I spend my small allowance down. On the other hand my wife, who gets a little more (for groceries etc.) likes to see how much she can accumulate – so there’s a challenge for everyone.
One reason we get the FREE accounts and FREE online banking is because we have other accounts at the bank which meet their overall balance requirements.

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