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Setting up a home office can be fun, if you follow a simple plan and some important points, which can greatly improve your productivity in the newly established office. Copyright © 2012 House Furniture Modern, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. One of the most difficult things to do is to come up with a home office design that is aesthetically pleasing, productive and free of distractions. The idea here is to have a balanced and serene ambiance that fuses well with the light and dark shades in the room.
One of the perks about working from home especially when you have a family is that you can see them any time you want.
Little things such as poor lighting and noise can cause real frustration when you are trying to work. In order to be productive, you will need to maintain an effective line of communication with other people that you are working with. Often, a home office doubles up as a different room as well – say the bedroom, kitchen, or a gym. One of the most essential basics of creating a home office is to ensure that your desk is always facing the door. Whether you’re using your study to bring work home from the office or for personal projects, it brings with it an opportunity to design and create a beautiful environment perfectly suited to channelling your creative output. I find it really difficult to motivate myself when I’m working from home, so I take breaks and go out to the local coffee shop to break things up a bit.
They say: No commute, better-home life balance, and you get to make important business calls in your pyjamas.
If you were decorating a desk at an office, you would probably bring in one or two pictures of your family or a paperweight or other object that would remind you of home. Personal tablets and other mobile devices also have a sneaky way of winding up in your home office. These items can be very distracting to your home office where you need your concentration more than anything, so before you bring photo frames to clutter up your desk, don’t.
If you don’t have a lot of natural light, choose a good lamp for the desk and install accent lights above.
Reference books and other workbooks in your office will come in handy while you’re writing a report, but when you’re not, they can be distracting.
Whether you use a filing cabinet or organise folders, make it a part of your daily routine.
Not too long ago, telecommuting was something that was only done by a small number of employees. While you might think it’s ok to sit in your living room while you work, it is not a good idea to mix your workspace with your living space.
Some people who work from home are able to pick what times they can start or finish their day.
Remote workers should have the right tools to stay in touch with their co-workers and the office. Working from home can be tough at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy having more time to spend with loved ones. If you work from home, youa€™ll know distractions abound, but there are ways to stay focused and get the job done. UK-based furniture retailer MADE has an infographic that outlines nine helpful tips for creating a productive home office.
From using dim lighting to adding plants, find out how to turn your home into a conducive workspace.
Organizing your home office, whether it is for personal or business reasons, makes all the difference!  Getting down to business at your desk is a chore if it is piled with papers!
As you begin, determine what tasks you are doing in your office and the tools needed for these tasks. Arrange for the placement of frequently used files to be placed in the desk’s file drawer. The best suggestion would mean the dark side of love plants that require less water and maintenance. Set A Work Schedule – Part of the beauty of working from home is having a ton of flexibility, and not having a boss or manager telling you what to do. Limit Distractions – When setting up your home office, consider the location in your home.
But you have to make sure you have a good place to work in your home that will enable you to stay focused and productive. More specifically, you need a consistent flow of new leads so that you’ll be able to sponsor new people and get new customers into your business. Having a blog gives you instant authority and gives you a piece of online real-estate to post your content and story.
But with the rise in advanced technology and connectivity, there has a come a rise in demand for home offices and work spaces.  However, despite the advantages that come with working from the comfort of your home, setting up a home office is no easy fete. Do not go overboard with wither plain neutrals to avoid having a boring and demotivating space. So when picking a spot for your home office, try and consider a space where you will be able to access natural light and have as little noise distraction as possible.
So when setting up your home office consider which cables you will need and where in the room they can be placed. If this is the case for you then it is important to realize how difficult it will be get any work done. Turning your back to the entrance can be a major distraction especially since you’d find yourself constantly turning back at any sound; it also makes you feel a lot less secure in your office.

Light and Airy Eschew clinical office designs and create a personal space full of energy and inspiration. The folks over at MADE put together this helpful info graphic on 9 ways you can create a more productive home office. Unlike a regular office in a building, you’re not limited to how how you want to organise and decorate it.
Sometimes you need to transfer documents from one to the other, but in most cases, you end up playing games on them and browsing the internet. If you do not have enough, you’ll be squinting and feeling like you could take a nap in the middle of the day. A desk lamp will add extra light on sunny days when there is enough natural light, and the accent lights will pick up the slack when it’s cloudy outside. Even in our mostly paperless world, we still find a way for papers and documents to build up, and if you don’t have a place to put them, they take up space on your desk. Working closely with Wardrobe World and GarageSmart, she is incredibly passionate about finding practical lifestyle solutions for her clients. Stock all of the supplies you need throughout the workday within your office to save time and improve productivity. Make sure that your eyes are at the same level as your monitor, and that your chair can recline back a little to put less strain on your back.
You get to choose the space that offers the best lighting and you can also choose the color scheme and artwork in your office. For communication, Slack and Skype are great ways to stay in touch with co-workers or ask a simple question.
Establishing a comfortable area for paper work and other office activities is important for productivity.
Chances are you’re jumping on conference calls and learning about the products your company markets. With that being said, it’s important if you want to be productive that you set a schedule for yourself. Everyday you should be looking to grow your business, and at the very least you should be looking to get closer to your business goals. Try to keep your office away from high-traffic rooms in the house so you can limit distractions and noise when working. And these are two things you want to do if you want to leverage Attraction Marketing in your business. Instead opt for bright pops of color that will bring life and positive energy into the room. Kids and roommates can be an extreme distraction when you are trying to have huge workloads and short deadlines to meet. Natural light will help you stay alert and keep focus on what you are doing making you a whole lot more productive. The longer you will be seated, the more adjustable features the chair will need to support your back for the specified hours.
Make sure to select a space where you can get good reception service for your cell phone and internet connectivity so as to avoid the embarrassment of losing connectivity during video or phone conferences.
Make the most of the light by hanging mirrors on the walls, put up a few pieces of artwork, along with quirky personal details (an ornament that reminds you of holidays, a few framed photographs).
But it can also be really hard to stay focused when the TV is just so close.So you need to make your home office work harder. If you really want to see a picture of your spouse, children or even pet, you can just walk out to the living room. Having the accent lights will also save room as you won’t have a big, clunky lamp sitting in your space. Of course, that isn’t always the case, but it could be if you make the effort to keep yourself organised, then you won’t have too many problems. If you don’t have room for a big bookcase, install a few shelves above your desk to hold most of your books. To counter this, create your own filing system within your office so that all your most important documents have a place.
Create a separate space from your everyday living space, and create signals to let others know you cannot be bothered.
Figure out what time during the day you are most productive and see if you can work at those times.
Project management apps are also essential because you can visualize the status of a project and provide updates as needed. As for filing cabinets, use a low-lying, two-drawer cabinet that can be placed next to or near your desk for the added use of its top for other items that you often need. Light is emitted to a bright and bright surface, which is then translated to create a diffuse light into the environment.
One thing that most people don’t take the time to do when they start a home business is setting up a productive home office. If you want to be taken seriously and you want to build your business efficiently, you need to be equipped with the right equipment. Of course if you choose to, you can work from Starbucks once or twice a week, assuming you have the equipment to do so. Whatever the size of the room, these tips will help you set up a productive office just about anywhere.
Combining different textures will also work well in creating the perfect mix of elements in your home office. So when you are selecting a room to host your workstation, be sure to consider how accessible it will be to your family.

