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To become an ideal man in the eyes of a daughter is a boon for himself as well as for whole of family because the footsteps of idealism of Father would help the daughter in her whole of life beginning from student career to motherly care. The Daily Letter is a project that started with hopes of restoring the beautiful nature of humanity to its rightful place in society.
When I stare at my kids getting bigger, faster and smarter (one hopes), it's wild to think they'll be as old as I am one day. The idea of the Cycle of Manhood gives me a special kind of appreciation for having kids and being a father, and being a son to my dad. A day or two late, but I just found out the Aussies recently celebrated Father’s Day.

Written I am sure by one who had just such a father and the kind we all want, and all the Dad’s I know strive to be. This entry was posted in Parenting Issues, Self Care and tagged Aussie Father's Day, Emotional fitness, Emotional Fitness Training, Emotional Health, Life, parenting, poem, Thinking about what matters.
The words that populate these pages are often written to people that we do not know but have encouraged, inspired or restored our faith in humanity.
We're part of an ancient and honorable tradition, with a heritage that wheels away into the mists of time further than even the mind can easily see. As these letters are written and posted in real time we are not only reshaping the way that we view each other, but the way that the world views each other.

And even though Cody and Max are pubescent, it's still strange to picture any of my boys driving, going on a date or making that "you're crushing my hand" smile as their wives labor to push out the little one that will make me a GRANDFATHER!!!

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