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There are techniques that can give you an edge – not in one specific area of your life – but instead in all areas.
We’ve taken a look at two of the most common, and very different types of goal achievement systems out there today.
Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of The Secret, the wildly famous book and DVD that explained the ancient secret to living a successful life, based on the Law of Attraction. People who master the Law of Attraction claim to be able to manifest anything they want in life by tapping into the power of their subconscious mind, and the universe. The mantra for this theory is to believe in your dream, focus on it with all your effort, and then let your dream come to life by getting the universe and the power of your subconscious mind on your side. A second school of thought proposes that instead of letting your dreams happen, you need to make them happen. These two personal growth “programs” are similar in some ways, and wildly different in others. We spoke with experts Jim Jensen, author of Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Dr. Although there are steps both of these schools have in common – namely the belief that you’ll need to come up with a specific goal and then visualize your success to achieve it – that’s where the similarities end. So which system does scientific research show is more effective at helping people achieve their goals? Mental Toughness is based on the science of sports psychology – the same type of work that has propelled some of the world’s greatest athletes to their peak performance levels.
While there doesn’t seem to be systemic research on the Law of Attraction, there are apparently loads of studies showing that intention does influence your world, and can help in goal achievement. Following the steps outlined in either Mental Toughness or the Law of Attraction just might give you the edge you need to improve your life and achieve your goals more effectively.
If you’re numbers-focused and are motivated seeing progress every day, Mental Toughness could be a good option for you. If, however, you prefer to have your eye on the final prize, you may want to “let it happen” with the Law of Attraction. If you want to learn how to achieve your goals, just remember – in order to succeed, you need to act.
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Read previous post:3 Tips on Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting For Your Beach BusinessGood morning, dear friends! Writer, blogger, entrepreneur, software engineer, and best-selling author of dozens of SEO, online marketing & self-development books. Many might ask, "There must be a simpler way to achieve your goals?" Well, no goal that's worthwhile is that simple.
The best way to succeed in goal setting is by setting a measurable goal that can then be gauged on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
As long as you create measurable goals, creating a plan and developing milestones is easier. When it comes to habit development, the creation of keystone habits will provide the most significant return on your investment of time.
Sometimes, the biggest thing that holds most people back from accomplishing their goals, are their habits. If you don't have an effective time management system in place, achieving the goals you're looking to achieve might be far harder for you. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Attaining any level of success isn’t about doing it, and than either failing or succeed.

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With more pressures being placed upon our time, there are often days when we wish for an extra hour. When faced with a major project, you may think the best way to get through it is to strap yourself down to your desk and focus on the task at hand until it’s completed. Willpower is a depleting resource that disappears as we’re forced to make decisions throughout the day. Whether it’s money, improved relationships, career success, or material possessions, Law of Attraction followers believe that if you get your thoughts right, your desires will be fulfilled. This school, called Mental Toughness, is a system that focuses on measuring the tasks you need to do daily if you’re to succeed in any area of your life.
The idea of “making it happen” vs “letting it happen” couldn’t be further apart in practice. Focusing on process driven goals allows people to focus on the tasks they need to do daily, which can reduce the stress and let-down of only thinking about your “big” goal. That could be as simple as coming up with a very specific goal and then focusing intently on it, or it could be more involved by setting up process goals and measuring those daily. A confirmed self-improvement junkie, Dan is a former collegiate athlete, personal trainer, advertising executive and current student of life. I knew that if i envisioned myself with a positive outcome that it would eventually come true. While doing my studies I am listening to the podcasts from Female Entrepreneur Association and I find them very interesting and helpful – so really recommend to everyone! In a study conducted by Quirkology that tracked 3,000 people, it was determined that just 12 percent achieve the goals that they set on New Year's. At the start of the year, only 52 percent were confident that they would achieve their goals.
But there are seven simple steps that anyone can follow to help make their dreams into a reality.
The more you track and focus on that metric, the more likely you'll be to achieve it over time.
While this doesn't have to detail out every single step you'll take to get there, you do need a general sense of direction and course of action.
But without a plan at the outset, the goal still remains a bit obscured, even if it's been written down and highly specified. If your goals are one-year goals, detail out what you'll do over the course of the next 12 months to achieve your goals.
Break your long-term goals out into monthly goals then create a plan to help you get there.
Keystone habits act as the soil for other good habits to grow from, and they also help to eliminate bad habits. When you can identify which 20 percent of your efforts are producing 80 percent of your results, you can amplify those efforts to scale out your results. If we could only focus on the 20 percent of efforts that are driving 80 percent of our results, we would all be superstars, wouldn't we? Find a good system for managing your time and avoiding distractions, then identify the 20 percent of your efforts that are producing the 80 percent of your results. You need to find a system for tracking your efforts and your results, and you need to do it daily. In our minds we already have decided if we think we are better than average or less than average.
If you’re open to learning how to make more money this year passively on the side, and just haven’t discovered a way to do that, or are looking for someone to mentor and team up with you and take you by the hand to help you build a solid income for yourself, Click here now and follow the instructions. That means staying focused for too long effectively shuts off the other parts of the brain—such as the parts that allow you to be creative.

