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August 7, 2014 By Leslie 2 Comments Spritiual Badass 30 Day Blogging Challenge Day 7 Topic: The challenge of discipline Ok, Here we are at Day 7, and I am losing a bit of my motivation to blog every day.
Leslie, thanks for taking the time to help loosen the grips of the time monster from around my throat. Your Biz RULES provides business coaching services for the areas of marketing, sales, team building, time management, pricing and profit to help you grow your small business fast. Yes, choices, efforts, intentions, reasoning, and other mental processes influence our behavior—but they are themselves part of a stream of causes which precede conscious awareness and over which we exert no ultimate control.
I guess I can’t imagine someone reading this article, deciding to go pitch some ideas and develop multiple income streams, and then waking up the next day and doing it– much less making a habit out of it. Lest you object that it would be unhealthy in some way to be motivated primarily by negative emotions, I aver: actually, there are thousands of behaviors we regularly avoid due to fear and disgust, and we barely have to think about them.
The physiologist Benjamin Libet famously demonstrated that activity in the brain’s motor regions can be detected some 300 milliseconds before a person feels that he has decided to move. And then: what is the likely scenario that will proceed from continuing on the path you are on now? I think you can get a little more disgusted by the things you don’t want, and then run that program on autopilot while you pursue the things you do want.
So, can those who want to change themselves really become more motivated, more likely to actually shoot off an email to a CEO or an editor or a conference organizer with an amazing and enticing suggestion about what they have to offer? Then imagine (really close your eyes and visualize) what might happen if those five bad things happen. Now, put those terrible, undesired consequences in the same mental category as shitting on the floor or living in a cardboard box: options that no longer receive your consideration. Of course, if I really had the one ultimate secret that would allow everyone to get motivated to get motivated, I’d be a billionaire within the month. And Eve, I’m not sure the novels are generally all that lucrative, but I wish you the best!
I also love that your column has an interactive element to it — conversations in the comments lead to ideas for new posts, etc. I have to agree with this article, being disgusted or unhappy about something has always motivated me the most.
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The subsequent fantasy about how I’d do this community art project IF I ACTUALLY COULD made me realise that the steps to really producing the thing in the material world were numerous but, individually, each quite small. I now understood that, providing I didn’t dick about or accidentally insult someone important, I CAN achieve lasers. Now I just have to memorise your article about reducing stress, so I can do it without burning myself out again (learning not to do this currently feels like Step One in achieving everything else). Attending college at present or thinking about looking into career training programs of interest? Discover your potential with an Everest education and create change that can last a lifetime.

As I complete my old life as a consultant to large corporations and transition into the launch of my new business, I felt overwhelmed with all there is to be done. It seems there are certain personality traits at play here, more than there are specific actions that simply hadn’t dawned on me. Rather than being disgusted when they are 50 pounds over their goal weight, they are disgusted at 7 pounds, and there’s no option for them but to do something about it. I didn’t mention disgust and tried not to muddy the waters before I received a response.
And surely, she has shown her tormentors (these days, your tormentors always seem to find you on Facebook) who ultimately won that contest. Because avoiding disgust, building a huge and safe buffer between yourself and a source of fear, and achieving revenge (in a way that doesn’t actually hurt anyone) are pretty excellent ways to be happy.
Make a list right now on your computer of about five bad things that would happen if you don’t pursue your goals.
I want so much to be as motivated as I need to be to kick ass in all the ways you’ve been describing for us, but again, how to go to there. If your unhappy about your situation and do nothing what will that do for you nothing but continuing to remain in that state. I began thinking that other women were skinnier and took better care of themselves because they were more insecure than me. Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here are some ideas that will help you get the most out of your daily activities and help you keep your nose to the grindstone. Believe it or not, not enough exposure to sunlight can trigger a dispirited mood that may bring about a lethargic condition. It only takes a second or two to get back on track by listening to soothing music, which can help relieve the stress that accompanies every day living. And if it ever appears that I do—for instance, when going back and forth between two options—I do not choose to choose what I choose. But obviously, people often read advice and, at best, file it away for later, as evinced by the many people who have shelves of diet books and yet are following none of them.
Clearly, findings of this kind are difficult to reconcile with the sense that one is the conscious source of one’s actions. If you don’t reach outside of a boring 9-to-5 job that you hate, what is the worst-case scenario? Then I moved out, and over the years, this motivation waned, and with it my motivation and the need to pull myself together as thoroughly as I can, every single day. Simple, easy tips you can go back to, again and again, for getting your butt mentally back in gear. I think happiness is so crucial in life, you only get one life so live it to the fullest and enjoy it, and if your unhappy examine why and change it. To them it was impossible to be overweight and still accepted in society (because it is soo disgusting).

And when you click on a blog post, you obviously have only so much information ahead of time about what advice will be proposed: perhaps you were expecting something more do-able.
Or, watching other people start successful fashion lines, knowing that you could’ve done it at least as well?
Consuming either sugar or caffeine might give you a brief energy burst but can later bring about feelings of anxiety and tension. Nothing feels better than knowing you have a circle of people who are there for support when you need them. But the difference between having long-term, short-term or any-term goals, and actually reaching those goals, is hard work… and maybe a few tears. Or just a boring, average life lived at a lower income and freedom level than you would like?
I’ve read countless articles about motivation, and tried EVERY advice possible, including the least likely ones, with poor results. So when we notice the inevitable lack of entrepreneurial motivation, we need pull them out and put them to use. And, if your ready to rocket your business, invest in a business coach who is willing to walk the journey with you, keep you on the right path and cheer you to your success. And the thing about motivation, is once you have it, you have to hold on to it every step of the way until you reach your goal. And unless you are mindful of it, remaining motivated could be the very thing that holds you back from reaching your goals.You know exactly what I am talking about. Be proud of yourselfMost of us fail miserably at feeling proud of ourselves before we reach our goal.
The one that takes being honest with ourselves – to get to where we want to go, to change what we want to change.
Every single day, each and every one of us has the opportunity to feel proud of ourselves.So ask yourself this, and be honest: What are you proud of today? Give yourself permission to be proud of the things you have done today to get where you want to go, to change what you want to change. However small, or however big that thing is, fall in love with it, and be proud of yourself.3. Switch things upWhether you are training for a race, trying to lose weight, or looking to tone up, doing the same workout day after day to reach our goal, is downright boring.
Make a list of the whysWhen you’re working toward a goal, things start to feel difficult.
This is when having a list of the reasons why you want to reach your goal becomes important. Because your next workout, your next meal, gives you another opportunity to stay committed to your why – o stay committed to your goal.

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