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Maybe it’s because with four months to go the end finally feels real…It’s taken a lot of work. Stephanie also recently killed off all $34,579 of her debt, and did it in exactly 3 years and 11 months – two months ahead of our set goal.
I make that distinction because despite being (obviously) smart with all her degrees, and accomplishing a lot in her professional life already, Maria still found herself in a heap of debt. Now the plus side of making a lot of money, and being smart, is that you then have an edge on nixing it all off faster than another might (it only took her 3 years to kill it), but still. Four different people from all around the world who racked up debt, and then swiftly kicked it all to the curb.
The best thing to me about these individuals is knowing that after such a long struggle they have the opportunity to BUILD now. For so long they struggled, now there’s this huge flip from the dark side to light and they can take all of these debt payments and build their future with it. I always find it amazing when having the ol’ nationalize healthcare debate why getting into debt always seems to just be a side note. I would be curious to see just how much of the average debt of Americans comes directly from medical costs. Sorry to rant – its just that I had a good friend who had boatloads of savings from a high paying job who ended up bankrupt and living with his parents after having cancer in his spine. And last year my wonderful sister in law fought cancer for about 9 months, racking up huge amounts of debt, and then unfortunately passing away last spring. I have friends who declared bankruptcy because of medical debt, and we’ve had quite a few medical bills ourselves because of some back injuries my wife has had. Bad debt certainly happens to good people and like Maria said, sometimes you don’t even know why or have any sort of excuse.
And I can’t wait to have the freedom to not have to stay at jobs I hate just because I have to make a certain amount to get huge bills paid. I’m still in the VERY LONG process of paying off debt so reading these successful stories helps to keep me motivated. It was because it being only a short time till christmas I felt it should have gone to presents.
Stephanie’s passion has no only brought her out of debt, but allowed her to exit the workforce and pursue her passion of helping others as well. Congrats to all here, very inspiring stories, and showing that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t just an exit, but a whole new world! Well, turning 60 doesn’t mean that it’s end of the world, now you need to be more optimistic and shape your life to achieve a better life post retirement. Increase your cash reserve:No one can save more strategically than a woman, so enhancing cash reserve can be an easy task. Lower your financial burden:Do you owe overwhelming amount of credit card balance, medical debts and student loan debt?
Increase your contribution to retirement funds:Contributing in the retirement fund from early age can be a smart financial move. Insurance coverage mandatory:If you think you don’t require insurance coverage, then you may land up in trouble. Get a second job:Retirement doesn’t mean that you can’t get a new job again, well this time you can turn your hobby into a business.
Therefore, you’re required to keep the above mentioned points in mind if you plan to lead debt free and ease your financial struggle.
Author Bio: Andy Masaki is a financial writer and associated with many financial forum and debt communities.

Here’s wishing that everyone’s life is a bit better in 2011 than it was in 2010! Yet sometimes it’s those same long lists of features that end up making the app hard to grasp, or in some cases ultimately useless. It may not be tomorrow, or the next year, but it’s VERY much possible to do if you prioritize and hustle your sweet little asses off. Just last week she sent in her last payment and completely wiped out all $38,000 of this financial devil. I’m no expert myself in debt, but everything here is proof that getting rid of debt is not only possible, but PROBABLE. Debt is definitely a terrible thing to have, but it doesn’t have to be a way of life, the lovely people you mentioned in this post have proven it, and I’m happy to be counted with them!
Yes, I think it is but the key words are what you mentioned like hustle…it doesn’t just happen!
We need a little extra push every now and then :) Glad you found this useful (it was certainly fun to put together). Since the debt payments were so large for so long, the equivalent amount applied to investments, savings, a home, etc. Having gone through it myself in the past, I can definitely agree that SOOO much of it comes down to hustle. The concept of getting rid of your debt really isn’t that complicated at all (you just start paying it off!) but you have to REALLY want it, and prioritize it, to make it happen as you mentioned.
I hope one day people talk about us and how we’re working on paying off our 75+k worth of debt. What a story… and what a joynow that they can use the debt repayment money for all the other great opportunities life will offer.
Leaving her husband not only with their three under-ten daughters to raise by himself, but a pile of her medical debt to pay off too. I think debt is expected and welcomed in society and in my case, I think I used it to make up for other things I didn’t want to deal with.
All my friends get sick of my constant PF talk, but I do feel like linking this to everyone with nasty student loan (or consumer) debt.
And I don’t know how long it took you to write but I always say that my debt free article took me three years and a week to write. After I got home from work and entering my receipts I bit the bullet and called another agency and will be able to work things with them and that will be paid off in march which is already circled on my calendar. Travis and his wife are an AWESOME couple, and have a powerful story to share, as much as it sucks to have lived through it, they have used it to change for the better. I never thought that I would be able to get rid of my student loan debt, but they are gone!
I can’t even imagine what it is like to have a weight that big and heavy lifted off your shoulders. So, you need to establish your emergency fund when you’re managing your money to avoid financial stress.
If so, then don’t make the mistake of carrying the financial burden over to your post retirement life. Basic insurance policies like auto insurance, health insurance and life insurance policies may help you provide adequate coverage and protect your finances in emergency situation. You can work from home as well as for long hours, and you lavishly lead your life post retirement without getting into a debt rut. He provides financial advice to debt stricken consumers to help them solve finance related problems.

My birthday was last week, a present to myself was dropping an extra $500 worth of payments on our debt.
Even if you have the most fantastic insurance in the country, chances are if you go a round with cancer – you are still gonna be flat busted at the end no matter how well you plan.
It’s great to hear such amazing stories and exciting to see what lies ahead for all four of these guys.
I’m so excited that on Friday I’m mailing in my last student loan payment and will be totally debt free!
To be honest, I wanted to sit and cry because its such an overwhelming mess and people in my real life wouldn’t understand or support me.
All very inspirational stories – that’s a lot of debt to be paid off over a short period of time! Well, it’s not a tough job to solve your debt issues, you need to be show perseverance and commitment to come out of debt rut.
Probably, some women are working and some are home managers, but both can effectively manage to set aside a stipulated amount every month to enhance the cash reserve for emergency use.
Well, if you haven’t started yet, you can start contributing to increase your retirement fund. In most of the cases, insurance coverage may help you avoid devastating situation that may ruin your financial life. This is simply made up of 1 part alcohol to 3 parts water.  I used 1 cup of alcohol to 3 cups water and placed in the freezer!
And they’re already so used to putting that money somewhere so it’ll be super easy! I have also sold both my game systems that I had and my boyfriend is upgrading two laptops that we don’t use anymore to sell. I bet it’s hard to pick up a credit card or think about ANY kind of loan after pursuing debt freedom with such vigor.
You need to take this vital step when it comes to building up the fund to secure your post retirement life. Make sure you pay off your debts immediately, so that you can regain control over your financial state. If you’ve started contributing recently, try contributing more in the retirement account hoard a huge amount.
You may need to break up the larger pieces once it is frozen, but this is a SUPER cheap alternative to buying one!!
I hope this post gives just a little extra motivation to readers struggling with debt to just KEEP GOING! Remember, avoiding debt is considered to be the best approach to lead a stress free financial life. The sooner you start saving in a retirement account, the better returns you can reap post retirement. What is in my favor is I have worked on the collection agency side so I know that they can work with me even if its 3 months at a time. In order to shun your debt and retire rich, you need to follow the financial planning tricks given below. So, you can enjoy your post retirement life without any financial stress if you contribute in your retirement account without failing.

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