Reserving willpower for our most important work, Carter says, is key to ensuring we don’t run out of gas too early.
To save up your willpower for those important later-in-the-day decisions, Carter says keep the smartphone away from your bed and place your morning routine on autopilot.
When trying to decide where to hold a company event, for example, you may sort through dozens of venue options and spend hours trying to decide which one will make the best impression. A great deal of psychological and neuroscience research has proven that our brains work significantly better when we have a sunny disposition. Saying yes to the things that aren’t motivating or inspiring will not only take longer to do, but are less likely to contribute to your happiness or success. They outlined the key steps needed to achieve any goal in your life, based on their belief in these different systems. The other is you may arrive at your goal faster because when you share with others, there is the element of encouragements and checks which you may receive from people who care about you especially those who are closes to you.
While we might start out with good intentions, we eventually get sidetracked, caught up, and engrossed in distractions or bad habits.
While it won't happen overnight, over time, if you stay committed, they will eventually come to pass.
However, the act of writing out our goals and being highly specific about them makes them more real and concrete. Even when the odds are stacked against us, we'll go all out to achieve that goal when it means enough. But, if you want to earn a million dollars to have freedom, security, and more money to to contribute to others, then your chances of succeeding are far better.
The plan adds fuel to the fire -- it's a set of actions that need to be taken to help you reach your goals. So, if you can improve your habits, you can increase the likelihood of achieving your goals. For example, if you're looking to improve your finances, create the keystone habit of expense journaling. She argues the key to getting a project done is not to spend more time hyper-focused on it, but to break up these periods of intense focus and take a recess.
Backing off the focused task and doing something different causes different neurons in the brain to fire, allowing you to access more of your brain and making your brain more powerful.
This not only wastes a lot of brain power, but time, as there may be six or seven venues that meet your exact criteria.
When we’re positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive - and can even make us better leaders.
How is it that one individual can continuously follow through, while countless more eventually end up throwing in that proverbial towel and giving up? To find your deep-rooted meaning, keep asking yourself why you want something until the answer equals the question.
And, by focusing on keystone habits, which take no more time to build than ordinary habits, you can further increase your chances of success. If you're looking to improve your health, create the keystone habits of 30 minutes of daily exercise. If you're serious about your goals, you need to get a detailed account of where you stand every single day. There's a real transformation that occurs in the mind when we have a precise date for achieving our goals. When you highlight the truth, it becomes more difficult for the subconscious mind to shroud and mask your limiting behavior. Regularly changing the type of activity you’re performing throughout the day allows your brain to perform at its highest capacity and get more done in less time.
Decide on what foods you'll be eating, what kinds of activities you'll be engaged in on a daily basis, and so on.

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