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If you are afraid your taste for chocolate will make you gain weight or cause bad side-effects, like damaging your teeth or adding way too much sugar to your diet, use these quick and easy steps to stop chocolate addiction for life now.
You’ll find it’s much harder to binge on 86% or more dark chocolate than on milk chocolate. If you suffer from emotional eating, your attraction to chocolate may be due to mental association rather than some hormonal imbalance or anything physical. Now you know what you’re trying to get out of chocolate, you must discover how to meet your emotional needs without food. Like with every addiction, you may be somewhat afraid or worried about how you will cope without chocolate.
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Sometimes when you start dreaming of Doritos during that yawning space between an early lunch and a late dinner, it’s because you are actually hungry and really need a snack. By: Rachel Neifeld, RD, CDNPregnancy is a time when cravings can strike full force, and if yours are causing you to reach for a daily candy bar, it’s best to be prepared to fight them. Cravings can be dangerous if not controlled; they can produce a powerful desire to indulge beyond control into favourite food temptations ruining weight loss progress, motivation and drive. Cravings can be triggered by stress, emotional heartache, an embarrassing public display resorting to comfort eating and of course boredom.
Cravings can be beat, we have proven this and now here are my top 10 tips from my experience on how to kick cravings to the kerb so you can go to sleep every night feeling proud and wake up knowing you’re another day closer to reaching your weight loss goal. Waiting in line at the supermarket with all those chocolate bars and flapjacks staring at you screaming “eat me” like evil demons? Here’s part one guys, part two will be uploaded next week and will reveal my top 5 tips for cravings. If you have any tips yourself to share please do in the comment section, more tips from different experiences the better!
I have found drinking a pint of water first helps, when the glass is empty I ask myself do I still really want that biscuit. You find yourself by the chocolate counter, unable to resist the temptations on offer, rip open the bar and devour it without thinking.  Sound familiar? PMS cravings are very real and food cravings before a period are one of the most common symptoms of PMS. Research has shown a connection between PMS and low blood sugars during the second half of the cycle.  Low blood sugar is associated with cravings for sweet foods, and feeling of being faint, irritable and tired.
Whether it’s cortisol, serotonin or blood sugar levels that are to blame, diet is the answer.  The more stable your blood sugar levels are, the less likely you are to have cravings and the more your mood remains balanced. When tackling PMS cravings, the main tool is preventative care.  What you eat this month can drastically affect your cravings next month. Now that those cravings make sense, here is how to adjust your eating habits to curb the craving without completely destroying your healthy diet plan. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which are dehydrating and create a stress response on the body.  They deplete the body of vitamin B, which is needed for metabolism, and alcohol can act as a depressant, making you crave fatty, sugary comforting foods. Start your day with protein (eggs are ideal).  This helps to keep blood sugar levels balanced, and keeps you fuller for longer which will help to stave off hunger pangs. Stock up on hormone balancing healthy fats found in oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocados.  These also help to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, stabilizing blood sugar levels. Dark chocolate – if a sweet craving is really unbearable a few squares of dark chocolate can really help to take the edge off it. Identify your feelings – sometimes it’s easy to shut out our feelings with chocolate.  Take a step back and find out what is really bothering you.
Low levels of calcium and magnesium are thought to play a role in the severity of cravings, so supplementation can help.
NS Nutrition BlogWarm Winter Smoothie – High Protein Hot ChocolateSmoothies are always more fun in the summer and somehow lose their appeal during the colder weather. They will work for chocolate cravings during pregnancy, menstruation, PMS or any stressful event, regardless of how many times you’ve succumbed to your chocolate munchies in the past. I have noticed that most of the time, my chocolate cravings vanish when I take magnesium daily.
I think it’s more a case of hunger than a craving, but still it’s not a healthy way to eat. Eliminating addiction takes courage, but it is a very empowering and liberating experience that opens the door to a happier and more fulfilling life. It is a constant process which will require consent refining of your lifestyle to get it perfect!

