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A recognized authority on fathers’ rights, Leving not only practices divorce law and writes books; he also works with his state’s legislature to level the playing field for men in custody cases, for as he writes in his book, there is still a strong gender bias in favor of granting custody to mothers.
Leving is interested not only in pointing out potential legal pitfalls and common problems for divorced dads. His belief is that “just about everyone has the ability and the desire to be a good divorced dad.” The book addresses everything from how to smartly observe kids for danger signs and how to handle new significant others in both the dad’s and the ex-wife’s life, to dealing with splitting assets and dealing effectively with money matters. Advice about legal issues typically involved in securing joint (or even sole) custody is sprinkled throughout the book. In addition to dismantling the cooperation ploy, Leving also says it’s a misconception that joint custody is too difficult to obtain, and he offers other factors that dads can bring up to their lawyers or the judge, including the preferences of both parents, environmental stability, whether violence has ever been a part of a parent’s life, his and her mental and physical health, and their lifestyles – all of which he says can be turned in favor of getting dads more time with their kids. Leving is all about empowering men to be better fathers, and his belief in them makes for a positive and uplifting read: “Being a father is a sacred responsibility, and most men take on this role with great seriousness,” he concludes. Working on being the kind of husband my wife deserves is going to be my secret weapon to being the kind of dad my kids need.
Well… that might be what you were thinking I was going to write about (per the title of this post) but that’s not it.
What I am going to write about is my relationship with Michelle and how putting the well-being of my marriage to her in front of my big plans and dreams for my babies is my long-term parenting strategy. Recently, Giuliana and Bill Rancic were heavily criticized for saying nearly the same thing – that they would always put their marriage before their child. They will learn how to do almost everything from me and Michelle, whether we purposefully teach it to them, or they pick it up from watching and ultimately understanding. If Michelle and I handled conflict in a very loud, aggressive, or even abusive way, Claire would say to herself, “Oh yeah… this yelling is familiar. Conversely, if Michelle and I handled conflict in a calm, cooperative, and united way, Claire would wonder to herself, “What is this douche yelling at me for? Even in an emotionally stable home, one without regular marital hostility, there will be fights. It’s not always guaranteed that your children will remember (or even listen to) the lessons you find significant. We get asked to write about parenting from time to time, but dads, this is for you especially… Good parenting starts with being a good spouse. 1 in 25 men worldwide is not the biological father of a child they believe is theirs, approx. Looking for a book on fatherhood that?s crammed with humor and real-world advice from someone who?s been there? Clever (and thank goodness) short chapters make the wealth of facts, advice, and encouragement easily digestible to dads who?d rather sit through a Steel Magnolias marathon than read about, say, life insurance.
Bestselling author Peter Mayle shows expectant fathers everything they need to know about one of life's most exciting times. I like the way this book is written, there are inspiring quotes with accompanying pictures in each chapter, tips and advice to other men and hey, even a couple of recipes which you can try out with your kids! I've mentioned to my hubby before that he must not scold or reprimand my actions right in front of our kids no matter how wrong I was or how silly a decision I made or not made. I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with a copy of the book in order to facilitate my review. Every rule should be taken to heart by all Dads {and a lot can be applied to Mom’s too}.

