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Confidence gained by way of NLP is just as powerful as confidence gained through experience. Once this is understood, and you master the ability to gain confidence through NLP, it becomes an extremely large source of positivity. Though confidence is a relatively simple psychological tool that provides great power, so why is it so hard for most people to achieve? In my opinion, the so called credit goes to the fact that humans spend the first dozen years of their life actively destroying the confidence of all around them.
This is because of the flawed human instinct that you can gain confidence yourself by destroying the confidence of others. If you hold the notion of confidence in awe or fear, you are telling yourself that it is a powerful thing that will be difficult to get. While you are doing this, set an NLP Anchor – I suggest pressing your left thumbnail into your left index finger in a pulsing motion.
Continue to reinforce this anchor, and every time you feel the confidence, press the anchor again. During this step, whenever there is underlined text, reinforce your confidence anchor by pressing your thumbnail again. Take the feeling of confidence and keep it flowing as you put yourself in a new, imaginary setting. As soon as you approach, the strangers smile with their eyes, you FEEL they are interested in you.
Even though it is imagined, your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between an imagined memory and a real memory. Guys Being Confident is and will always be Your Choice, its on you if you choose to build or destroy it. A pretty heavy question but one I think that you can appreciate. If YOU are the most confident person that you know then no need to read further.
You can go finish taming lions or asking-out super-models or whatever it is that the most confident people in the world do.
See the thing about confidence is that it is at the core of so many other issues and at the subconscious mind level, the lack of confidence affects EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. In this self-paced 4-part series How To Be The Most Confident Person You Know – Using Four Simple Techniques you will learn exactly how to do #3. You will not see any of this material anywhere else on the web because this will not be just theory but my own personal stories and Herculean struggles that have gotten me to where I am today and the techniques that I’ve learned along the way. In a nutshell I basically said by the end of this four-part course you will become the most confident person that you know. I was in a job where I felt like I was just another number on the payroll, waiting for the end of the day and Monday was a dirty word to me. I instead tried to convince myself that I should be lucky just to have a job in this crazy economy!
The funny thing about lack of confidence is that when you fear doing something you end up being your #1 critic and talking yourself out of what you fear most. I even visualized crawling back to the former boss begging him to take me back and letting him know how silly I was to think that I could leave the comfort zone of my cubical and corporate America.
Coincidentally there were many similar lost souls there as it happened to be the same campground area where one of the most profound spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle was giving a talk. Tolle said that lack of confidence (or low self-esteem) will always be a challenge to maintain because one cannot constantly be in a state of high self-esteem. That would mean continually giving yourself positive affirmations and reassuring yourself of your own value. You end up judging yourself against either what someone else thinks or what you think that someone else thinks about you. But that’s all most of us know how to do, compare ourselves and that usually means judging either others or ourselves. The amazing little secret is that once you stop comparing yourself and making judgments,there is no such thing as lack of confidence because you have nothing to be fearful of. That typically has the effect of making you question your self worth which leads to low confidence. This is the beginning of being The Most Confident Person You Know because now you are automatically on level-ground with everyone else. You can’t control what someone says or does but you can control the way you react to it. Getting upset is natural–we all do it, but again its your reaction to that event that matters more than anything else. If you are not grateful for something in your life that is usually the same thing that you place little value on. Expressing gratitude bolsters self-worth and self-esteem. When you realize how much people have done for you or how much you have accomplished, you feel more confident and efficacious. Unfortunately, for many people, it comes more naturally to focus on failures and disappointments or on other people’s slights and hurts. Gratefulness can help you unlearn this habit.
Instead of automatically thinking, “Woe is me,” in response to any setback, the practice of gratitude encourages you instead to consider what you value about your current life or how you are thankful that things aren’t worse. Think of someone that was very influential in your life, someone that has done something amazing for you or something important for you.

