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But first let me ask you this: Did you ever feel like you need your girlfriend more than she needs you? Have you ever felt so in love and so dependent on your girlfriend that you wanted to talk to her for hours, you wanted to be with her ALL the time. Her presence in your life was so important that you felt worried and stressed any time she would show a little disinterest? Not so long ago Mike was is the same situation that you are right now, experiencing the same emotions.
He cared so much about his girlfriend that any time she’d show a little sign of disinterest, he felt this overwhelming fear and worries which turned his life into hell, all day every day. He couldn’t focus on anything else during the day… it was hard for him to study, he was distracted at work, he was all the time feeling this tension…and it was getting all worse when his girlfriend was not calling him when she promised, or she wasn’t texting him back…or even worse when she acted in ways that he didn’t like, over and over again. But things got a lot worse when one day he called his girlfriend more than 10 times, and also texted her just as many times, because she wasn’t answering his calls… and as minutes passed he felt like they were hours, he was checking his phone every 5 minutes and getting more and more impatient by every second. This is when Mike realized that he had a problem, a serious problem which was turning his love life into hell. You see, most people think that when you’re in love with someone, the right thing to do is to overwhelm them with attention and affection.
And if I were to define what neediness means in just a few words it would be: “needing your partner more than she needs you” as simple as that. So, instead of being needy, what we really need to learn is 1) how to stop being afraid of losing our partner, because she is NOT our main source of happiness in life; and 2) how to find joy (love and happiness) inside of ourselves and our own lives. So if you’re just able to change your mindset from being needy (and creepy) to being picky (and attractive) then you’ll not only feel free of worries and frustration in your love life, but your partner will be falling head over heels for you and she’ll love you like you’re the only man on earth for her. And man, it pisses me off to see so many people struggling with this issue when they don’t need to. What coaching 30 people on overcoming neediness, for an entire month, has taught me, is that neediness is not a simple problem that “some people have” but an entire EPIDEMIC that’s ruining the happiness and the love lives of so many people!
Others have said that it was so simple and powerful that it just blew their mind, and that I should be on Oprah. And instead want to go back to relaxing and enjoying their own life, feeling safe and 100% confident about the relationship, while their partner is so attracted that she cannot get enough of talking, seeing and being with them.
If you’re interested in knowing more about the training, you can apply for a personal conversation with me here.
There’s a few simple and important mind-shifts that need to happen in your mind, and then you’ll be good to go, brother! So if you feel like you fit these criteria, go ahead and chose a time slot and let’s get the neediness virus out of you. So if you feel like Mike’s story was inspiring to you, and would like YOUR story to be similar to his, then go ahead and chose a slot and I’ll be honored to be able to touch your life in this profound way.
We've been toying with this particular Dodge Ram 2500 for about a year, using it as a test mule of sorts for a number of aftermarket products. Personal development involves activities that improves a person’s awareness and identity, develops talents and potential, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.
Personal development can be thought of the process of improving oneself through such activities as enhancing employment skills, increasing consciousness and building wealth.
Personal development requires a framework if one wishes to know whether change has actually occurred.
In the case of personal development, the life coach is the primary witness of improvement, and validation of objective improvement requires assessment using standard criteria. Personal development frameworks may include goals or benchmarks that define the end-points, strategies or plans for reaching goals, measurement and assessment of progress, levels or stages that define milestones along a development path, and a feedback system to provide information on changes. Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other disciplines such as sociology, psychology, positive adult development and career counseling with an aim towards helping people identify and achieve personal goals. Specialty, as a life coach, I have had extensive training and certification in NLP, Lifestyle Fitness, Life Strategies, hypnosis as well as ancient wisdom from mystery schools. To find out more about how life coaching and personal development can help you, request an Introductory Consultation today! Then at least one of them ends with someone’s heart being shit back down their own throat and we vow to never do long distance again. For full disclosure, I have been in 3 long-distance relationships and none of them were classically “successful”; they all ended. Your job is to try to replicate, as much as possible, a close-proximity relationship and make it feel as little like “long distance” as you can. If you’ve ever heard or read anything about long distance relationships, you’ve probably come across this advice. Ya ya ya, work schedules are hectic and unpredictable, people are busy, you’re not sure if you’re going to Istanbul for a wedding, you look like an exhausted rapist in your passport photo, blah blah blah.
The tendency is going to be to share things with the people nearest to you and the people with whom you are spending most of your “corporal time”.
You can tell a long distance couple is doomed when you speak to one of them and they make it sound like their partner was banished to another galaxy by Superman’s dad.
You can’t make them dinner and you can’t loofah their genitals in the shower, so in order to fill a few voids, you’ll want to go above and beyond with “thoughtful gestures” and “gifts”.
Don’t simply avoid long distance because it presents challenges and forces you, in many respects, to be even more attentive and thoughtful.