As for the sound, simple things such as squeaky floorboards and kids screaming out in the yard can be a pain when you are trying to crunch up the numbers or writing a report. Choose an ergonomic desk chair that will allow room for movement rather than one that will leave you rigid in one position – which can be bad for your back. Having control over what your work station looks like is a vital part of ensuring productivity. The idea is to have a view of the door at all times, but to avoid sitting in line with the way in. Smell is so important to get your mind focused; think about including an oversized bowl of citrus fruits or a zingy room spray. Organise your receipts by year and month, and keep a running spreadsheet on your computer of all your expenses and income.
This not only leads to financial benefits for both the employee and the employer, but it also increases employee satisfaction and improves work-life balance.
If you do not have a door, consider adding divider walls or bookcases to help block out sound.
It will be tougher for you to shut down when your office is at home, but setting times for work will help you break up your day.
As for room arrangement, place your desk in a position that allows maximum use of natural light. One drawer should contain checks and bill paying items, one drawer stationary and note pads, one drawer with a pencil tray holding pencils, pens, tape, stapler and scissors.
Papers used frequently or that are a “hot topic” need a basket, vertical file, or other space on your desk. This method works well for office because they could not cause glare, discomfort in the office.
Picking a room that’s on a separate floor might be the best option when trying to create a balance between being accessible to your kids and getting a significant amount of work done.
So have a professional over to come fix any tiny bits and bobs that would cause you any restlessness.
Go for a chair that is best suited for the rest of your work station, especially the height of your desk and the layout of the equipment you intend to use. As for the desk layout, an L-shaped arrangement will give you a clean, uncluttered work space. Introduce a pot plant or two, and don’t forget to stock up on a few gorgeously covered notebooks, like these from Liberty, which are both beautiful and practical. We’ve looked into the science and psychology behind productivity, so you can hustle from home.Use colour, music, lighting and furniture to your advantage, whether you’ve got a whole study to yourself or just a spot at the end of your dining table. If you are a first-time telecommuter, take a look at these tips to make the most out of your home office or workspace.
Technology has advanced to the point where you can work anywhere with an internet connection on a variety of devices.
One of the very best ways to set daily goals and manage your activity is by working from a To-Do List. Whatever option you go for just be sure to create a system that would infuse the perfect equilibrium – in any case, the essence of having a home office is being present for your family. If in case you plan on sharing your home office with someone else; then make sure that the chair you get is versatile to fit every size and shape without giving away. Place the items that you use regularly on either side of the desk for easier access and less distraction. When you get to the point when you have leaders underneath you doing their own thing and not really needing you for everything, you can be a bit more lax when your schedule.
Because you need to plug into webinars, go to websites, read and write emails to your team and customers, watch training videos, etc. Or these can be named by client name, project name, or other key word that comes to mind quickly.
But when you’re just starting and trying to get momentum, you should have a semi-fixed schedule so that team members and customers can contact you, and you can talk to your leads and signing up new people. You may not need to get the most start-of-the-art newest laptop that just came out… but you need to have a functional computer so you can build your business. Clearly label your files so you will always know what is in them, and just as importantly, the labels will remind you what not to put in them. An example would be Car – insurance, Car – maintenance, or Insurance – Car, Insurance – Home. My suggestion is to buy an aircard so you can simply plug it into your laptop and you can have Internet access anywhere, and so you can build your business anywhere. Make sure everything you need is at hand – a walk to the kitchen for a pair of scissors could soon turn into a walk to the kitchen for a pair of scissors and a snack via the sofa.
It is also important to be able to leave your work in the study, so make sure if possible that this is a space for working only.
Placing your study in a room adjoined to one of your home’s social spaces will make it harder for you to unwind.. Stay in Touch Install Skype on your computer, adding customers and clients to your contact list so you are constantly in correspondence with them. This will remove the temptation to call friends or family, just for a little human interaction during the day. Being available at all times also ensures you will not miss any advances or changes in the workplace, keeping you constantly in the loop.

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