Dark chocolate: this type of chocolate is high in antioxidants and has been shown to help prevent tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression. I’m pretty sure most people suffer with cravings during weight loss and this is why I’m writing this blog to share my top 10 tips to keep those cravings at bay! And for some, can leave feeling guilty and miserable as this certainly was the case with me. Despite this just have a look at all the successful weight stories on our Wall of Warriors and myself. We all know our urges and we can make every effort to avoid temptation and be prepared for when those craving come knocking. Don’t even have a glimpse in that Greggs window at those fresh made bakeries and as for smells, the smell of that fish n chip shop is not nice at all despite what your stomach is trying to say, it only smells of weight gain and regret. How about all those cakes pointing at your face in your local coffee house while you cue up to be served?
Until you build up will power and you’re in the flow (or cruising as I like to say) with restricted calories, try sleeping those cravings of. Hope these tips so far have helped or at least given you an insight on how to overcome the sugar devil when it comes knocking! WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO GIVE YOU THE EXACT DIET I FOLLOWED TO LOSE 56 POUNDS WITH GREEN SMOOTHIES?
There are times when chocolate is the only answer, but why is it that before your period cravings for chocolate and sweets seem almost impossible to resist.  You feel almost helpless. Cravings can be for something sweet, something salty or simply just for more food than usual. Eat three meals a day and two snacks, each with a balance of protein (lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, pulses) complex carbohydrates (brown rice, sweet potato, quinoa, pulses) and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados).
Exercise helps to boost your mood (it stimulates the same feel good endorphins as chocolate) and reduces cravings.
In the Winter I prefer something warm and comforting – usually eggs, oats and healthy pancakes fit the bill here, however I have been experimenting lately with warm smoothies. In other words, eat and drink enough so that you’re not tempted to use chocolate to suppress your hunger. If you want to learn how to stop any chocolate cravings in 8-12 minutes or even less, please subscribe to my newsletter now, using the form at the bottom of this article. If you suffer from emotional eating, first you need to learn the three basic skill you must master to stop emotional eating. For those afternoons when your snack cravings are about more than simple hunger, here are a few suggestions for beating them — in five healthy, satisfying ways.
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Dark chocolate is still a high calorie food, so you shouldn't eat a lot of it, but there is definitely a place for dark chocolate in a healthy diet.
I can’t speak for those but I’m pretty sure they all battled their own cravings in their own way and came out victorious. Try thinking like this and remember the sense of well being you will feel after turning down temptation.
It takes will power to say no but you will thank yourself once you have made it out without giving in to temptation.
Steven shea, PhD from Oregon Health and Sciences University states: “Your food urges peak at 8pm and stay high until midnight. The smell and vision of them gorging on food was tough but this actually made me stronger as sometimes I would take just a little nibble or a small bite of their food and really take in the feeling and taste. 4 Steps To Overcome Your AddictionsAre you having trouble losing weight because of an addiction to sugary foods? Your willpower, that is usually so strong during the rest of the month, fails you at the merest whiff of a sugary delight. Drink water in between meals and eat fiber-rich fresh food, like fresh vegetables, and take time to chew your food.
You’ll probably eat only 3 or 4 small squares and won’t be filling your body with unnecessary sugar and additives. The most important step is to learn to identify the thoughts and emotions that trigger your cravings. This is where problems arise, since after birth there is no longer a sugar supply being provided by the placenta. Have a square or two of dark chocolate each day to beat sugar cravings. Chocolate covered strawberries are another way to get your chocolate fix plus added nutrition from low calorie fruit.

Remember this temptation fuelled by cravings is why weight loss is needed in the first place.
Just remember you only need to cue for a short while and when you make it out a big sigh of relief can be released. For me this felt like; ok then, I have smelt it, felt it in my mouth and remember what it tastes like. We’ve all been there but there is a lot you can do to reduce the severity of your cravings. The baby’s sugars drop too low, necessitating early feedings or even a glucose drip or feeding tube placed into the stomach to elevate the newborn’s blood sugar. For example if you crave sugar, have an apple instead of some sugary sweets and if you are desperate for some fizzy pop, go for the diet kind.
Gestational diabetes can also put both mother and baby at increased risk of developing diabetes later on.
I remember now what this taste feels like and now I think I would rather sit here and lose weight thank you very much! I find that magnesium releases stress, improves my sleep and reduces my chocolate cravings.
I’m sure, as you’re still reading, that you probably have enough courage to deal with that aspect of change.
Luckily, there are many strategies that allow a craving-stricken woman to satisfy her sweet tooth without compromising her or her baby’s health. Frozen yogurt (in moderation): this is lower in calories than ice cream, but not necessarily sugar, so be sure to stick to the half cup serving size.
Food Cravings Rival Drug Cravings in IntensityIt may sound extreme to compare a craving for chocolate to a craving for heroin, but the same brain regions are actually involved in both cases. If this wasn’t  bad enough (I know, I know, I’m all sunshine over here), festive excesses (I’m looking at you wine and mince pies) can leave us feeling bloated, tired and our livers overloaded.
Beliefs like “I’ll feel deprived” or “I know I can’t let go of chocolate” are the main causes of major relapses and failures. Here are five sweet treats that offer healthy nutrients and fiber to keep your blood sugar and weight gain under control when cravings strike.  1.
That’s why, in order to succeed, you must address these as well, or your success will be only temporary. Along with the chills Winter takes it toll on the body, affecting your immune system, hair, skin and nails (central heating wreaks havoc on these, making everything feel drier). That’s why I’ve included how to handle this in my book, 12 Minute Binge Eating Busters.
You can also read the part where I teach you how to change beliefs on my article about goal setting. Frozen fruit: Blend your favorite fruits such as antioxidant-rich berries and potassium-rich bananas and then freeze them in a Popsicle mold. Most ‘traditional’ breakfast options like cereal contain a lot of gluten, sugar and offer little protein and nutritional value. If you don't have a Popsicle mold, fill paper cups halfway with your blended fruit mixture and then add wooden craft sticks before freezing.
You can also make frozen yogurt popsicles with the remains of a healthy fruit and yogurt smoothies, or purchase all fruit popsicles from any grocery shop. Controlling stress levels, getting seven to nine hours of quality uninterrupted sleep, burst training or even walking, and getting the right nutrients all do wonders to knock the worst sweet-tooth hankering out of the water. Even easier, just throw some grapes and bananas in the freezer and enjoy them as a frozen treat that lasts!3.
Yet even with the best of intentions, sliding into momentary high-sugar-impact bliss becomes all too easy, and the repercussions of that show up around your waistline while destroying your health. Fruit salad: Give your taste buds a treat by mixing a variety of fruits with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of sugar.
Make sure the cinnamon is fresh since its polyphenols and active ingredients degrade over time.

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