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The reality star has been working hard to slim down, and is now showing off her 42-pound weight loss on the cover of Us Weekly’s latest issue. One thing that our sample does not show is that the grasshopper does not eat just one plant, but eats from many different plants. Our goal is to keep the lifting community entertained in between heavy workouts and protein shakes.
For the 4’9 fist-pumper, that meant a 1,300 calories-a-day diet and four days of exercise per week, reports MTV. Whether it is pizza, roast chicken, a crisp apple, a cold slice of watermelon or another favorite food, most of us enjoy eating. Sunlight is energy, and plants use this energy to turn water and carbon dioxide into plant food.
The bison is the primary consumer of the plants which are the producers of the energy which comes from photosynthesis which is powered by the sun.

Because you are an omnivore and eat both plants and animals, you are a primary and a secondary consumer. You can imagine how that would affect the weasel, the red-tailed hawk and the great-horned owl. Humans fall into this category, but so do many other large animals such as lions, bears, and sharks. They eat it, lay their eggs on it (which hatch into larvae that eat it), or chew through it. Bacteria and fungi continue the process of decomposition until nothing is left, and all the energy that was once in the animal is used up by other living things.
This all sounds pretty disgusting, but think about a world with no scavengers or decomposers to clean up dead things.
A food web protects the balance of food and consumers by spreading the food sources and the eaters around.

Fortunately, unless you live next door to a family of cannibals, you will probably not have to worry about another secondary consumer trying to eat you! While this might not sound like the kind of food you would want to eat, this plant food allows plants to grow, flower, and produce produce things like acorns, potatoes, carrots, apples, pecans, and many other kinds of fruits. But even though people are mostly secondary consumers, we still cannot escape the decomposers.
When someone gets very old and dies their energy is eventually returned to the soil where it will be taken up by plants to begin a new food chain and continue the circle of life. Microbes, beetles, mice, hawks, flowers, salmon, crayfish, trees, elk … if it's alive, it needs energy.

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