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Today I was shocked to read a post on a popular blog’s Facebook status that was openly judging another Mom.
When we make a decision as a parent we need to remember that in the end it’s God we stand before, not the Joneses, the parenting experts, or the in-laws.
Blogging about the ups and downs of raising and homeschooling a houseful of littles, striving to grow closer to God. The Tell Another Mom mission is to stop judging other mothers and instead support one another through encouragement.
Tell Another Mom is always interested in supporting other moms and would love to hear from you if you'd like to guest post. So since starting Tell Another Mom, I’ve had so much support from other moms reaching out and wanting to help get the word out there about the mission.
Each week I’ll have a new picture on facebook so that anyone can share it to another mom’s timeline. I hope at least a few moms out there will join the mission to tell another mom that she’s a good mom (or any other encouraging words). Guess what, I felt more down to earth, more easy going, and less stressed.  How did that happen?
Don’t you love parenting quotes like this that help you remember the things that are really important?

But it saddens me that our culture is so quick to judge other moms, compared to other cultures who support and help and encourage other moms, even if they don’t parent the same way. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
We've all either been judged or criticized in some way by another Mom, just as I'm sure many of us have done to another. Simply put, it’s one day a week that we put our differences and insecurities aside and ENCOURAGE one another by sharing a few kind words.
The first time someone I didn’t even know told me… I had no idea how badly I really needed to hear those kind words. Unless otherwise noted, the site content is not written by doctors, psychologists, or other health care professionals. She had linked to an article that was talking about how a woman faced harsh judgments online for saying that she only bathed her infant son once a week. I try to limit it, I feel guilty for not making them a home cooked meal but it was just done of those mom days where I had to do what I had to do! In a perfect world, we would all walk up to random mothers and tell them that they are ‘good moms’ or that they are doing an ‘amazing job’.
I’m going to start by telling three mothers that they’re doing a great job (who knows… I may even get a little out of control and tell more).

The staff at Positively Mommy do not have psychiatric degrees or any other therapeutic training. Taking this leap of faith and hoping that the response is a positive one can be somewhat intimidating (although I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to hear that they’re a good mom!).
The majority of our advice is drawn from personal experience and thus represents personal opinion. What do you think of a woman who does this?” I replied that I, too, only bathed my infant once a week unless he needed it, and did that make me a bad mom? It is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. I also told her that I had no interest in following a site that was quick to judge other moms instead of encourage and uplift.
Any reliance on the information Positively Mommy provides is solely at the risk of the user.
Positively Mommy does not assume any responsibility for damage or injury to persons or property that may arise from the use of the advice and information Positively Mommy provides.

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