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This post will be pretty interesting as I was looking through some old pics of my modeling career.
If God ever decides to take me away from my daughter one day, the one lesson I  will teach my little girl, is to be confident. There were many times in my life where I wish I was a certain breast cup size, where I wish I was more curvaceous or had hair like my friends, but just thinking about what you don’t have makes you feel depressed. With each day, embrace that one thing about yourself, repeat it as many times as you can throughout the course of the day. Lesson: Your value can only be seen by others if you decide to look within and be proud of what you bring to this world. I hope this post will help you to be more confident and help you to pursue to love yourself more.
We all bring a little magic to this world, we just need to be still and start appreciating it a little more.
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One of the ways mentioned is to talk to different people or try something new throughout the day. It take time and work to be confident at work, in your home life, and in anything that you do.
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I truly believe that what I’m about to share with you has the possibility to be life-changing for you. This has really defined not only the way I work, but the way I live my life: I choose to be confident. I truly believe down to my core that if you go through life with confidence and faith, it doesn’t matter what life throws your way, because you will always use it as a tool for your own inner growth, and life will always point you in the right direction.
It’s when you go through life second guessing yourself and playing the role of the victim that you somehow get lost along the way. Tammy Holliday - Alex, I have been thinking about my non-existent confidence for the last two weeks, What a great video!

As you go on to talk about the shopping cart analogy I walked through the exercise with you to put those thoughts back on the shelf. Felicity Chambers - Thanks Alex for another amazing video and on a subject close to my heart. I will say that I could not agree with you more regarding faking it ’til you make it. I am so identified with all that you say here, somehow I feel I already knew most of this things but needed to be aware of them. I like your elevator challenge, I hate elevators, so I think I will take on that challenge and start up conversations with my neighbors from now on. We look at celebs and we think, oh I must look like Kim Kardashian, I need to have the best looking skin like Beyonce or We wish we had a bum like Nicki Manaj (Okay maybe not) but you know what I mean.
Sue interviews women from around the world to share their stories of inspiration, hope and success here on Just Pursue It.
The usual order is to work on your belief and then that will change how you feel which in turn will change how you act. Having to scroll and scroll and scroll to get through other newsletters, often times means I don't read them at all. For a shy person this is difficult task but it is very rewarding when you interact with other people. I’m so glad you enjoyed this video and I LOVE your tip on imitating the posture of a confident person – amazing!
I always enjoy following your journey, how you move forward and help others, even though some topics are not so relevant for me. Yes, I’m on the 12th floor haha, and find elevators can be very awkward if you allow it haha.
I’m so glad that you enjoyed this video, I really wish more of my favorite up-and-coming entrepreneurs knew this.
I find that when business is in a slow spot I start second guessing myself and listening to those thoughts, like you mentioned.
I’m so glad you enjoyed this video, and I really LOVE your suggestion of giving three reasons as to why it’s OKAY!
That is simply not true. Self confidence is just like any other skill, and can be learned and developed.
Go watch a movie, Spend some money on yourself and reward yourself for being a beautiful person. Well, I have found from my own experience and by observing others that belief, feelings and action are interrelated. Good posture not only helps with your breath support while you speak, it also makes you look more confident.  I use a “string theory” to quickly improve my posture right before I speak. Look at your audience for a second or two, with the attitude of “this is a gift I’m giving to you” and a pleasant expression . As you continue for a couple more seconds with eye contact and before you actually speak, turn your pleasant expression into a broad, warm smile, the genuine kind that crinkles your eyes. Reaching out to friends, to family, or somebody new can help you in gaining that confidence. Thanks so much for sharing I handle my insecurities by trying my hardest to tackle them head first, or giving myself little challenges like blogging 5 times a week for a few months, or timing how long it takes to do things, or committing something to myself and holding myself to it!

I especially enjoyed the part of elevator- I grew up at 8th floor so elevator was my daily experience and I never thought of it being awkward, but when you started telling that you speak with all of unknown people in the elevator- now that I think is really awkward!! I know that we should control our thoughts more often and I think I will ask me more often if I put this thought in my basket and if the thought is me from now on.
Once you have the right mindset, stepping outside one’s comfort zone is not as hard as first thought. I’ve also always had a difficult time meeting new people, which I think stems from the fear of what others will think of me.
I never want to disappoint anyone and I am always over thinking what others might think of me.
Try to remember that with each failure, comes new experience and understanding, making you even stronger for the next attempt at something new.
I imagine a string being pulled from the ceiling that connects the top of my head to my chest to my pelvis. This confidence is representative of a deep trusting in the perfection of your path, and an immense feeling of self-respect no matter how bad you seemingly mess up.
I have found that those things that make you uncomfortable at first, actually make you grow so much!
Now, thanks to your shopping analogy (and other great tips) I can leave these thoughts on the shelf or throw them out of my basket at checkout! A couple times just in the past week I’ve come out of my shell a bit more and those times instantly brought excellent networking moments for my business! Because to a polo novice (I am talking about the sport on horseback) I know everything, but I really don’t compared to someone who has played all their lives.
Who wants to listen to let alone buy info from someone who lacks confidence in themselves?? As this happens, some clarity comes into your train of thought and can steer you in a direction which might surprise you. Now that I have graduated school I am wanting to make something of myself and I hope that with time and more confidence in myself I can! Once you learn how to dress appropriately for your body shape, you can Rock anything and make it look good. Being in a group for support will boost your confidence especially when the goal is reached.
I think life is a constant journey, and just because you teach something doesn’t ever mean you have it all together yourself! But I have overcome that fear and anxiousness by really doing my research and trusting myself, and so far I have only received appreciation from my fellow polo fans.
And if it doesn’t, I just try replacing it with a positive one I’m glad the shopping cart analogy helped, as well! But that thinking comes from a place of fear, and not love…and I want to be living in love, while continually discovering the best version of myself. He was proud of me being tall and Rocking my heels, untill this day I love wearing my heels even if I tower over everyone, I’ve embraced my height and I love it.

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