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Today I’ve asked my friend Tracie Miles to share her one word for 2013 with us, because she chose such a challenging word! I didn’t really like that word.  So I kept praying about it, expecting God to reveal a feel-good word instead. Then I heard a friend share a message about how God had whispered to her heart that she was at times selfish.
I later came across random bible verses in my quiet time about putting other’s needs ahead of our own, and giving sacrificially with a loving heart.
Or the times an extended family member asks me to take them to a doctor’s appointment – again.
When my teenage daughter chooses to spend time with her boyfriend on a holiday instead of with me. I have a very busy speaking and writing schedule this year, in addition to all the pressures of my personal life, so it will take a lot of God, and a lot of less of me, to do that all that He is calling me to do. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and Mike and the blog readers today about your one word.

Tracie , I had read this when you originally posted it and was thoughtful about your word andperspective. I had lots of thoughts about what it should be – like love, patience, trust, etc.  Those all sounded like good traits to focus on. Like the times when I expect my husband to be perfect and care about my every need, and then when he falls short, I harbor negative thoughts about him and question our relationship – resulting in me not wanting to meet his needs.
And although I agree to, I feel resentful and maybe even bitter because I had a lot on my to-do list. Although I celebrated with her, I secretly felt unfairly treated, as if God hadn’t acknowledged my desires. I can imagine one of the disciples, or maybe the Apostle Paul choosing SELFLESS as their one word. I am praising God for convicting me about this heart issue, and confident that His grace will be my guiding light this year.
And my sister has a chronic debilitating illness.  All of whom will be looking to me for help with doctor’s appointments, physical needs and ongoing care giving.

My vow for selflessness has already been tested as I am in the throes of dealing with all these situations and God has convicted my heart several times, helping me to curtail my emotions, my frustrations, and my tongue. Pero no todo es lo que parece cuando empieza a descubrir el misterio del origen del cuerpo y de la organizacion que quiere matarlo para proteger su causa.La banda sonora de Eternal estara en cines el 24 de julio de 2015 gracias a Varese Sarabande. Pero la promesa de inmortalidad deriva en una pesadilla cuando tiene flashbacks que empiezan a revelar el perturbador origen del cuerpo en el que vive ahora.
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