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I’ve always loved the spirit of the Olympics and have already seen so many amazing stories come out of the 2014 Olympics. While there is no question that genetics plays a role in becoming an Olympian, it also takes perseverance, a laser-like focus, a support team and a commitment to your goals.
The Lesson: Pick one area to excel in and direct your focus to becoming the best in your field. The Lesson: Don’t be satisfied with multiple small wins, channel your energy into high-value activities.
The Lesson: Study successful people who you want to emulate and consider hiring a business coach, mentor or joining a networking group.
While the training may be gruelling, athletes know they are lucky to be able to pursue their athletic goals full-time. Athletes cannot control their competitor’s training, the conditions or the judges’ decisions. The Lesson: Focus on the things you can control so you are prepared when opportunity knocks. The Lesson: Picture yourself after you’ve achieved success so you have more faith in yourself and so you can see what steps you need to get there.
The Lesson:  Break down your big goal into small daily habits that will propel you to success. How High Can You Go question words on a green arrow being ridden by a man climbing and ascending to achieve goals and success. Dr Edwin Locke’s pioneering research many decades ago connected setting goals and objectives with high performance.
In my view any method (whether SMART or HARD goals) that helps us rapidly ‘check’ whether we have constructed goals that are meaningful and purposeful is a good one.
The true secret of goal creation for high performance is to be specific and vivid enough that we can take clear action in pursuit of what we desire. I'm a digital strategist and channel manager with 15 years experience in digital, across marketing, e-commerce, online sales, digital and mobile app strategy. Sign In Register an Account Sign In Colorful person winning or achievement success symbol icon. In most businesses, while high level goals may be set for the organization, employees rarely embrace these or feel any connection to them.
With organizational goal alignment, goal setting can be completed much more quickly, since it is done at the same time, across the organization, as soon as the high level organizational goals are established and communicated. This model also gives employees at all levels of the organization clear visibility into how their work impacts organizational success.
And perhaps most importantly, organizational goal alignment shifts everyone’s focus to organizational success rather than simply individual success – a key ingredient in the recipe of  harnessing the power of your workforce! Sean Conrad is a senior product analyst at Halogen Software, working closely with customers on a day-to-day basis. Despite some controversies, I’m focussing on the athletes and the incredible training and determination that has made them the best in the world.
The rules athletes follow to achieve success can be followed by anyone to achieve their own goals. Becoming world-class means that you must become the best at your chosen sport or profession. Athletes like runners could run a race every weekend but instead choose to conserve their energy and focus on key events. They have coaches who impart their own experience and can give a second opinion.  While they must put in the work, they often rely on someone else to schedule their training and give them realistic goals to work towards.

While they may not love every single minute of training, overall they have a deep passion for their chosen sport.
What often separates the top of the podium from the other finishers is their mental strength. The only thing they can control is the work they put into the event and try every day to be better than they were yesterday. When you have successfully completed all of the steps in your plan for a particular goal, take a minute to reflect.
If the goal is a personal one, the question might be whether the goal is aligned with your life ambition for the next 5 to 10 years.
The simple process of setting ourselves a timeframe for a goal gives us a deadline to work to. The form this might take is putting up ‘mood boards’ on the wall to help you see how the world would look if you achieved this goal.
For example, if you run an eCommerce website and online sales are low, a goal to increase online sales would be a high requirement. I think SMART is a great way to ensure you understand what you are doing, but I think if you apply HARD as well you will end up loving what you do and doing what you love. Yes, I agree and actively encourage my clients to set SMART goals and while doing this we also consider the HARD strategies.
Content published here is not read or approved in advance by my employer and do not reflect the thoughts, opinions, intentions, or plans of my employer. Yet this is exactly what your organization needs to be able to execute on its strategy and achieve its goals – an engaged and committed workforce, all pulling in the same direction. Every successive level of management must wait for the previous level to have their goals set, before they receive their own. Employees are invested in making their managers successful, rather than the larger organization. Because high level organizational goals aren’t affected by changes in staffing or organizational structure, the goals links are more stable and enduring.
This allows for broader, cross-functional contribution and a more detailed understanding of everything involved in achieving the goal. This typically enhances both their accountability and engagement by giving them an important larger context for their work. He has spoken at numerous industry events sharing his unique blend of technology expertise and understanding of HR-specific challenges. There is something so inspiring about people who push themselves to the limit physically and mentally. If they had made a smaller goal, they may not have worked as hard or pushed themselves as much.
Many Olympians are great athletes and could do very well in other sports but the only way to get to the highest level of performance is to focus on one area. I don’t think there is anybody who could push themselves as hard as Olympic athletes do for something they didn’t absolutely love. This mental strength allows them to push past their physical limits and allows them to focus solely on their task at hand. Rather than focussing on things out of their control, they put their focus on training themselves to be the best they can be. As you work towards your goals, focus on making sure that the actions you are taking are actually moving you closer to achieving them.
Do you have the required skills to achieve the goal, or is it realistic that you can acquire those skills within the timeframe you wish to achieve the goal?

If it is a business goal, you might ask how the goal takes your department or organisation one step closer to its mission?
The stronger your attachment or ‘sense of heart’ for the goal, the more likely you’ll be to pursue it. And, I like the way HARD goals encourage us to create the feeling and emotion associated with our goals, so we can connect with them in a way that drives motivation. I also find that HARD tend to work better for woman than men, but this may also be an indication of the comfort level in which one can visualise their goals or desires and then display them for regular revision. So how do you harness the power of your workforce and get everyone contributing to the organization’s success?
This model tends to result in employees who are disengaged, because they are typically not involved in their goal setting process. That can often result in large groups of employees working for weeks or months without clear objectives.
This can result in them taking actions or making decisions that help their direct manager, but hurt other parts of the organization. This talent management best practice ensures every employee is contributing to the achievement of organizational goals, and feels ownership and accountability for both their goals and the organization’s.
So for example, an organizational goal to improve customer satisfaction can be embraced as the responsibility of everyone in the organization, not just the managers and employees in the customer service department.
Instead of trying to win multiple events, they focus on the ones with the biggest return on investment.
In addition to sport-specific training, athletes must carefully monitor their nutrition, sleep habits and cross-train to be as strong as possible. We offer the following services: Recruitments, Industry Data Mapping, Devising Performance Bonus Systems, Psychometric Test Development, Framing Policies, Drafting HR Policy and Procedures in the HR Manual, Hiring Support. And if a manager changes roles in the organization or leaves it altogether, the chain of cascaded goals is broken and must be reestablished. For you this might mean trying to land a bigger account rather than chasing dozens of smaller accounts. For example, when I was writing a thesis on corporate training, I set a goal for completing the first draft by a certain date. The more we are able to create a strong picture of life as though the goal has been achieved, the more magnetic that future will become for us…and the more we’ll want to work toward the goal. This can result in employees who are less accountable and have less ownership for their goals. They keep you on track and they motivate you by giving you reason to celebrate when you accomplish them. As you can see, this goal is very specific— finish a first draft of a book by a certain date. If not, consider revising your goal, or developing a new plan to get you to your original goal. Accomplishing these milestones will give you the motivation to continue working toward accomplishing your ultimate goal of professional success.

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