Leving offers a how-to manual for fathers who are faced with negotiating the often rocky terrain of divorce and child custody. He co-authored both the Illinois Just-Custody and Virtual Visitation laws, and he regularly lectures about fathers’ rights across the country. He also creates a kind of self-help offering for his readers, arguing that many divorced fathers don’t file for joint-custody or try to be involved in their children’s lives because they convince themselves their kids are better off without them. Chapter 8 specifically addresses “Legal Remedies” and is geared towards helping his readers understand how the courts can help them.
OF COURSE I want to see them mature into responsible, intelligent, creative, and generous adults. From managing money, handling stress, and driving a car – to fighting fair, reconciling, forgiving, and giving up oneself for something better than a selfish desire. Now, although I don’t know who this man is, or how he will treat Claire in this scenario, I can paint a picture for her of a healthy outcome that will be ingrained in her subconscious. Fortunately, research shows that the amount of fighting couples do in front of their children is less damaging than the lack of reconciliation the kids observe. To combat this, and as a little fun for myself, I’ve reserved email addresses for both of my girls. So read the other blog posts, read the recommended resources, invest time and money in your wife, and #staymarried. We share our lives and resources here at #staymarried because we believe marriage is AMAZING, though not without its challenges.
Included is advice that every father needs to know about the impending birth of his child, such as: tactics for the bathroom and the breakfast table, morning sickness, cravings, preserving his sex life, and helping his wife get back into shape. According to the Pregnant Father's Cookbook included in the middle, rice counts as a vegetable! How to Be A Great Dad is a revolutionary new book on fatherhood and what it means to be a loving and giving parent. This book is not thick at all, about 128 pages in total with hardcover and glossy papers which I like. Yes, I understood my actions and its consequences and no matter what, he should never ever react in front of our kids. Whether you plan to buy it for your hubby, a male relative or family member or friend, just get it.
The author, Treion Muller is actually a family friend who I just so happen to know on a personal level. I loved them all, but one that I really liked was TAKE A KID WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO SOMEWHERE. He works to dispel that misconception and argues persuasively that involved dads make for happier men – and children. One of his main goals is to give men good questions to bring to their lawyers, and to alert them to problem areas that even good divorce lawyers can miss. This list is endless, and I can’t write every single detail I want my girls to be equipped to handle, let alone sit down and teach them face-to-face. Either they yell and argue and find each other at odds in the ring… or they discuss, defuse, and strive to understand over demanding to be understood. Mom and dad used to do this.” She would find a skewed sense of comfort in that place, dwell in it, and make decisions based off of the defense mechanism to emotionally protect herself by lashing out and deflect hostility with hostility.

Basically they assume the dad will be in the waiting room for the whole thing and they recommend him bring his electric razor and transistor radio with ear plugs to pass the time. With this fascinating collection of stories, suggestions, and gentle tips on active parenting, author and inspirational speaker Carmen Elefante has created a blueprint that will help fathers realize how important it is to be truly present in their children's lives.
No matter what heat of the moment or his flare of anger might caused him to behave that way, it is never a right thing to do in front of our kids. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.
I loved this rule because since I’m a Mom of four, having three around at times seems like a break! But I believe the way to do that, is to model it through the relationship they’ll be watching, scrutinizing, and eventually mimicking for the next 18+ years of their life. So, I’ve decided to live my life as ethically and transparently as I can, and I’ll hope that they find confidence and encouragement in watching me, mistakes and all. I don’t like this feeling at all… I don’t have to take this!” She would see the telltale red flag very early and innately know that there is a better way of handling conflict. This skews a child’s perceptions, even at early ages, for the child always sees the wounding but never the bandaging. I know they won’t receive these emails until well into their teens, but when the time is right they’ll have a whole inbox full of memories to relive. You might like to check out why we started this blog and my wife’s first entry to get a little background. Also, they recommend that dad learns to cook and the book offers recipes for dad that are especially easy and insanely basic- like how to make a baked potato, sandwich, and cooked cabbage.
I got his email in the middle of September this year and was about to be caught up really really busy with reviewing the Nissan LEAF (fully electric car) for 6 weeks and replied to him that if he doesn't mind waiting for 1-8 weeks for my review, I'd be happy to read his book.
There are a total of 9 chapters in this book, touching from stepping up to fatherhood, what to do to earn respect and trust and building everlasting memories with your family and children, the importance of commitment and being involve in your family and childrens' lives and activities you can do with your kids. One of the main reasons why I think I loved the book so much is because all of the rules in this book HELP MOMS and help Dad remember that the job is an equal partnership!! Whether she respond by leaving that guy, or were they married, she might request the same rule we have in our house: no yelling. Parents who practice bandaging each other after a fight, deliberately and explicitly, allow their children to model both how to fight fair and how to make up.
It is my way of ensuring that they still have these memories of their Dad, their mom, and their childhood, even though at the time, they were too young to store them away in their memory banks. Not really helpful for anyone nowadays, but fun to read and learn what advice our dad's were given back in the day. It’s a free and easy way to connect with my girls, and in the process, it changes me and keeps my priorities straight.

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