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The single biggest obstacle that stops quiet, sensitive women like us from loving our lives and rocking our dreams is usually mindset.
Shyness, fear, self-consciousness and doubt can keep us frozen to the spot and hiding in the shadows, when in our hearts we know we have the vision and potential to get out there and change the world. Facing down those fears and stepping up to claim your voice can be a long and complex journey. The good news is that there are some simple, practical techniques you can use to set yourself firmly back on your path to empowerment.
They’ll only take you a few minutes a day – so no matter how busy you get, you’ll always be able to fit in a quick, revitalising boost to your flagging self-confidence. Every morning, before I even get out of bed, I say out loud three things that I’m grateful for. When you shift into a ‘power pose,’ sitting or standing with your arms wide, you not only open up your chest and get more oxygen into your body, you also lower your cortisol (stress hormone) levels, so you feel both more energised and more relaxed. I do this whenever I’m getting ready for an important call or an interview, preparing for difficult conversation, or just need an energy boost, and it has an instant impact on my confidence.
So if you feel your doubts crowding in and your confidence taking a dive, take a sneak peek on YouTube at your favourite cat funnies, and give yourself a good medicinal giggle. Last thing at night, grab a pen and write down everything you’ve achieved during that day – personal and professional. This last one is an awesome tip I picked up from heart-centric visionary Marijke Kershaw during our fascinating interview for the Empowered Women Show. Listening to it for just 5 minutes every day has had a profound impact on her confidence and self-belief. Share small business news, blogs and social media tips with Project Eve’s community of small business owners and entrepreneurs today. In the last few months, we've gotten requests for a variety of subjectsa€”from being assertive to dealing with puberty to dealing with peer pressurea€”the list goes on.
Please remember that using others' images on the web without their permission is not very nice. The way we pay today %u2030i??i?? and tomorrow %u2030i??i?? and the brands driving our digital future. The stumbling blocks that some of our Most Innovative Companies have faced on their journeys to success and what they learned along the way. While it makes sense that meditation would be linked to greater willpower, who'd have thought procrastination could also do the trick? There’s still a lot of work to be done for self-improvement to be effective, though. Kelly McGonigal, PhD, and author of The Willpower Instinct says willpower is a response that comes from both the brain and the body. The prefontal cortex (that section of the brain right behind your forehead) is the part that helps us with things like decision-making and regulating our behavior. To be effective at controlling our urges and making sound decisions, the prefontal cortex needs to be looked after. McGonigal points out that one of the most replicated findings about willpower is that it seems to be finite—that is, we only have so much and it runs out as we use it. Trying to control your temper, ignore distractions or refuse seconds all tap the same source of strength.

We can look at willpower like a muscle—it can get exhausted by overuse, but just like our physical muscles, there are some researchers who believe we might be able to strengthen our willpower by training it. Okay, we know that we only have so much willpower and as we go about our day, stress and normal self-control depletes our resource. McGonigal says that stopping to take a few deep breaths when we feel overwhelmed or tempted can be a great start in managing our stress levels and improving our willpower. To make it even easier, it appears that self-affirmation can even help you to have more self-control when you’re running out, according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Sleep deprivation (even just getting less than six hours a night) is a kind of chronic stress that impairs how the body and brain use energy.
When the sleep-deprived catch a better night’s sleep, their brain scans no longer show signs of prefrontal cortex impairment. Meditation has also been linked to increasing the reserve of willpower we have available, as well as improving attention, focus, stress management, and self-awareness.
Another great way to train the brain, that is often easily ignored or undervalued, yet can make you a lot more resilient to stress, and thus boost willpower, is regular physical exercise. As I mentioned earlier, what you feed your body affects how much energy the prefrontal cortex has to work with. Something as simple as eating a more plant-based, less-processed diet makes energy more available to brain and can improve every aspect of willpower. Not only will exercise and good nutrition improve your willpower, but they’ll make you feel better as well. These endorphins tend to minimize the discomfort of exercise, block the feeling of pain and are even associated with a feeling of euphoria. Such persons can find it difficult to accept and learn from their own mistakes and can develop a false sense of entitlement.
For some people with really low self-esteem, even contemplating making a list of their good qualities seems like an overwhelming task, but it can be extremely helpful for raising self-esteem. People generally don’t talk about their challenges, disappointments, and struggles in life, but that’s not because we don’t encounter them. And wherever you are along that path, there are times when the self-doubt and nagging, critical voice can creep back in and stop you dead in your tracks. But changing your posture for just 2 minutes promotes chemical reactions in your body that can have a powerful influence on your mood and the way you feel about yourself.
It stretches muscles, boosts your heart rate, and increases the speed of your breathing – sending more oxygen whizzing around your body.
And there’s nothing quite so affirming as seeing yourself making tangible progress towards your goals.
You can download the app for free, record your own statement and start putting your faith in a wiser voice than that narky inner critic of yours.
Our contributors come from a wide range of backgrounds; so whether you are a small business owner, social media strategist, financial adviser, serial entrepreneur, or write an amateur blog we urge you to contribute a blog to our 500,000+ community today. First of all, before you try to improve your self-confidence, it’s important to understand it and then you can start working on improving it. We each pick an area to improve on each week and share our daily progress and challenges, making it a social, supportive way to adjust, create or change our habits. I’ve been through a bunch of different improvement focuses in the last few months, including positivity, running, reading more and learning French.

You want to do one thing, such as smoke a cigarette or supersize your lunch, but know you shouldn’t.
Self-control, or willpower, falls under this heading, and thus is taken care of in this part of the brain.
That means feeding it with good-quality food so it has enough energy to do its job and getting enough sleep.
Let’s see what options we have for increasing the pool of willpower we have to draw from. Being under high levels of stress means that our body’s energy is used up in acting instinctively and making decisions based on short-term outcomes.
The prefrontal cortex is especially hard hit and it loses control over the regions of the brain that create cravings and the stress response. Both relaxing, mindful exercise like yoga and intense physical training can provide these benefits, though McGonigal points out that we’re not sure why this works yet. You might have heard of a famous experiment using marshmallows to test kids’ willpower. When our self esteem is low, we can find ourselves living with anxiety, we can be more prone to tolerating abusive behavior and relationships, and we can fail to live up to our full potential. For instance, when a person’s sense of self worth is much too high, it can become arrogance or what is termed ‘narcissism’, and this can create problems. How we decide to approach these things will directly affect levels of self-esteem, happiness and success. Above all, make sure you are kind to yourself and give yourself as much love as you give to the important people in your life. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more.
You can try out simple tricks like changing your inner voice to a more positive voice and working out for about 20 minutes.
Or you know you should do something, like file your taxes or go to the gym, but you’d rather do nothing.
What happens is a child is left alone in a room with one marshmallow for an undefined period of time. The really successful and confident people in life aren’t those who have encountered few problems and challenges, they are people who have viewed them as just a part of life and have powered through anyway, learning as they go.
If they can resist eating the marshmallow, they’re rewarded with a second marshmallow at the end of the experiment. Stick the notes where you will notice them everyday, such as on your computer screen, mirror, or refrigerator. Your failures don’t mean that you are a failure, they just mean you need to reassess the situation as well as your approach to it and approach it from another angle. Put notecards in your purse or wallet where you are certain to come across them at least once a day.
After a while you can change out some of your best qualities for some of the other qualities on your list.

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