The point here is that you are calling someone out-of-the-blue and unexpected and unscheduled. Well it made my day just knowing that you now have it as a building-block to becoming The Most Confident Person That You Know. And to me passion is something that excites me and something that gets me closer to my purpose in life (or my yearly goal).
So the Idea Machine is a technique to write down 10-20 ideas a day about anything that you can possibly imagine. Idea Conception + Idea Nourishment + Idea Execution = Confidence that you can creatively get closer to whatever helps you to grow as a person. Yesterday was probably one of the funnest techniques that I’ve come across to help get the confidence juices flowing. The worst thing about future situations is the tension and anxiety that slowly builds before the actual event. I spent so much time worrying about what people would think of my presentation that I sometimes forgot what I was saying. For the longest three seconds of my life I saw nothing but curious faces looking at me–almost as thought they have been waiting for this moment. Well thankfully I quickly segwayed into something else but let me tell you–there is nothing worse than feeling like a complete fool in from of a crowd. In fact from that day on, which was actually not that long ago, I promised myself that this would never happen again. As it turned-out, I was actually correct in thinking about my presentation before hand but what I did wrong was obsess over and dissect only the parts where I thought I would look bad or come off as looking like a fraud.
The trick was to not think about what I would say or how I would look but how I would feel.
However following her advice I started off visualizing the people smiling in the audience, then some of them actually so nervous that it was hard for them to maintain eye-contact with me, then some of them actually not wearing any clothes, then finally a great line starting to form before I was finished speaking of people lining up to speak to me after the presentation.
You see the more ridiculous I played out the scenario in my mind the more confident that I was actually the one that would was in for a good show. Well since I started those visualization and fantasy-scenario techniques I have been eager to give presentations ever since. Not only visualize but actually feel it–feel the emotions as your are simulating that scenario in your head.
For some of us it’s hard to learn to become confident just by reading a series of techniques. Even though the past four techniques that I shared over the past four days are some of the most powerful in the world.
Research for the index, which measures overall job confidence as well as job confidence among the unemployed, shows that 76% of the country became more job confident, or maintained the same confidence levels in their job and ability to find work over the last three months.
Individuals in London, the South West and the East Midlands felt most confident about employment, in contrast with the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber, who have seen little change over the last quarter.
Among the reasons for increased confidence is the proactive approach people have taken to improving their jobs prospects. The Index suggests that economic recovery is continuing to boost the nation’s job confidence, with 61% of employed people still feeling that it would take them less than six months to find a new job if they were made redundant. Two-fifths (41%) of the people questioned now expect that they would need less than three months to find a new job, compared to only 38% in the previous three months. Joe Billington, director of the National Careers Service, said that jobseekers must continue to update their CVs and tailor them to each vacancy. City Noble, the independent pensions and investment advisory firm, has appointed John Nestor as an Associate….
When people are already experiencing pre-performance jitters, found Alison Wood Brooks, a professor and researcher at Harvard Business School, it’s much easier to shift into a state of excitement than calm. Some of the greatest artists, athletes, novelists and thinkers of our time have relied upon their own quirky pre-performance rituals to help them get in the zone—and produce their best work. This entry was posted in Success, Uncategorized and tagged Confident women on October 21, 2014 by Nikki Woods. One of the hallmarks of confidence is being sure about your abilities and that those abilities will ensure a positive outcome.
That is why once your confidence is damaged, it can be difficult to send it back on the right path. You need to understand that confidence is just a tiny little emotional loop happening in your brain’s limbic system. You must associate the emotional feeling of confidence with the physical sensation of the anchor. In fact, there have been cases where grown-up children have falsely prosecuted parents for child abuse, when in fact the memories were entirely imagined and developed by the probing of incompetent psychiatrists. Steve Jones, he is actually one of the foremost experts on confidence in the world–and has a VERY successful, well-established practice in beautiful Savanna, GA. This marks an increase of two percentage points compared with the last Job Confidence Index. Nearly one quarter (24%) of unemployed people have applied for work experience compared with only 12% in the previous Index. Brooks did a study with participants in several high-stress scenarios: karaoke singing, public speaking and math performance.

Serena Williams has said she’ll wear the same exact pair of socks when competing in tournaments.
We all know that flush of discomfort strikes most women (social norms, unconscious bias, etc.). Confident people have a strong self-esteem with a realistic respect for themselves and their good attributes. When you spend excessive time worrying about setbacks, it robs you from taking positive action in the present. Maybe reading a good book on the beach, or talking to a close friend in a comfortable setting. Picture yourself at the party, walking up to a group of strangers who are talking amongst themselves.
Look through your own eyes in that confident setting, feel the confidence as strongly as you can, and reinforce the anchor again. In addition, 33% have attended training to progress in their careers, compared to 28% three months ago.
Beyonce has an hours-long pre-stage ritual that involves prayer, stretching and listening to her favorite music. When you project success and make it part of your mantra, you will yourself into believing in yourself.
Take time and understand what happened if it will help propel you forward, but then continue forging ahead. By doing so you reinforce positive behaviors, acknowledging your accomplishments building your confidence along the way.
When persistence is coupled with confidence, your goals seem more attainable improving the likelihood of success. Believe it or not, you have complete power over your confidence right now and at all times. You feel sure of yourself, relaxed, and you have a feeling of knowing that things are going well. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll truly understand that confidence is a tiny little loop in your mind that you can switch on at will. Brooks said that when her subjects were told to get excited, they actually felt more excited, more confident and were able to more naturally shift their focus on the positive opportunities in the upcoming task (unleashing their inner Celine Dion) versus the potential threats (completely bombing in front of all of their friends). And motivational speaker Tony Robbins says 10 minutes of high-energy movement and repetition of incantations helps him take the stage with the confidence he’s known for. In one the study’s examples, 47 percent of people lent a stranger in a busy train station their cell phone if the request began with an apology about the crummy rain. In contrast, it is very important to quiet that negative inner-voice telling it simply to shut up, failure is not an option.
Avoid people who are addicted to drama, individuals who suck your vital energy with their negative outlook in life.
He has also attended live sessions of Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Mahatria Ra and a few more. Smith, professor of psychology at Montana State University, asked a group of female college students to write scholarship application essays—the mother of all boasting. It is helpful to have strategies that help us through those times when our spirits are in most need of a boost. When you will yourself to carry yourself with confidence, even when you aren’t feeling that way, you send signals with your body that failure is not an option.
Half the group was told they might feel some physical discomfort because of a (bogus) subliminal noise-generating box in the room.
Knowing when to get your head clear for perspective and when it’s time to get moving again is critical to overcoming setbacks.
People with low self esteem have difficulty believing that they are unconditionally loved and accepted by their partners.
The result: The students who were warned about the box wrote stronger essays, that awarded up to $1,000 more in scholarship money, than the other students.
They tend to hold back from fully committing themselves in…Two phrases that harm intimacy and relationships There are two phrases in relationships that can disarm an honest conversation. They also enjoyed the experience of writing about their achievements more than their counterparts.
When your partner comes to you about a problem in your relationship and wants to talk to you, these two phrases disarm her.
Smith said that when women give themselves a way out of the discomfort of self-promoting—they not only do it more effectively—they dramatically improve their confidence and performance.
The long-term solution, Smith says, is to get employers to create a more balanced environment: one that normalizes self-promotion for women. You’ll be able to blame your racing heart and jangled nerves on those activities and perform at the top of your talent.

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