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A lot of people are turned off from meditation because they think it’s hard to focus and quiet their minds.
Meditation can be described as a heightened state of consciousness and awareness, free of distraction and earthly concerns. Have you ever gotten completely lost in the flickering, sensually hypnotic dance of the flames?
And without ever consciously deciding to meditate, anyone who has ever stared into a fire has meditated! So throw out the notion that you have to be some sort of yogi or Zen monk to be a successful meditator. This meditation technique has been part of humanity probably since the time man discovered how to use fire. In our fast-paced, immediate-gratification multitasking society, it’s important for your emotional, physical and mental health to unplug and just BE.
You can experience the many benefits of meditation without ever having to commit to a dedicated practice – just by lighting a flame. Added bonus:  if you like scented candles, you can transport yourself into meditation through a very sensual, fragrant experience!
ABOUT AUTHOR:  Julie Lewin is a world renowned authentic Medical Intuitive and Meditation Teacher and has created a unique healing system by using creative and spontaneous visualization. The same as you talk about meditating for long times, come down from that higher sense into the basic senses and mind. There are a variety of ways for someone to meditate as there is no one correct way to complete mediation techniques. You can also create your own meditation techniques as well or try out the above techniques to see what works best for you. Mantra meditation is when you repetitively say a word or thought in your mind until it helps to calm you. Qi gong includes a variety of techniques including physical movement, relaxation, and meditation at once. Transcendental meditation is done by using a mantra of your choosing to bring your body and your mind to a peaceful state of being.
Sitting lotus-style in a candlelit room, OM-ing to chant music, not a thought in one’s mind.
And last I checked, 99% of the people I know aren’t Buddhist monks who have sat in meditation hours a day for most of their lives. I chose to start meditating so that I could learn to discern my inner wisdom from my mind’s conditioned thought patterns, from the expectations, the judgments, the doubts we all carry around like overstuffed bookbags. But what CAN and probably WILL happen is that you start to be less triggered by your usual stressors. All I’m saying is that meditation is a way to see yourself, your relationships, and the world at large in a new light.
Step 5: After 20-30 deep breaths, open your eyes, wiggle your toes, and take note of how you feel. If you find you enjoy meditating to receive guidance and not just to feel relaxed, you might consider doing some specific meditations around connecting with guides, angels, etc. It can be… but here is a way that is so easy, and so fun, that you’ll come to treasure your meditation!
Perhaps you found that when a fellow camper spoke to you, you were startled out of your reverie.

If you can light a fire, whether it’s a campfire, candle, or a cozy fire in your fireplace or wood stove, you can pull up a chair, and let your mind dance to the rhythm of the flames.
Prehistoric cave art shows shamans gazing at the fire or lying on the ground in a trance – meditating. If you wish, you can meditate only at centers that offer meditation classes however meditation techniques can be completed anywhere.
You can also pray during meditation.  This allows you to bring your faith into meditation techniques.
When you create these pictures try to use every one of your senses such as smelling flowers, seeing the sun, hearing the birds, etc. With this technique, you use slow movements and correct postures, while you also practice breathing deeply.
We get so used to carrying these things we don’t realize how heavy they really are until we set them down. It involves getting beyond the noisy, distracting chatter and really becoming aware of what’s at play beneath the stress and drama of busy everyday life. You’ll start to be a little gentler with yourself once you tune in to how your mind likes to make you feel like dog poop at times. Usually, this means either lying down or in a chair with a back and your feet on the floor. If you were able to complete this exercise, I guarantee you will feel fairly calm and relaxed. Once you have developed a rhythm of breathing deeply and slowly without needing to count, you can move on to other types of meditation. There are also ways to blend meditation with healing energy work, to cleanse your chakras or send healing to a specific part of your body. Altering our consciousness and connecting with a higher power is as old as our relationship with fire, and fire is a natural way to enter that state. Like our ancient ancestors, you can learn the secrets of meditation just by staring into the fire. After I got my stuff together and I felt like I had a good hang of it, I went to a meditation class for beginners.
Think about what your feet feel like and think about if you are feeling any certain sensations. When you are incorporating walking and meditating together, you should walk slowly so you can take everything in. After you read the writing, reflect on what they mean and think about how they may affect you.
Being grateful for what we have increases our own self-being and allows us to become better human beings. If you need the best written articles, this is the freelancer writer or guest blogger for you!
Awareness requires stillness, it requires a connection with your heart… with the part of you that dreams and feels and hopes. For now, I’m just going to teach you how to get to a more calm, centered, relaxed state. Forget lotus-pose or sitting cross-legged for now unless you regularly sit that way all the time. Use your diaphragm and feel your belly extend out as you inhale through your nose and sink back in as you exhale through your mouth.

We're just not aware of it because of the chitchatter noise our brain is used to generate (stupid one sided society, haha). Allow the ego to dictate how that love should be communicated and it falls into the interpretation of the basic senses and mind. Although, it is recommended to incorporate mediation into the daily schedule whenever possible. To further this meditation technique you can start to concentrate on what you are thinking while deep breathing.
If a part of your body is in pain, stay focused on that part of your body while breathing deeply until it begins to relax. Perhaps some were very useful for a time, but now I’ve learned that lesson, or outgrown that sweatshirt, or upgraded from a pencil to a pen. When we make choices from this place of connection, when we thank the mind for being the amazing machine it is, and then make it work for us instead of run us, when we give the talking stick back to the heart and really, deeply listen… magical things can happen. You can have magical transformative delightful happenings, and still get annoyed about scooping the litterbox, or your boss acting like a jerkface, or your sweet, precious toddler refusing to go to bed when you really just want to sit down with the chocolate chip cookies you’ve been hiding from him and watch the last episode of Dexter (because chocolate chip cookies are a GREAT complement to serial killers, let me tell ya). And the BEST part about meditation is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, free of charge! Your knees will hurt and your feet will fall asleep if you’re not used to this position, trust me. There is truly great power in meditating with others once you are ready, but I do enjoy my private ones the most. I need to take time to go through this bookbag, to open up my head and see what’s really whirring around in there, and do a good tune-up.
You might want to go in with a particular question or feeling or issue that’s been bothering you. It keeps me in good working order (not overwhelmed, able to be present with my loved ones, better focused on my work, feeling connected to others and to myself).
I’m not saying your life is going to go from the toilet to a golden palace in a week because you meditated a lot. To ensure you are breathing nice and slowly, count to 8 on the inhale, pause, then exhale to a count of 10.
Feel yourself relax into the breath, and then ask for clarity around the issue or the question.
You will not automatically be as unruffled and glowing with kindness as the Dalai Lama after a month of meditation. You really will regain your composure, feel a renewed sense of calm, and probably come up with a much better way to handle the situation than if you just reacted in the heat of the moment.
That’s not how things have gone for me, though, or most of the meditating people I know. Really focus on the breath – on counting in and out, or on the feeling of the breath moving in and out of your body. Either way, you are relieving yourself of some of the stress or upset and replacing it with calm and happy.

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