Long distance actually offers some perks, like time with friends, career focus, personal growth, more space in bed, weekend excursions without guilt, intense intimacy, built-in bickering buffers and minimized cleaning responsibilities. This 1989 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC is sold with a large service history file from new and is described as very clean and both rust and accident free.

The cabin is all original with comfy gray leather seats in good condition with commensurate mileage wear. The M117 5.6 liter V8 is said to be in excellent running order and is unmodified from stock.
The gallery below highlights every single page of the factory maintenance logbook with stamps registering service through 87k miles, and the seller says the new owner can be confident taking this on a long distance trip tomorrow.
Or any time she’d be too busy for you, and not answer your texts, or initiate calls, or talk to you on Skype for long enough? He found out that she had a really busy day, and she forgot her phone at home… but when she got back home and saw the dozen missed calls and weird text messages on her phone, she got really disappointed at him, she felt very bad for how weak and insecure he had behaved, and even told him that they should probably break up, which brought her to tears of pain and disappointment. Not only that he was suffering, but he was also letting his girlfriend down, which hurt him even more. Long story short, he found our community, read some of the articles on the blog, read my 3 deadly mistakes e-book, and was blown away by how he was making all those 5 mistakes that I talk about in that short ebook. He told me the story that I just told you, and for the next 45 minutes we worked on his neediness issue together.
As he told me 2 weeks later in an email, that call opened his eyes for real, and the way he acted from there on has gotten his girlfriend back to him,  even more attracted and in love with him than she was before. And they don’t even want to think about the possibility of losing their girlfriends, they’re terrified by this idea and so they become needy.
Because although their intention is good, too much attention starts to become needy, and needy is creepy, which repels their girlfriend away from them. And when that happens, attraction goes out the window, relationships become boring, and slowly but surely head to a painful break up.
I’ve gotten so many emails from guys struggling with the same neediness issue over the years, and I’m just so inspired to help you overcome this issue, especially now after I’ve heard Mike’s beautiful success story. The life-changing ideas that we’ll cover are as effective for women as they are for men. Overall it has been a good fit as we evaluated the kind of products that specifically benefited truck owners with large, weighty trailers.
Then we get older, understand ourselves a bit more and find that the concepts of dedication, focus and solitude aren’t so daunting amidst a shortage of single, attractive people that aren’t lunatics.
One was a mutual retreat, one was my decision and one kicked my ass so hard that I’m still finding high heel fragments during thorough showers.
That is the overarching strategy you need to keep replaying in your head like a Katy Perry song about tigers and fire and all that shit. It is critical to know when the distance will return to zero, otherwise the uncertainty of direction will start to cloud everything – even the good moments. Depending on the distance, and the people involved, it needs to be reasonable given basic aging principals and how much time people should spend together in order to stay in sync. First, once the numbers start getting big and the flights start taking half a day, you should consider 2 years somewhat of a ceiling. Between Skype, MMS and 2-Pac holograms, I assure you that you can find a way to turn on your significant other from afar. It’s easier and naturally you may start to develop an overfed defensive-turned-passive-aggressive anti-dependency on your partner because they’re literally never there and you feel like you need to have your “own thing” to feel confident.
If you talk like they barely exist, you’ll think they barely exist, others will assume they barely exist and eventually, they will.
Ya, it’s not ideal being alone at the times you feel you most need the person you’ve got but can’t have. Sold by the same dealer via BaT auctions in February, the car was purchased by a private party who added about 2,500 miles in addition to performing a major 100k service with new timing chain and tensioners before trading it back in. The interior appears nicely detailed and carpets, dash, and headliner are all holding up well. Further claimed to start easily and idle quietly, the seller says it provides torquey power with smooth shifts from the automatic gearbox.
They’ve been through so much together and he felt like he’d never find such an amazing girl again. Two months later I wrote him to see how things were going and he said that they were planning to close the distance soon.
Thus I know it from my own experience and from the countless success stories I’ve received from guys, that overcoming this issue is the holy-grail of a happy love life. He does that through his free articles, his in-depth books, and more intimately through his live events and deep transformative private coaching. He does that through his free articles, his in-depth books, and more intimately through his live events and personal Skype consultations. Interestingly, of all the products that have been installed, the one that impressed us the most was not the most expensive, glamorous, or easiest to install-it just made the most sense. But despite my doughnut of a record, I regret none of the decisions I made to give them a try. Below is a “Max Expiry” curve that most can use as a general guideline for assessing the feasibility of your long distance lifespan.
Second, if you’re at or beyond 2,500 miles you really need to aim inside 2 years and make sure you have an excellent reason for considering anything above 6-12 months. I’m not suggesting you act like a loon and bring a sock puppet to parties but there’s no reason why you have let your partner slip out of conversation just because they’re not close by. There’s email, Amazon, prepaid Starbucks cards, friends to deliver surprises, spa packages, voice notes, flowers, maid services, letters and all kinds of things that can let someone know that even though you’re not in town, you’re still very much involved.

