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Blogging brings a lot of positivity into your life, but did you ever think it could make you a better mom? After I had two kids in just a few short years, I started blogging to help other women and make some money on the side. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Blog TipsDo you have a blogging or social media tip you’d like to share? December 18, 2014 by Paula Rollo Pin939 Share139 Tweet EmailI think each of us has the burning desire to be a better mom.
Don’t be afraid to admit that you are a great mom, and to continue striving to be a better mom today, tomorrow and every day! So, you drive and followed the recommendations to keep your children in rear-facing car seats until they were two? This entry was posted on September 20, 2013 and tagged Anonymous mom, cheerios, competitive parenting, humor, I hope people get the joke, Kiss My Glass Ceiling, motherhood, organic gardening, parenting, satire, work. No mother is better than any other mother, we all do our best within the capabilities we have. Give them the best their bodies deserve, and if a dead carcass of pig, turkey, beef, chicken, ham or what ever else you choose to make them eat is your choice of best I’d recommend you read The encyclopidia of vegetarian living by peter cox, or victoria bentenko on raw food is great source of info, what ever just be aware of what you feeding them.
My boyfriend and I laughed our butts off, (we have 9 children together, some grownish, some just think they are grown).
Are you talking about those kids with helmets and pads all over their body, in their car seats and the park etc? PRAYING – That one may seem like a no-brainer but I am trying to become more intentional about praying for and with my children. Beryl Ayn Young teaches photography to nourish the mind, body, & soul and she is a regular contributor to Creative With Kids. There have been quite a few surprising and hidden benefits that have arrived as a result of me picking up a camera.
Here are 15 ways I’ve discovered taking pictures (with any kind of camera) can help you rediscover yourself, ignite your passions, and help you become a better moms in the process. 2) Photography is a creative outlet that feeds a mama’s soul and allows you to be an active participant in your self-care while raising kids. 3) This is a hobby that can easily connect you with other moms (hello Instagram!) who are passionate about the same things as you. 5) You become more mindful about documenting the details in your life that are too easily forgotten.
8) You’re excited to do more activities as a family because you want to document fun adventures together.

13) You know that you are giving your children a precious gift of memories that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. 14) Sitting down and looking at old photos is the perfect way to earn some extra snuggle time with your kiddos. 15) Your kids will see an empowered and confident role model as you embrace a hobby you love.
If you’d love some new tips, tricks, and techniques for capturing your family memories, both big and small I’d love for you to join me for a free week long online photography class called ‘One Ingredient Fix’.
You know you are creating memories your children will have for a lifetime but its nice you have shared these great ideas to make me want to take more pics now. You can multitask and use the time spent growing your blog  to also network with other moms and learn from them. A few years ago, I did get involved in Extreme Couponing (you should see my modest stockpile!), but I was only involved in reading coupon blogs and learning about saving money. What I didn’t realize was all the support I would find from other bloggers – not just about blogging, but about being a mother. Being well rested means you are able to be more patient and more yourself, which is always a mommy-win! I think most of us go through seasons of lost and found, but if you find yourself lost today, take the time to reflect and find something that you enjoy to do for you. This will teach them so much about responsibility and deepen their relationship with you as well. When they catch me watching them play with a smile on my face it seems to light up their entire universe. Not perfect, but great moms and constantly getting better as we learn and grow with our kiddos! Everyone says my children are exceptional, but it’s really not that hard for a committed parent. Speaking of which, I’m surprised you give your children  Cheerios in a Ziploc.  We only use glass. Children according to montessori should be kept innocent and unfetted by brain washing tactics of society for as long as possible and teaching to read should only start at the age of 8.
In other words, it was basically making fun of extremism and parents who think that their way should be the only way and anyone who does differently CLEARLY doesn’t love their kids as much. For even more laughs, click here to read our story on 18 Things That Happen When You Become a Mom. I felt that taking pictures was an essential part of remembering all of the details of growing our family, but what I didn’t realize was how this camera of mine would totally transform my world.

In this guided class, I’ll share key ingredient moms and dads should add into their photo taking recipe books (no matter what camera you’re using) to capture your perfectly imperfect moments. This blogger shares 5 aspects of blogging that have helped her not only be a better blogger, but also,  a better mom!
As moms we spend so much time taking care of every one else and we sometimes feel guilty when we want to care for ourselves too!
I am always inspired by the way Angela England, mother of five and accomplished author shares how she reclaimed her name. Be it learning to play video games or taking your daughter to the mall with her friends, or even playing trains and legos one more time. How about this: You raise your kid however the heck you want to, and I will raise mine however the heck I want to.
It brings me back to my childhood – of jumping in the back seat, playing outside all day, (no one cared where you were, because it really was safe). My child didn’t learn to read until Kindergarten, and this year she placed on top of all the other students in her grade. Finding yourself and finding something for yourself doesn’t mean the kids have to sacrifice anything, it just means they get a happier, more fulfilled mom who has a multitude of passions and love, not the least of which being themselves.
Add some extra smiles, even on the hardest of days and it just might change the entire mood in your home! Sorry if I am a Mom who lets her child watch Elmo’s World and Dora if it makes her happy. It is important to me that my children remember me as being fun and loving not uptight and bossy.
I think that this will help my children feel more secure with not only me but also in their role in the family.
Then I thought crap, I must look really awful in the morning with sunglasses on, to afternoon face the world public viewing persona! So no more obscene hand or facial gestures, no speaking with out long thought, so basically no speaking, in public.

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