It can definitely suck, but it’s not all bad and at the end of the day, you get to keep them. Your worst enemy is your own psychological approach and your expectations.
OEM wheels are in very good condition and have avoided the aftermarket chrome treatment applied to many of these cars in period.
The dash top shows no cracks, wood has good varnish and all gauges, lights and electrics work including window lifts for the pillarless glass and sliding steel sunroof. The car had been serviced before the last listing 7 months ago, and more recent work included fitment of four new Michelin tires and replacement OEM timing chain and tensioners part of the 100k mile service. And now just a few days ago he wrote me a short email thanking me and telling me that they finally closed the distance and are looking at getting married soon. If you're ready to feel better in your love life, check out his books, and the 'Consultations' page to talk to him personally. If you're ready to feel better in your love life, check out his books, or read his free guide. First, we’re young, poorly balanced and statistically short-sighted so we try a few LD relationships in the name of romance. I learned a lot from my experiences, I have vetted my resulting theories through other couples and I am confident that the items below will maximize your odds of pulling off a successful long distance relationship. You are to think of it as a “Standard romantic relationship in which the partners are temporarily at a geographic disadvantage”. If you’ll be getting discounts on Zoo admission before living in the same city as your partner, it’s probably not going to work. Time zones, flight costs, travel time, work schedules, good looking friends and all kinds of things start causing turbulence with added distance. So get creative & spicey or get replaced with the hottest, horniest thing at last call in about 8 Fridays from now. As I said earlier, you need to strive to make things feel like there is no distance and that you can remain close without being close. You still need to be the go-to that makes their life better on a day-to-day basis, so get out a drawing board and fucking draw. There is no evidence of accident repair and inner fenders are photographed below showing their factory VIN stickers. As a unit, the parts offered the kind of adjust-on-the-fly power we needed and lowered our exhaust gas temperatures. It will wear on you and people will start interpreting the decision to remain apart (it is a decision) as deliberate prioritization of almost everything else over their partner – and resentment is at the core of much long-distance spoilage. So when was the last time you were in a serious relationship, living in the same city as your partner, and you went a week having no idea when you would see each other next? Both people need to feel like nobody is being replaced for primary support and celebration duties. That particular setup also yielded 100-hp beyond stock.As our towing loads increased, we decided to rebuild the stock 48RE transmission just in case. The second you let yourself be convinced that you’re in some kind of whacky, fucked up, rules-are-totally-different tragedy, you are going conjure up more issues than actually exist. Power shifts and maximum locking performance from the new torque converter made for even more confident long-distance hauls.But it was this simple Banks Brake kit that positively changed the way the truck handled with a trailer. Truck owner and RV Magazine contributor Tony Becker said that he wished he had done the upgrade sooner.
He saw the benefits of the Banks Brake immediately.The idea that you can cut your downhill speed without using the wheel brakes means that they will be fully functional when you need them most. As you already know, heavy loads and steep descents with a trailer in tow mean that you are tempting fate with just the stock braking system.
The last thing you want is to smell your brakes burning up as the rotors or drums turn red-hot. More pedal force just increases the problem.Don't confuse the Banks Brake we tested with a Jake Brake like those found on commercial tractor trailers though. The Banks Brake is a direct-mount, no- maintenance exhaust brake that saves wheel brakes by utilizing the exhaust exiting the engine. The kit came complete with detailed instructions, an OEM-like wiring harness, an OBDII interface cable, interior control switches, and the vacuum solenoid that's mounted under the hood.If there is one aspect to the install that might be time-consuming, it would be the installation of the new heater core tube from Banks, which replaced the stock tube for better clearance for the brake assembly. We will point out that the instruction manual was much better than most, and obviously Banks took great care in preparing it for the user.Together with a new serpentine belt and vacuum actuator, and a computerized brake controller called SmartLock, the Banks Brake kit can actually reduce wear on your engine and transmission too, because they don't have to work so hard on steep grades. The brain behind the system is the CBC-SmartLock, which increased line pressure and locked the torque converter-to smoothly reduce vehicle speed.After speaking to the Banks engineers, we learned that the SmartLock senses throttle position and controls braking engagement, improving efficiency. What this does is signals the transmission to engage the torque converter lockup clutch and simultaneously increases hydraulic line pressure, which reduces slippage under extreme braking. When you tap the throttle, the SmartLock disengages.Unlike gas engines, diesels control speed and power by governing the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber.
A diesel has no air throttle like a gas engine has, so when you lift off the accelerator of a diesel truck, the engine doesn't brake because there is no pumping loss to retard the engine speed.
On steep downhill drives with a large trailer in tow, this can be unnerving to even the most experienced driver, and you leave to chance the possibility that your brakes will overheat and then fade. That's why exhaust brakes, such as the Banks Brake, have become so popular.Banks also offers an exhaust brake kit for other makes and models of trucks, including its latest product, the SpeedBrake, which is a plug-and-play, all electronic system that can cut downhill speeds by 78 percent without using your foot brake.

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